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Autumn term 2019

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars  -  18.10.19


Y1  1LL -  Malia – for her incredible hard work, both at home and school – keep it up Malia, you are making so much progress.

Y1  1NH – Harrison - for his hard working and conscientious attitude towards his learning. He relishes a challenge and loves to grow his brain!

Y1  1LS -  Summer - for showing determination and resilience in literacy this week and wowing us with her amazing sentences!


Y2  2HP - William - for his aspirational and enthusiastic approach to learning in Maths. You always work hard on your next steps and are keen to step up to the challenge of a 'rapid grasper’. Great learning!

Y2  2EW - Alfie - for showing great responsibility and kindness in the classroom and for rising to every challenge set in his learning!

Y2  2HJ – Ethan - for making great progress with his reading because of his fantastic effort and determination.


Y3  3AE – Samisksha – for brightening  the classroom with her smile every day. She is an excellent role model for the class and a true joy to teach!

Y3  3LC – Charlie - for being a respectful member of the class who is always ready to learn.  Charlie is a fantastic role model, with wonderful Muscliff manners.

Y3  3HR  - Austin -  for having a determined attitude when faced with a challenge in maths this week! You always show so much effort. Great work Austin.


Y4  4KV – Riley - for consistently going over and above with his home learning, which has resulted in fantastic literacy and maths work in lessons. Well done Riley, your hard work is paying off!

Y4  4TF - Olivia - for focussing hard during learning time. She is a brilliant friend to those who need additional emotional support, which makes her an outstanding role model to all. Well done Olivia!

Y4  4AW – Swara – for her positivity and incredibly helpful attitude towards everyone.


Y5  5RD – Bryony - for your lovely manners and caring nature. We always appreciate your kind words - "Thank you for teaching me this morning."

Y5  5BP - Lewis - for showing determination in all that he does. Lewis always works to the best of his ability and is always willing to give a challenge a go. Well done!

Y5  5KF Louie – for making so much progress in writing since joining Muscliff 6 months ago. The detail he put into his exciting writing this week totally WOWed me!


Y6  6 LA - Akdeniz - for her increased level of self-regulation and for recognising the value of homework.

Y6  6JT - Veronika - for her consistently excellent focus and effort.

Y6  6DP – Matilda  - for the encouragement and support she offers those around her as well as her dedication to improving her own learning!

Y6  6LP -  Caleb – for his caring, kind nature that makes him a highly valued member of the class, and I am so impressed with how hard he has worked to improve his handwriting. You are a pleasure to teach Caleb! 

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars - 11.10.19


Y1  1LL -  Oliver – for having a positive attitude, which we love in 1LL. He is a hard worker and a delight to teach.

Y1  1NH -  Reuben - for his kindness and generosity in helping others.  He is a super learning partner and is keen to make sure that everyone is successful.  Well done Reuben!

Y1  1LS -  Rory - for always looking after our classroom and being there for others when they need help.


Y2  2HP - Federico - for being kind-hearted, caring and thoughtful and making us all smile. You are a great role model!

Y2  2EW - Riya - for her fantastic passion and curiosity for learning. She inspires great conversations in class by asking thoughtful questions!

Y2  2HJ – George - for showing excellent determination towards his learning.  He never gives up! Well done George!


Y3  3AE – Masah - for always being ready, respectful and safe and thinking of others. You are a true role model Masah! 

Y3  3LC – Peppe -,for continually showing impeccable Muscliff manners and for trying his best in everything he does.  Peppe,  you are a fantastic role model.  

Y3  3HR  - Belle - for always being polite and kind.  Belle has also shown resilience by tackling all tasks with a great attitude and always trying her best.


Y4  4KV – Darcie – for having impeccable manners, and consistently wanting to push herself to strive for success. Keep up your hard work Darcie!

Y4  4TF - Logan – for being an incredibly hard-working, focused and smiley member of the class. Logan greets new challenges with determination and a tremendously calm and mature attitude. Super Year 4 work ethic!

Y4  4AW –Teagan - for her unwavering determination in all aspects of her school life, especially topic sessions, and her kind and caring nature towards everybody :)


Y5  5RD – Oliver - for facing fears and making amazing progress with swimming. During swimming, Oliver proclaimed "I am like the Muscliff Mouse!" - We all agree! 

Y5  5BP - Kylie - for always being respectful and kind to others. She is a wonderful friend to all her peers!

Y5  5KF Arjun - for impressing  us every day with a wonderful attitude towards school life. Arjun enjoys putting in the effort, knowing it will help him to become the best he can be. 


