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Entrepreneur activities - week 5 and 6
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                          Entrepreneur Activities - Week 3 and 4 



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           Entrepreneur Activities - Week 1 and 2


For the next few weeks, this will be our topic area that you can look at whilst working from home. You can find all the documents that you will need below including a copy of the overview in a word document. We look forward to seeing what you have learnt through your research!

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Lesson 1: Money Problems x8

Complete the eight money challenge problems. Use your knowledge of the formal written calculation methods to help you!

Lesson 2: Loose or Packaged Activity

Use the data provided for each question (the Powerpoint will help you) to decide whether it is better to buy a packaged item or several loosely sold items. Again, use your written methods to help you!

Lesson 3: P&L Challenge Cards x8

To complete each challenge card, work out either how much profit or loss was made compared to the original buying or selling price. Use your knowledge of the formal written calculation methods to help you!

Lesson 4: P&L Statement (using Google sheets)

Following the instructions on the PDF, create a spreadsheet to calculate your profit and losses.


You could enter details of your pocket money or money you have earned through little jobs and then anything you may have bought online… or you could make up a completely fictional amount and go wild (what would your ideal job be and how much would you earn per week/month? What would you buy?).

Lesson 5: P&L Family activity

Use the same spreadsheet set up to calculate your family income and spending – use the advice on the PDF to help you!