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How will Muscliff Primary School staff support my child?

Please open the 'Waves of Provision' map below to see practical examples of exactly what happens in our classrooms, each and every day. This document is used when the class teacher would like to monitor the sort of provision which further supports a child in their access to learning. We highlight which strategies are effective for individual children and review this regularly. Most of our children will make progress with Waves 1 & 2 - we see these support strategies as our expected standard and good practice, for the whole school. If your child has a 'Waves of Provision' map this does not indicate SEN; it indicates that we are looking at how to best support them and are monitoring this closely.


If your child needs Wave 3 provision (highly individualised programme), in order to make progress, then we do identify this as SEN and it will be recorded as such.


If your child has SEN then they may have an Individualised Education Plan (IEP). This records agreed targets for development and ways to achieve the desired outcomes. This plan is regularly reviewed with all involved (class teacher, child, parent/carer). It's essential that all involved work together to achieve the agreed outcomes. The aim is for your child to no longer need an IEP and make good progress using the typical classroom strategies (Waves 1 & 2). See an example of an IEP below.


All staff support our children in all areas of their development, however there are staff who are particularly skilled in a range of areas which can promote well-being, academic progress, physical development, communication and enjoyment.


Where appropriate, we liaise with other professionals and specialist services to meet the needs of individual children within this mainstream setting. We act upon their advice and monitor and review progress and support regularly, with parents/carers and the child concerned being central to this process.

School Offer - Waves of Provision

Individual Education Plan (IEP)