Y6  6 LA - Namo - for his positive attitude towards learning in Y6. 

Y6  6JT - Evelyn - for being incredibly well-mannered, super hard-working and for making a real effort to improve the demonstration of her reading skills recently.

Y6  6DP – Ben - for his outstanding attitude to his reading and his enthusiasm to share his experiences and ideas.

Y6  6LP -  Scarlett – for showing outstanding perseverance and dedication to her work in all areas this week. We are extremely proud of you Scarlett! 

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars     04.10.19


Y1  1LL –Yara – for being a true ray of sunshine in 1LL. She is hard working, kind and an absolute joy J

Y1  1NH -  Ruwayda - for her quiet determination, and attention to detail.  She always makes sure that the presentation of her work is beautiful and challenges herself every day.

Y1  1LS -  Mila - for showing great enthusiasm towards her learning this week,  and resilience in taking on challenges.


Y2  2HP - Irina - for always making the most of learning time - you choose to work hard and always ask questions to find out more. Brilliant! 

Y2  2EW - Leo - for settling in so well into 2EW and being a great role model for his peers. His positive attitude to learning is inspirational!

Y2  2HJ – Patrick - for having a fantastic attitude towards school and always aspiring to be the best.


Y3  3AE – Hugo - for showing an incredible attitude towards his learning this week. I have been really impressed by his exceptional Muscliff manners around school. 

Y3  3LC – Lexie - for being a wonderful team leader in P.E this week, showing patience and kindness to her class mates.  Lexie is a fantastic role model and a pleasure to have in class.

Y3  3HR  -  Archie – for always trying hard, persevering and taking on new challenges with his learning! What a superstar! 

Y4  4KV - Tom – for having a positive attitude and always being willing to learn. Not only that, he puts others before himself and is a caring friend.

Y4  4TF - Olivia - for showing superb creativity during her enrichment activities. She focuses hard and works well with those in her team, amazing Olivia! She is also an exceptionally well-mannered member of 4TF.

Y4  4AW Daisy - Mae -  for her humour and sparkling personality, which  light up the classroom every day :)

Y5  5RD – Isabel - for her wonderful, positive attitude towards all of her work. Isabel's lovely smile brightens every day.  

Y5  5BP - Yangkar - for being Ready, Respectful and Safe at all times. Yangkar has had a great start at Muscliff!

Y5  5KF Henley - for an amazing first swimming lesson with school. We were so impressed to see him being safe, following instructions and having a great time in the water. 


Nancy  – for going swimming for the first time this week, we saw Nancy take to the water like a fish! She has a safe and confident approach in the water which serves her well. We look forward to seeing how she progresses in future sessions.


Y6  6 LA – Hollie – for being a great role model as Vice House Captain for ‘Aspiration’ and setting a great example of how to do the right thing.

Y6  6JT - Charlie - for excellent leadership and orienteering skills during our fantastic Brownsea Island trip!

Y6  6DP – Connor - for overcoming his fears and acting as a wonderful ambassador for our school while on our Brownsea Island visit. We are so proud of what you have achieved Connor. 

Y6  6LP -  Ruby -  for  her fun and caring nature which really shone through during our trip to Brownsea Island. I was very impressed with her map reading skills and teamwork when building a den! Well done Ruby!

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars    27.09.19


Y1  1LL -  Luna – for having had a great week, full of smiles and hard work. Well done Luna!

Y1  1NH - Jake - for his infectious smile and positive attitude towards his learning.  You are a real star and a joy to have around.

Y1  1LS -  Maverick - for his outstanding manners and always being ready to learn and take on challenges. 


Y2  2HP - Jessica - for always being a caring friend and for making us all smile. You bring out the best in everyone you work with and always choose to be kind.

Y2  2EW - Lilly - for constantly lighting up the classroom with her positivity and warm smile. She spreads kindness everywhere she goes!

Y2  2HJ – Archie - for demonstrating an excellent growth mindset in Maths this week.  He has really persevered with his open number line work.


Y3  3AE – Emma - for having a positive attitude towards her maths learning yesterday. Emma showed brilliant listening and was eager to answer lots of questions!

Y3  3LC – Keegan - for his wonderful attitude towards learning and for showing fantastic Muscliff manners every day.  

Y3  3HR  - Amy – for being a calm and caring friend in our class. She consistently role models being ready, respectful and safe. Such a superstar!


Y4  4KV - Zofia  - for being a ray of sunshine who brightens up the classroom each day. Zofia always listens and acts upon feedback to ensure that her work is to the best of her ability. 

