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For parents and carers

For parents and carers: teaching reading Mrs H style!

There may be few words and they not be that challenging for your child but you can still make a difference in their reading, fluency, vocab knowledge and the...

Exploiting picture books (Someone Bigger) - YR, Y1, Y2... for parents and carers

Tips for parents and carers to show how teachers would use a picture book to draw out comprehension, vocab, spelling, fluency.
p.s. Please don't forget to ask why the author chose the animals that he did, in the order that he did (something bigger) - because I did! Doh!

Hangman phonics- copy me!

You know the game but are you using it to deepen phonics/reading knowledge? A quick guide to help you.

reading multi syllabic words

This is for parents and carers who want some advice in dealing with helping their child learn to read words that contain more than one syllable.