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How will the curriculum be matched to my child's needs?

At Muscliff Primary, we pride ourselves on planning exciting and engaging learning opportunities for all of our children. Our teachers respond to, and are sensitive to, the needs of their class and plan according to their aptitudes, abilities and interests. The school believes in making learning relevant and so, where possible, will include current affairs, events and trends to further engage our children - making their learning meaningful. This will look different for different classes, groups and individuals according to need.

In order to make progress a child may only require differentiation of the plans for the whole class (Wave 1 – Quality First teaching).  The differentiation may involve modifying learning objectives, teaching styles and access strategies.  Under these circumstances, a child’s needs will be provided for within the whole class planning frameworks and individual target setting.  It may be appropriate to identify provision already in place (Waves 1 and 2) to share with the Special Educational Needs Coordinators (Laura Small & Becca Lewis) while monitoring the child’s progress and trying a range of strategies of support. The ‘Waves of Provision’ document (see below) can be used to identify strategies used for additional support; if your child needs some support in the classroom then this document will be available (specific to your child) for you to see what additional measures are being employed.


Differentiation will be addressed in the daily and weekly planning by the class teacher.  Monitoring of progress will be carried out by the class teacher and used to inform future differentiation within whole class planning.  The child’s progress will be reviewed at the same intervals as for the rest of the class and a decision made about whether the child is making satisfactory progress at this level of intervention. 


For some of our children with more complex special educational needs, additional sessions which focus on their individual needs are provided - either individually or in small groups. This may include sensory sessions, social learning groups, communication groups and individualised learning sessions (phonics, fine motor skill, maths, reading). If a child has additional needs which require further support than can be effectively provided in the classroom, then this will be planned for in discussion with parents/carers, class teacher, SENCo, other professionals involved and the child (where appropriate).

School Offer - Waves of Provision