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Keeping in touch

Saturday 30th May


We hope you have all had a lovely half term week and enjoyed some of the glorious sunshine we have been having. From Monday check out our Summer 2 page to see what is coming up.


Alfie has written a letter of apology for the three bears. He has also enjoyed learning about flowers and he has drawn and labelled one. Super work Alfie!



Selina has drawn the three little pigs houses' and made a wanted poster for the wolf. Super work Selina!



We look forward to seeing your Summer 2 work soon. Keep sending it in!

Sunday 24th May


Hi Year 2! A huge well done to you all for completing another half term of learning at home. We hope that you have a fun and relaxing half term break. Here is what some of your friends have been up to this week...


Alfie has created a fantastic wanted poster for the Big Bad Wolf! We love it!


Leo W has written a fantastic apology letter from Goldilocks to the three bears. Great work, Leo!


Riya has been helping around the houses, washing dishes. Well done, Riya! Super helpful! She has also written a story about her favourite toy. It is fantastic Riya!


Jack and Joe have been practising their 8 times tables. Brilliant! They have also been investigating plants and flowers. Well done!


Casey has been baking gingerbread men and houses, yum! He has also been learning about 2D and 3D shapes as well as writing about the giant from Jack and The Beanstalk using lots of interesting adjectives. Fantastic work, Casey!


Leo has enjoyed learning about dinosaurs this week and been doing lots of creative activities. Well done, Leo!


We are really impressed with Yogya's artistic abilities. He has created a fantastic drawing. It is brilliant, Yogya!


Darsh has been very busy on Doodle and working on his SATs books. He has also written an apology letter from Goldilocks and been investigating plants. Darsh has also read Secrets of Moon Castle by Enid Blyton. Wonderful work, Darsh!


Selina has been researching plants and flowers and enjoyed crafting her own flower using pasta and lentils. It is fantastic! Well done, Selina!


Sorry for the lack of photos this week... We will try again!


Have a lovely week everyone!


The Year 2 Team smiley

500 Day Streak!


Congratulations to Federico and Kate for earning a 500 day streak on Doodle Maths! 


We are all so proud of how hard you have been working on Doodle and for going on everyday - it is a really big achievement and we are all delighted with you.  A BIG WELL DONE from us all. 

There are not many children at Muscliff who can say that they have a 500 day streak - you should feel very proud of yourself.smiley


Also a BIG WELL done to all the Year 2 children who are logging on and working hard on their extras and daily challenges - we are proud of you all.smiley

Friday 15th May


Federico has been busy this week. He read 'Little Red Riding Hood' and 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'. He made a story map, described a few characters and also made some puppets. Well done Federico!


Leo drew the houses from the Three Little Pigs and made a wanted poster. Super work Leo!


Joe and Jack have enjoyed the three little pigs already this week. They made a wanted poster, a word search and a story map. They have also been practising their 4 times tables. Last week they planted some seeds and started a diary. They have loved watching the seeds grow (which they have just started to do). Well done boys, a busy week!


Selina has been busy drawing and writing the story of Red Riding Hood. She enjoyed the Gigantic Turnip story and had fun recreating the pulling part as well as thinking of different adjectives to describe the turnip. She also had a go at sketching her mummy and daddy. Well done Selina, your drawing is so impressive!


Sophie made her own pig and wolf out of cupcakes and rewrote the story of the 3 Little Pigs. She also experimented with skittles to see if adding water to them makes a rainbow which was great fun . Well done Sophie!


Sunday 10th May


Hello Year 2! We hope you have had a chance to enjoy some of the sunny bank holiday. Here is what some of you have been up to...


Yogya rewrote the Jack and the Beanstalk story and painted a picture to go with it. We love it! Well done, Yogya!

Sophie has had a busy few days. When on her walk she made a tally of how many flowers, birds and cats she saw. She then made a chart to show her findings and researched about roses. Sophie also twisted little red riding hood. She created a picture map, rewrote the story and listed the new characters. Also Sophie has been busy pushing herself on all doodle and also made banana bread  and a salt dough hand print and penguin. Fantastic work, Sophie! Well done!


Selina also counted plants and flowers that she saw on her daily walk. Selina found a particular daisy that she liked so she drew it and painted it using watercolours. Beautiful! 

She then found out facts about it and wrote them out, practising her handwriting. Well done Selina!


Leo has been busy gardening and he also made a story map of Little Red Riding Hood. Great work, Leo!

Adam was busy this week. He made some discoveries about plants, what parts they have, what part we can eat, planted some seeds and reused his Mr. Man cups. Adam then entertained his family with a puppet show of Little Red Riding Hood. Brilliant! Well done, Adam!


Thank you for sending in your news! It is great to hear what you have been up to.


Have a good week smiley

The Year 2 team

Monday 4th May


Hi Year 2! Thank you for sending in your news. Keep reading to see what your friends have been up to...


Daisy has rewritten The Three Little Pigs story. She did it in a comic book style and included jokes and pictures. We love it Daisy! Very creative! Well done! She also collected some leaves to make a Jack and the Beanstalk picture.

Alfie has been really busy growing his brain with Doodle, reading, writing and spelling. Great work, Alfie! He has also written his own Jack and the Beanstalk story and grown a bean. Fantastic!

