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Keeping in touch

From Teagan:

Hi All,


Something to bring joy to the start of your week! Teagan has a new bike and can now enjoy riding with her sister for the first time! Also some lovely cutting followed by maths challenge today.

Teagan this is wonderful work, and seeing you ride your bike is most definitely the highlight of our week! Keep up the good work lovely!

From Riley:


Riley is enjoying this topic.  He wants to be a fitness instructor, he has thought about what he may need to help him in his job. He found these items and labelled them. 


Riley has also interviewed his grampy on video chat and asked him the questions that he thought about and wanted to know the answers. He doesn't want to be a tractor driver/farmer. He doesn't like the sound of spreading chicken poo on the land.🙂


Riley is hoping everyone is ok and looking forward to seeing anyone else work too.



This is excellent work Riley, we think you'd make an brilliant fitness instructor!


From Teagan:



Teagan did her first online video pyhsio session with her therapist she was focused and engaged and most importantly tried so hard. Her reward was a super certification :


Well done Teagan! This is super! Keep up the good work!

From Riley:


Riley has been super busy, we enjoyed the spring topic and had lots of fun, made a bug hotel,  on a bug hunt. We painted pebbles to look like different bugs which we use to play hide and seek with in the garden. 


Along side all the learning Riley has been doing. He has helped his Daddy build a tree house. It is his hideaway and has a desk inside and some draws and relaxation area with bean bag, cushions and weighted blanket. 


Riley has also been painting our fences, we have a v.i.p points system at home. We need to earn 25 a week to get a treat. So far we had a cinema day with popcorn and we hired the new trolls movie to watch. 


Riley has a diary and a reading record to keep track of what he is doing also a folder with any other work we print off. 

We have now started the new topic, looking Jobs to start off. Riley and Bailey did a brainstorm together and mummy did the writing. Riley wants to be a fitness instructor.


He has since put together a fitness plan for us as a family to start. These photos are to follow. He has set up circuit training stations. Which are timed. 

Riley is missing everyone and was very much excited to see jets had a page. 


Take care. Stay safe

Gemma and Riley 


Wow Riley! You have been so busy doing lots of excellent learning and enjoying your time at home. This is brilliant - keep up the good work!