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Handwriting with phonics lessons 21-37

These videos are designed to help your child's cursive handwriting. They also incorporate phonics and spelling. The videos are about 8 minutes long but you need to press pause a lot so your child can practise the words at least 4 times so they may also learn the spellings and have chance to add the sound buttons/digraph/trigraph lines. 2 for the price of 1!

Don't forget to do the hand warm-ups.


Practise your cursive handwriting of the blend pl with Mrs H

Get your lined paper, your sharp pencil and your pinch and prop ready. Let's get handwriting! This also incorporated phonics as we will focus on writing word...

Lesson 22 cursive and capital handwriting of the blend 'sl'

Lesson 23 Cursive handwriting of blend 'gl'

Lesson 24 How to write the blend 'fl' in cursive and capital handwriting with Mrs H

lesson 25 cursive and capital handwriting of the blend 'cl' with Mrs H

Can you think of any other words that start with 'cl'? Make your own list- think about your handwriting!

lesson 26 handwriting and phonics of br blends

words beginning with br- how to write in cursive and how to sound button/digraph line them

27. Cursive and capital handwriting of gr

including the sound buttons and digraph lines

lesson 28 handwriting (cursive and capital) of 'scr'

lesson 29 capital and cursive handwriting of 'thr'

Practise your cursive and join up if you want as well as looking at the phonics of the words.

lesson 30 cursive and capital handwriting of 'cr'

grammar, spelling and phonics included!

lesson 31 cursive and capital handwriting of 'fr'

spelling, phonics and grammar included!

lesson 32 cursive handwriting of sn and sm with some phonics included.

lesson 33 Let's try writing sc and scr. Can you add the sound buttons?

lesson 34 how to write words with 'sk' in cursive

lesson 35 writing 'sl' and 'st' in cursive with Mrs H.

You're getting the idea of cursive and joining so here is some grammar help to go with some of these words. When you want to add a suffix (such as 'ed' or 'ing') do you double the consonant at the end or not? Find out here.

lesson 36 'sp' handwriting in cursive

Continuing the help with handwriting, spelling and grammar with Mrs H.

lesson 37 handwriting, spelling and grammar of 'squ' words with Mrs H

Getting the hang of when to use a double consonant?