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How accessible is Muscliff Primary School's environment?


The physical environment of the school is fully accessible.


There is a lift to access the first floor and level floors throughout.


There are two disabled washroom facilities. Adjustments have been made to specific areas within the children's toilets, as appropriate, to support individual's with independent use of the toilets - i.e handrails, platforms.


We have disabled parking allocated in the car park to ensure manageable and safe access to the site, when required. 


Our classrooms have needed adjustments, at times, to meet individual needs. Reasonable adjustments will always be made to ensure full accessibility. 


Any equipment provided which supports a child in their access to the learning environment is used as appropriate, and as directed by specialists, e.g. hearing packs, walkers, wobble cushions, specialist seating etc…


Appropriate staff will attend any specific medical training required to ensure an individual child has full access to their learning and stays safe in this environment.


Throughout the school there are signs, symbols and visual cues to support our children in independently accessing the environment appropriately. This helps children know where they are, what is expected in certain places and how to move through the building. Visual timetables help them know what is happening next, what is happening over the rest of the morning/afternoon/day and what went before. Signs, symbols and other visual cues support access to the environment by aiding reciprocal communication too. Displays and concrete learning resources accessible in the classroom further promote access to learning. Routine, structure and clear expectations are also essential in promoting independent access to Muscliff Primary's learning environment.