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Autumn 2020

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 11/12/20

Rec  RSH - Toby - for being a 'shining' example of how to be Ready, Respectful, Safe in our class!  I love having you in my class Toby.

Rec RJC - George - for working so hard on holding his pencil correctly and learning to write his name. George we are so proud of you and your continued determination and resilience in this task. Well done!

 Rec RAL - Lydia - for your confidence and poise during our Nativity performances. We loved seeing you sing your heart out Lydia!


Y1  1LL - Lillie - for being a role model of how to be ready, respectful and safe. Lillie works so hard and is an asset to our class.

Y1  1NH - Milli Mae - for working so hard on your sounding out and blending. You are a phonics superstar!

Y1  1TS - Kavya - for showing true dedication to her learning by staying in school after a big tumble in the playground. You were so very brave! 


 Y2  2HP - Luna - for always being ready to learn, making wonderful contributions and being polite & hardworking. You are a real asset to 2HP!

Y2  2EW - Isla - for showing a great mindset in class and never giving up. She always works really hard and is a fantastic friend to all around her. Keep it up superstar!

Y2  2LS -  Honey - for having had a fantastic week! She’s tried her best with all of her learning and been a kind friend to the other children in class. Miss Saunders and Miss Turner are very proud of her!


 Y3  3AW - Thomas - for consistently working hard in all areas of his learning. He is also a kind and helpful member of 3AW!

Y3  3HR - Lily - for her resilience and determination throughout her special jobs this week. You have been a superstar!               

Y3  3LC  - Eva-Mae - for being a kind, hard working member of 3LC, who gives everything 100%.  Eva-Mae is always ready to learn, and her wonderful manners make her a fantastic role model.


 Y4  4KV - Riley - for having had a fantastic term and for his blossoming confidence. He is an asset to 4KV with his beautiful manners and his dedication to his learning.

Y4  4AE - Vaibhav - for always going above and beyond in his learning. Vaibhav always takes great care and pride in his work!

Y4  4KS - Ralph - for showing determination in maths this week, partitioning 3-digit numbers when multiplying and dividing them. He has also been confident in putting up his hand to answer questions, well done!


Y5  5RD - Izzy - for your amazing perseverance with maths learning. You have made so much progress and should be really proud of yourself. 

Y5  5BP - Josh - for producing a brilliant persuasive letter to the White Witch, stating why she should give up her throne! Keep up the amazing work Josh!

Y5  5EC - Olivia - for always trying her best, showing curiosity in lessons and being a kind and generous friend. 


 Y6  6 AP - Leon  - for his bright smile and infectious laughter which lights up the Year 6 base. He persevered with his assessments this week and we are all extremely proud of him. Well done Leon, a great end to the first term in Year 6.  

Y6  6KF - Isla - for her hard working and mature attitude towards her learning in school. We are really proud of the fantastic progress she is making in her final year at Muscliff. 

Y6  6DP - Poppy - for being so adaptable and brightening the day with her wonderful sense of humour and lovely smile!

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 04/12/20

Rec  RSH - Gabriel - for his endless kindness, respect for everyone in school - adult or child and his growing resilience. What a Values Champ you are Gabriel.

Rec RJC - Savannah - for being an absolute delight and always showing everyone how to be ready, respectful and safe. You are a great role model Savannah!  

Rec RAL - Erin - for your kind, caring, hard-working and helpful nature. You are a fantastic role model to the Rainbows Erin!


Y1  1LL -  Aliya - for a fantastic week of learning. Aliya has been really motivated to achieve her best! 😊

Y1  1NH - Noel - for working quietly, confidently and consistently. Thank you for your extra attention to detail - Well done!

Y1  1TS - Cody - for making a huge effort to improve his handwriting. We are so proud of your perseverance and determination!


Y2  2HP - Bryony - for being kind and considerate to all. You offer help and friendship to all and are always looking for ways to be useful and make others smile!

Y2  2EW - Millie - for great resilience and never giving up. She is a pleasure to teach and a great friend to all. What a superstar!

