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Build your own business - Week 5 and 6

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Build your own business!


Work through the lessons below to design, make and sell your own product! Please send us your results and we look forward to sharing these with you!



Lesson 1

Project: Logo quiz: can you guess the logo? Try your best and then try to find out the answer

Lesson 2

Project: Business names: decide on a business name


Lesson 3

Project: Design a logo + identify what it could sell


Lesson 4

Project: Market research: think of questions you could ask people to see what sort of new product they need

Lesson 5

Project: Costs and Prices: calculate profit and loss


Lesson 6

Project: The price is right: guess the price of the products

Lesson 7

Project: Products and prices: of all the products you want to make, calculate cost and profit


Lesson 8

Project: Place: where will you sell your product?


Lesson 9

Project: Product: Draw your final products


Lesson 10

Project: Advertising: design your own advert