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Home learning - summer 2020

Working at Home


Just like many adults across the country, children will be working from home too. Whilst you and your family are self-isolating, it is important that all children engage with some learning. Working from home will be a new experience for you and presents new opportunities. We want you to enjoy this different experience with your family – it’ll be a chance to show off your learning outside of the classroom.

Your teachers have prepared some work for you to do at home: some activities are more traditional pen and paper based (where you’ll need to find a quiet place to work on your own) but other activities encourage you to work with your family and ‘learn’ in a different context.

We can’t wait to find out how you made the most of self-isolation. The Trick Box trick, ‘Sunny Side’ reminds us that life doesn’t always go to plan but finding solutions keep us positive.

Click on your year group link to get started.

Aaaarrgghh Spider!

Mrs H reading one of her favourite minibeast stories. You can follow and read along until you can read it off by heart without the sound on - but don't forget to point to the word...

Maths game- Take 1,2 or 3 with parental guidance. Can you make your opponent lose?

Get your 12 objects; get your players; get your game face on! Make changes: only take 1 or 2 pieces. start with more/fewer objects record your PPWhole diagra...

For parents and carers: teaching reading Mrs H style! YR, Y1, Y2 and beyond?

There may be few words and they not be that challenging for your child but you can still make a difference in their reading, fluency, vocab knowledge and the...

Exploiting picture books (Someone Bigger) - YR, Y1, Y2... for parents and carers

Some ideas of how to look beyond 'just' the story in a picture book so you can turn one book into a week of small activities to develop reading and spelling skills.
Part 2 (Mrs H reading the story is on the Reception class page - working from home summer - videos from teachers - stories)

IMG_2124 (1).mov

Still image for this video

Shut The Box maths game - any age, any amount of players

This old pub game will help to practise your child's rapid recall of number bonds 2-12. You need 2 dice and some digit cards.

Lesson 1 (Cursive) Handwriting at home with Mrs H

This is the intro lesson to how to start doing short handwriting sessions at home for parents of any age child.

We hereby present the.... #Muscliffteapotchallenge

Still image for this video

We’re still standing!

Still image for this video

reading multi syllabic words

This is for parents and carers who want some advice in dealing with helping their child learn to read words that contain more than one syllable.

Number bonds to ten (Reception to Year 2)

Learning about number bonds to 10- ways to understand, practise and reinforce that knowledge- and all at home easily!

Part Part Whole

How confident are you with Part Part Whole? Mrs H is here to give you a little lesson and ways to copy at home. Suitable for yR and y1 (and beyond??)

Obvious Jill's Football Session 1

Jill Scott one of our very own lionesses is doing a series of videos to keep our footballers active! Football drills so we don't lose our touch whilst at home! Complete each drill 3 times!

Obvious Jills football session number 2

Football drills so we don't lose our touch whilst at home! Complete each drill 3 times! Complete the challenge at the end for a chance to win a prize! #jills...

'air' Part 1

New sound coming your way from all 3 teachers!

The Cake Server

Fancy a challenge? Don't want to wait for pudding? Send us your versions!

Phonics 1

Phonics At Home With Mrs H
Reading wherever you can!
Part 2 on its way any minute now!

Phonics Part 2

Keeeeeeep reading!

Mental health and well being


We have set up a page to provide parents and children with support during this difficult time. Mrs Pestridge, our school counsellor, has created some great resources and added links to websites that can support you. She has also uploaded a blog during her 'self-isolation' time which provides advice and information and an insight into how she and her family are coping during their 14 days!


There is a link to the page below.