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Dear Parents and Carers

We're looking forward to entertaining you at the end of this term with our Nativities.

Here are some answers to the questions you may have:

Can I bring siblings? Yes but we ask that if they start to get restless that you take them outside the double doors and watch through the glass.

What do I do if my younger children start to chat or cry? We would ask that you take them outside the double doors and watch through the glass. We don't use microphones so we need audience cooperation for each child's big moment to be heard.

What time do the doors open? The performances start at 10.00am so we would suggest you arrive at 9.45am.

Is there allocated seating? No, all on a first come first served basis. You may prefer to stand to get a better view or video. In the past there has always been a seat for everyone as we send out a maximum capacity ticket allocation.

Can I take photos/video? Yes, but we request that they are not put on social media.

Can I have time with my actor at the beginning/end of the performance? There will be a chance for you to take photos at the end before we quickly go back to the classroom to get changed and carry on with our normal day.

Do I have to provide a costume for my actor? This will be confirmed in a letter sent out on the week beginning 25th November.

When will we know parts? Week beginning 25th November. We will send out lines to learn by the end of that week.


Feel free to ask the Year 1 team any questions that we've missed off.


Remember: doors open about 9.45am and close at 10.00am; there will be a small change collection.


All aboard to Bethlehem!