Selina enjoyed reading The Paper Dolls story by Julia Donaldson. We love that book! Selina read it and recorded herself and sent it to her family and friends. What a lovely idea! She also made some of her own paper dolls using lots of different materials.

Leo has written his own version of The Gingerbread Man and made a beanstalk. He has also made some lovely decorations for V.E Day. Brilliant, Leo!

Riya has been super busy with reading, writing and maths. She has also been using the dictionary to discover new words and their meanings. What a great idea! She has also made a cake for her Daddy’s birthday and learnt some new skills... heelys and roller skating. Wonderful, Riya! Well done!

Thank you for sending in your news, we really love hearing what you have been up to. We would love to hear from some more of you!

Stay safe!


The Year 2 Team


Wednesday 29th April

Hi Year 2! We hope you’re having a good week. Here is what some of you have been up to...


Casey has worked really hard this week focusing on Jack and the Beanstalk! He has painted his own drawn bean, drew round his hand to then show how many beans Jack had and has written his postcard when he was at the top of the Beanstalk! He also enjoyed watching the time lapse of a growing bean video and Casey drew and labelled his own bean plant! Well done, Casey!

Leo has been working hard on his writing this week and has written his own version of Jack and the Beanstalk. Great work, Leo!

Lily has been working hard at home and her grownups were particularly proud of the perseverance she showed when working on fractions. Well done, Lily! Lily has also planted her own seeds and beans and painted a beanstalk.  Keep up the good work, Lily.

Yogya has made a postcard to keep in touch with his friends and the Year 2 team. How lovely, thank you Yogya!

Riya has enjoed lots of reading this week, especially David Walliams book. She has also been doing lots of maths work and learning how to cook curries, yum! Riya has also written a fantastic story. Fantastic work, Riya!

Adam’s grown ups are very proud of his fantastic writing and drawing this week. Brilliant work, Adam!

Darsh has been reading lots of traditional tales and practising his handwriting. He has also completed some beautiful art work! Well done, Darsh.

Isabella has been very busy at home. She has done a pace project in her room and made lots of planets to hang. It looks fantastic Isabella- well done! She has also learnt to ride her bike and planted vegetables in her garden. Well done, Isabella!

Selina has been doing lots of craft and reading and some fantastic writing. Great work, Selina!

Joe and Jack have enjoyed reading Rumplestiltskin this week and have drawn a picture and did some writing to describe him. They have also enjoyed exploring minibeasts on BBC Bitesize.


Congratulations to Amelia for achieving a 100 day Doodle Maths streak!

We are all delighted with how hard all all our Year 2 children are working on Doodle.  Keep up the good work! 

We miss you!!!

Saturday 25th April


Jessica has had a busy and fun week completing doodles everyday and enjoying the Jack and the Beanstalk topic this week. She even found a story land wordsearch. Well done Jessica! 



Riya has also been super busy and written about her favourite chocolate and has written in a way in which to persuade some one to buy it. She made it in a advert format. What a great idea!



Federico has been enjoying the Jack and the Beanstalk story, making his own beanstalk. He also helped his mum make green pesto spaghetti. Sounds delicious!


Adam was really busy this week. After reading Jack and the Beanstalk he wrote a postcard, planted beans, started a diary, drew a magic bean and made a huge beanstalk out of toilet rolls. Wow, that is busy Adam! (Sorry Adam we couldn't download your photos, can you try sending them again please in a jpeg format?)



Thank you for keeping in touch year 2! We can't wait to hear what you have been up to next week!




Thursday 23rd April


Hello Year 2! We hope you are all having a good week. Here is what some of you have been up to…


Leo has been busy with doodle, spelling and handwriting practise. He has also been busy with literacy. He has made a story map of Jack and the Beanstalk, a wanted poster for the wolf and an apology letter to the bears! He has also been a scientist- investigating plants and planting his own seeds. Great work, Leo! Keep it up!


Kate has been working really hard with her Doodle challenges. Well done, Kate!


Abi really enjoyed Mrs Payne’s reading of Jack and the Beanstalk and got straight to work designing her own magic beans. We love them, Abi!


Daisy has been so busy with her learning at home that her grown-ups are finding it hard to keep up! She worked very hard to write a brilliant postcard from Jack and produced a lovely picture of the beanstalk. Fantastic work, Daisy!

Alicia has made an amazing beanstalk! We are super impressed, great work! She then used the figures to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk to her brothers. Well done, Alicia!

Selina is enjoying our new topic and has drawn her own castle and painted a beautiful beanstalk.  She has also written her own adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk. Selina worked very hard to plan and edit her story before tying it up on the computer. It is wonderful! Fantastic work, Selina! Have you written your own version of Jack and the Beanstalk?

Jessica has been working so hard at home. She has been practicing her spellings, writing a postcard and has produced some lovely art work. Well done, Jessica!

Joe and Jack are enjoying their new topic. They have worked hard to produce some brilliant postcards and pictures of beanstalks. Well done, boys!

Sophie has made a fantastic Jack and the Beanstalk scene using a box. Very creative, we love it! She has also written her own version of the story. Brilliant work, Sophie!

Thank you for sending your work in, it is really lovely to see and we are very proud of all of you! Please keep it coming!


Take care and stay safe,


The Year 2 Team