Y4  4TF - Bailey - for always looking attentively at the teacher, showing a wonderful readiness to learn. His confidence to contribute during all lessons is really flourishing. To top it all off he has an awesome smile which lights-up the room!

Y4  4AW – Joshua  – for his kind, caring attitude and positive start to year 4.


Y5  5RD – Aarav - for his dedicated and resilient approach to learning. Aarav is making excellent progress in his learning. 

Y5  5BP - Rhea - for approaching her work with determination and perseverance. Her wonderful smile and positive attitude to learning makes her a real delight to teach!

Y5  5KF Max  -  for the effort he put into his exciting writing this week. We were so impressed by the way he pulled all his reading skills and Roald Dahl's style to write 'Max and the Marvellous Chocolate Factory'.


Y6  6 LA - Mateusz - for his positivity and upbeat approach which shines through in everything he does - you make Muscliff a happy place to be!

Y6  6JT - Fletcher - for being courageous, courteous and increasingly confident - he has established an excellent trajectory for Year 6.

Y6  6DP – Tia - for her outstanding attitude to her learning, especially in maths as she has finally realised what an amazing mathematician she really is! We are so proud of you Tia - keep it up!

Y6  6LP -  Thomas – for his fantastic team work and representing Muscliff Primary School well at an inter-school tournament.

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars:  20.09.19


Y1  1LL -  Belle – for having a fantastic start to Year 1. She is full of enthusiasm and a delight in the classroom.

Y1  1NH -  Alex - for his brilliantly positive approach to starting Year 1.  He is a super role model for the Muscliff values and it is wonderful to see him so excited about his learning.

Y1  1LS -  Matilda  - for being a fantastic role model for ready, respectful and safe. You show so much kindness towards others and you light up the room with your smile.


Y2  2HP - Tommy - for showing superb resilience in Maths – “You can now add two 2 digit numbers together.  Well done for persevering when the learning was tricky!”

Y2  2EW - Adam - for constantly showing kindness and respect to others in the classroom. We are so lucky to have you in 2EW!

Y2  2HJ Isla -  for showing an excellent growth mindset in her learning.  She is always keen to persevere and is extremely determined to do her best.


Y3  3AE – Leon - for his kind and caring nature. Leon is always looking for ways to help out around the classroom.

Y3  3LC – Amelia - for being such a wonderful role model and tackling all work with positivity and care.  I could not ask any more of Amelia - keep it up!  

Y3  3HR  - Aaron – for being a pleasure to have in our class. He is a great role model, who is respectful and considerate to everyone. Great work Aaron!


Y4  4KV – Charlie - for showing excellent resilience and determination within all areas of his learning. Well done Charlie! 

Y4  4TF – Olivia – for having a fantastic work ethic and maintaining a focussed determination when tackling new challenges. Mrs Thorne and Miss Follenfant have been exceptionally impressed by her manners and kind-hearted nature, you are a true asset to the class Olivia.

Y4  4AW – Freya - for her hardworking attitude and welcoming smile :)


Y5  5RD – Poppy - for showing an incredible attitude towards her learning: always sharing great ideas and striving to produce her very best work.

Y5  5BP - Michaela - for the brilliant determination and effort that she always puts into her work. She approaches everything with a smile and is always up for a challenge.

Y5  5KF Holly  -  for being extremely impressive in the way she listens to feedback and uses it to improve her work. Her ideas and creative writing are a pleasure to read.


Y6  6 LA - Filippo - for his determination and hard work in class and at home. You’ve impressed us with your attitude towards learning.

Y6  6JT – Darcy - for being courageous, assiduous and ever so polite - what a wonderful ambassador for the school and for Year 6!

Y6  6DP – Isla -  for her dedication, determination and pure effort to improve in all areas of her learning! Not only this, but for her adaptability within the classroom and caring nature towards her friends.

Y6  6LP -  Charlie – for having a big smile that lights up the classroom, and I have been very impressed with his focus and attitude to his work this week. Keep it up Charlie! 

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars - 13.09.19


Y1  1LL -  Quinn – for embracing his first full week in 1LL – he is always ready, respectful and safe.

Y1  1NH -  Jake - for showing super resilience this week.  He worked hard to keep going with his independent writing.  We are so proud of you Jake - well done!

Y1  1LS -  Anvay  - for demonstrating a fantastic learning attitude in all areas of learning and always being ready, respectful and safe.


Y2  2HP - Amelia - for always having a wonderful learning attitude - you always try your best, share your ideas with others and persevere even when the learning is tricky. Brilliant!

Y2  2EW – Lily  – for showing excellent resilience and determination in her learning. Your positivity brightens the classroom.

