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New to Reception 2021-22

9th July

School is incredibly busy right now and summer colds and coughs like to throw a curve ball at us all sometimes, don't they?!  However, we 3 teachers are looking forward to talking to you next week. 


Mrs Harrison/Rainbow Star: Tuesday 13th

Mrs Flynn/Rainbow Moon: Wednesday 14th

Mrs Lumsden/Rainbow Sun: Thursday 15th


The call will be registered as 'unknown' or 'withheld' number as we will not be calling from school. If you are unable to take the call, we will leave a message and give you some indication when we will call back that day. 


You can prepare for the call by:

  • reading the Q&A section of this website
  • writing down your own questions that weren't answered on the Q&A
  • preparing your child to say hello to us if they want to; we might ask them what's their favourite thing to do at pre-school/nursery and if they have watched the class video.
  • Watch the new video (from Fri 9th) from Mrs Harrison

30th June

Hopefully you have now received your 'big' email detailing your class, teacher, part-time session, house team and been able to watch your class video. Enjoy!

25th June

Mrs Fenby's presentation video is now on the Videos section for parents/carers to view. 

Teachers will be putting final touches to their first video and will be receiving the final notes about the new cohort next week so watch this space! We have already talked at great length about what the first 4 weeks will be like and what we will be planning to achieve- primarily settling each and every precious Rainbow in to Muscliff and starting to establish routine and expectations. All the teachers are very experienced at this process and will endeavour to make school an amazing place to be part of.

Mrs Harrison

21st June

We are working very hard to work out all the many details regarding next year's intake of lovely Rainbows and hope to send out a video presentation from Mrs Fenby, a video of a tour of the classroom and a letter with more information about September by the end of  next week.

We will also send an email letter and another video before the end of July. Then we very much will be looking forward to welcoming you in the new year. How very exciting!