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Mrs Cross and Miss Ford's Jets

Hi Jets, 

We hope you are all okay. We’ve loved having you all in Jets this year, you’ve all been amazing, worked so hard and given us lots of smiles. One last task for you, a secret message! Enjoy the summer holidays with you family, stay safe.

Love from Miss Cross and Miss Ford 😊

Hi Jets,

Here’s your phonics task for this week, the sounds we are looking at y, z, zz & qu. It’s a matching activity. Good luck! 

Miss Ford πŸ™‚



Hi Jets!

Did you guess right? Here’s the answers to the houses I snuck into! Shhhhhh! Don’t tell them! 

Hope to see you all soon. I miss visiting all your houses!

Love from Hunny Bunny 🐰 


Hi Jets! 

How are you all? 

Here’s a little something for you to have a go at! Let us know how you get on! 

Love from Hunny Bunny 🐰😍

Hi Jets, 

Here’s the answers to this weeks phonics challenge! 

How did you get on with digraphs?! 

Have a lovely weekend.

Stay safe.

Miss Ford

Hello Jets! 

How are you all? 

So this is our last week for now looking at our phonics. This weeks sounds are all digraphs, which are 2 letters that make 1 sound. The sounds are: ck  ff  ll  ss 


Your task this week is to look at the pictures, next to the pictures are the first few sounds but you need to work out if it ends in  -  ck  ff  ll  ss. See if you can draw the picture then write the sounds and finish off by adding the sounds we are looking at. All of the pictures you have end in the sounds, but sometimes they can be found within a word. 


Good luck! 

Miss Ford β˜ΊοΈ

Thursday 7th May


Hi Jets! Calling all you budding firefighters! The Teachers were so excited to receive an email from the Fire Service this week telling us all about their useful education website and the great activities they've got on there! They would like you to visit the website and have a look at how we can be safe at home and have a look at some of the resources available to you: stories, videos, arts and crafts, fitness challenges and other activities. Each week new activities will be added. They also have Covid 19 Mini Superheroes who are designed to encourage children to understand how they can be Superheroes and help stay safe.


Why not take a look yourselves:

Hi Jets,

So it’s another week which means another phonics challenge! We’ve got one more phonics challenge next week then there will be some maths challenges for you to have a go at! 

This week we are looking at the sounds:

e  u  r  h  b  f  l

The pictures and words below match, can you draw the picture and match it to the correct word? Some of the words are a bit tricky but you might be able to work them out from the first few sounds! Good luck and let us know how you get on! The answers will be up towards the end of the week! 

Have a lovely week Jets! 

Stay safe

Miss Ford β˜ΊοΈ

Hi Jets,

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend.

It’s been really lovely to see some of your work on the school website. Riley – you have been a very busy bee! I love all the jobs you’ve thought of and your fitness instructor sheet – well done! And Teagan – well done for your certificate for physio – keep up the good work! We miss all of Jets – keep up the good work!

I have the answers for you for this week’s phonics challenge! Did you get them all? Could you come up with your own ‘I Spy’ for the grown-ups from school to do?

I’ve also had a go at some of your home learning topic work, I asked my mum about her job and these are some of the things she said…

I’ll have another challenge for you to do next week.

Miss Ford πŸ˜Š

Happy Monday Jets!

It’s a new week so here is a new phonics challenge for you! You have a ‘I Spy’ job to try. Have a look at the photos and see if you can match the pictures in the photos to the following sounds…

m            d             g              o             c              k

I’ll give you some clues for some of the pictures, can you work them out and find others?...

  1. One of the pictures is an animal that looks cute but has very sharp teeth, it also lives beside water.
  2. Your baked bean or spaghetti comes in ones of these starting with a ‘c’ sound.
  3. You can use one of these when making crafty things.
  4. This animal's name only has 2 letters.
  5. You might have one of these for a fruit snack.
  6. The story of Muscliff is about this animal.
  7. You might need these on the floor in PE.
  8. This is something you do to a ball as part of a sport activity.
  9. Myself and Miss Cross have this as a pet.
  10. Children in Jets would love this as they each have a sweet tooth!

Each sound has a different number of pictures so you will have more to draw on some than others.

I look forward to seeing all your fabulous work, don't forget you can get your grown up to send it to: 

Take care, 

Miss Ford πŸ˜Š

Why not make a grid like this to draw each picture into? Or you could have a sound per page, it's up to you!


Hi Jets,

I hope you’ve had a good week. Myself and Miss Cross are missing you all so much. We hope you are all safe and well! πŸ™‚

Now, who had a go at the phonics challenge? 

I gave you quite a few things to have a try at in my challenge but I thought I would show you what I did as well so here are my pictures, names and words for the sounds s, a, t, p, i and n. Did we have any matches? 

I’ve got an 'I spy' phonics job for you for next week and we’ll be looking at some different sounds! 

Take care Jets! 

Miss Ford πŸ˜Š

Jets smiley


Here are some phonics challenges for you for this week...

1. Pick a sound from the choices below. 
2. Search around your house or think of some things that start with that sound, I’ve done one for you.
3. Have a go at drawing something you’ve thought of or found.
4. Can you write what you’ve drawn?
5. Do any of your friend's names start with this sound? Have a go at writing their name. What should names have at the start? 
6. Can you think of any places that start with the sound? 
7. Do any of the grown ups at school have the sound at the start of their surname? 
8. Can you add sound buttons to your words? 
9. Colour in your fabulous sound work! 
10. Get your grown up to take a picture of your phonics work and send it to - 
11. Give yourself a pat on the back for growing your brains!

I’ve had a go at these and will put them on the website at the end of the week for you to see if you’ve come up with any the same as me! 
Miss Ford πŸ™‚

Messages from Miss Ford and Miss Cross


Hi Jets,

I really hope you are all doing well! I miss you all so much but bet you are doing lots of fun and exciting things! Have you had a go at any of the Joe Wicks PE lessons? I’ve been doing them and feeling a bit achy- I bet you are all better than me! I reckon there’s lots of fabulous writing, beautiful drawing and singing and dancing to One Direction going on! Keep being awesome as you all are! See you soon!

Love Miss Ford 😊



Even though we’re not in school I am busy planting all the seeds for our lovely allotment for when we get back, keep smiling and keep safe , love Miss Cross xx