Y2  2HJ Lucas - for demonstrating he is always ready to learn and respectful towards others.


Y3  3AE – Evie – for showing excellent Muscliff manners and always being ready, respectful and safe! She is a true role model. 

Y3  3LC – Jenson - for coming into year 3 with an amazing ‘can do’ attitude and showing wonderful Muscliff manners from day one.  

Y3  3HR  - Harvey – for being a kind, considerate and caring friend to everyone in our class. He is a wonderful role model of responsibility and resilience!


Y4  4KV - Eliza - for consistently doing the right thing around school and is always willing to learn. This week, she has produced some fantastic in-depth explanations in her maths journal ensuring that her answer has been justified. Well done Eliza!

Y4  4TF - Amelia - for always being ready to learn. She sets an outstanding example to her peers with her respectful nature and her diligence to always do the best that she can. A terrific start to Year 4 Amelia! 

Y4  4AW – Phoebe – for being such a positive, hardworking and happy member of the class.


Y5  5RD – Shad – for making an outstanding start to Year 5; he has shown excellent manners, a strong desire to work hard and a keenness to help adults and children throughout each day. 

Y5  5BP - Lincoln - for his brilliant attitude to learning. He is always kind and respectful to others and is a brilliant role model to others in Year 5. He's had a fantastic start to Year 5 and should be so proud of himself!

Y5  5KF Amy - for her eagerness to learn and to challenge herself. We've seen this a lot this week, especially in her maths journal. What a star!


Y6  6 LA - Max - for setting himself high standards from the offset. What a great attitude to Year 6!

Y6  6JT - Sophie - for being super focussed and diligent when grappling with her place value work this week.

Y6  6DP – Jack - for demonstrating the qualities that make a dedicated and respectful friend.

Y6  6LP - Faye - for her fantastic teamwork in our PE sessions this week whilst orienteering. Keep up the super work Faye! 

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars 06.09.19


Y1  1LL -  Jack – for a superb start to year 1. Jack has been ready to learn and embracing new challenges with a smile.

Y1  1NH - Toby - for always being ready to learn.  His enthusiasm and inquisitive nature is infectious and he is great fun to be around!  Well done Toby on a fantastic start to Year 1.

Y1  1LS -  Emma  – for having a positive start to year 1. Well done Emma, we are very proud of you!


Y2  2HP - Niamh - for being such a friendly, caring and respectful member of 2HP and always choosing to be kind.

Y2  2EW - Anya  - for settling in fantastically to Year 2, showing fabulous ready, respectful and safe behaviours and brightening the classroom with her smile. 

Y2  2HJ - Alicia - for showing a fantastic attitude towards her learning this week.  She is definitely showing she is ready for the exciting Year 2 curriculum.


Y3  3AE – Bella - for always being ready, respectful and safe! Bella has settled in really well to Year 3 and is an excellent role model for the class

Y3  3LC – Maja - for settling in to 3LC so well and already proving to be a fantastic role model within class.  Maya has shown wonderful Muscliff manners and is always ready to learn.

Y3  3HR  -  Daisy - for being kind and supportive to her new friends this week. She has shown a growth mindset to new challenges. Well done for having a brilliant start to year 3.


Y4  4KV - Caleb  – for having a positive start to year 4, showing his maturity and respect to his peers. He has been a pleasure to teach in 4KV.

Y4  4TF - William  – for wowing us with his summer holiday reading challenge. His enthusiasm for reading shows incredible determination, we are extremely proud of this enormous effort Will. Terrific start to Year 4!

Y4  4AW - Eliza  - for her supportive and caring attitude towards everybody and for being an incredible friend :)


Y5  5RD – William  - for showing a fantastic attitude towards the start of Year 5. William is ready for a brilliant year! 

Y5  5BP - Toby  - for being Ready, Respectful and Safe this week. Toby has had a fantastic start to Year 5!

Y5  5KF - Taylor  - for a super start to the year. It's wonderful to have his happy face and a great sense of humour in class. 


Y6  6 LA – Lola  - for standing out for her maturity and willingness to embrace the demands of Year 6.

Y6  6JT - Charlie  - for being smartly presented from day 1, setting an excellent example for upper KS2. 

Y6  6DP – Harri  - for making an outstanding start in year 6. Harri has demonstrated a maturing approach to his work and has impressed us all with his perseverance and respectful manner. A fantastic start to year 6 Harri!

Y6  6LP -  Liam  – for settling so well into Year 6! He has started the year with a positive attitude, being ready to learn and a huge smile. Well done Liam!