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In the kitchen

New for this week


Conduct a floating and sinking experiment


1. Find a large bucket or a bowl and some fruit and vegetables for the experiment. 

2. Make predictions on which fruit and vegetables will float and which will sink. You could make a chart.

3. Fill the bucket or a bowl with water and place your fruit and vegetables in.

4. Observe what happens.

5. Write your observations on your chart.

6. Did anything surprise you?


Let us know how your experiment goes!


Bake these simple banana and oat cookies with a grown up:


2 mashed bananas

80 g oats

40g raisins

1 tbsp sugar/sweetener (optional)


Mix all the ingredients together, split into 8 and place onto a lined baking tray into cookie shapes.


Bake for 12 minutes in 180°C or gas mark 4.



Read a recipe

Help a grown up measure ingredients

Make your own playdough with a grown up