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Messages from home

From Layla:

Hi Everyone!


Layla enjoyed her learning during summer 1 and has decided that penguin keeping is the job for her! She spent a lot of time helping out in the garden, cycling, walking and playing on the trampoline in the sun. She also made a bug hotel ready for the new half term!


This week we've been bug hunting, counting, acting, reading and collaging 😀 We have been reading the latest 'What the ladybird heard' book and because we are also in a Shakespearean mood (year 4), we have been turning Kipper & Chip stories into plays (Layla as narrator and Mum as Floppy 😂). We hope you like Layla's collage of a ladybird at the end of the garden (where the fairies are) which is 99.9% her creation....and check out her William Shakespeare portrait 😁


Wow Layla! You have been working so hard! Well done. Remember to practise that cursive n. Thanks for keeping in touch. See you soon! The Rainbow Team