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In the garden

New for this week! 

  • Are you missing the wormery in 1NH?  Use this link to make one of your own!
  •  Leaf Memory Game

    Gather some leaves and create a memory game! You can make this two different ways. Gather some leaves from your garden and stick them onto small pieces of paper or card. Make sure to have pairs for each leaf.

    Once you have all the cards, flip them over and shuffle them. Take turns flipping over two cards and seeing if they are a match! The person with the most matches wins the game.

  • Hold a photographic scavenger hunt. 

         Take photos of specific things, such as,

  1. Find materials representing every colour of the rainbow.
  2. Find 5 types of flying insects.
  3. You can also suggest a reverse scavenger hunt where you take photos of subjects around a central theme of their own choosing. Then they share their photos with you or their friends to see if you can figure out what they all have in common.
  4. Look for wacky-shaped fruits or vegetables in the garden.
  5. Document different leaf shapes.

Look for wildlife in your garden - make a survey 

Sketch plants you can see

Make a minihabitat for a creature that lives in your garden

Become a Naturenaut with Natural History Museum