Y2  2LS - Kiera - for being an all-round lovely member of 2LS. She promotes RRS and is always eager to help both me and her friends in any way she can. 


Y3  3AW - Leo - for his continued effort and positivity in every aspect of his school life!

Y3  3LC  - Chloe - for being a kind, enthusiastic member of 3LC who always gives everything 100%. Chloe is polite, with wonderful Muscliff Manners and I could not ask any more from her.


 Y4  4KV – Maja -  for consistently modelling kindness within 4KV. She is always helping children and members of staff and her infectious smile is contagious. Not only that, Maja always tries her best within her learning.

Y4  4AE - Bella - for her kind and caring nature to all those around her. Bella is a great friend and an excellent role model in our class! Well done!

Y4  4KS - Charlie - for having a super week. He has shown determination in all areas of his learning and this week showed particular determination and positivity when creating a dance in PE. Well done Charlie!



Y5  5RD - Dylan - for his admirable attitude towards learning - always focussed, hard-working and seeking challenges. 

Y5  5BP - Louie - for being so determined and resilient during the reading assessment this week. You should be so proud of yourself Louie!

Y5  5EC - Alfie - for always being ready and respectful and showing his resilience skills this week.


Y6  6 AP – Malika - for her outstanding online learning. Your effort and research into your topic work has been fantastic. Well done Malika 😊

Y6  6KF - All of 6KF - for their outstanding attitude towards using Teams and working from home. All the Year 6 teachers were SO impressed.

Y6  6DP - All of 6DP - for their outstanding hard work and dedication to learning at home. We are very proud of you all!


Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 27/11/20

Rec  RSH - Nina - for always showing everyone how to behave, how to learn and how to be kind. You are a great role model Nina!

Rec RJC - Idhant - for always making the right choices, always trying his best and being a fantastic role model in Rainbow Sun.

Rec RAL - Oliver - for his enthusiasm to learn and always looking for a challenge to grow his brain. 


Y1  1LL - Iris - for being a joy to have in 1LL. She works so hard every day and is a caring, kind and supportive member of the class.

Y1  1NH - Jack - for working so hard across the curriculum this week. It’s fantastic to see you making so much progress - Keep up the good work!

Y1  1TS - Isla - for showing excellent resilience in her Maths learning this week. Well done Isla!


Y2  2HP - Leyton - for his kind and gentle nature and his hard work in all areas of his learning.  Your writing this week is wonderful!

Y2  2EW - Ruwayda - for being such a fantastic member of the class who is so caring and considerate of others and always fills our classroom with positivity. You are a superstar! 

Y2  2LS - Charlie - for his enthusiasm in everything he does and his curiosity to learn new things. His hand has been shooting up all week to share his brilliant ideas with the class.


Y3  3AW - Harrison - for his ever enthusiastic attitude towards learning and his kind and supportive nature towards others. He is always there to lend a hand!

Y3  3AW - Charlie - for working hard on following instructions and being polite to everyone around. You have been working super hard on your handwriting too!

Y3  3HR - Nicki - for making us so proud with how brave she has been joining 3LC this week. She has taken on new challenges and has shown resilience towards these changes. 

Y3  3LC  - Yogya - for being a kind, courteous and hard working member of 3LC and for always being ready to learn.  Yogya always gives everything his best and I could not ask anything more of him. 


Y4  4KV - Charlie - for having the ability to fill 4KV with joy and happiness, with his smile and sense of humour. His development with his reading comprehension has blown me away this week. Keep up your hard work Charlie!

Y4  4AE - Samiksha - for always setting an amazing example for the class. You are kind, thoughtful and work hard in everything that you do! Well done!

Y4  4KS - Austin - for showing a positive attitude towards all of his learning and has demonstrated perseverance when adding adverbs to sentences in his writing. Austin has also been a good friend on the playground and been helpful around the classroom. Well done Austin!


Y5  5RD - Ollie - for his consistently focussed approach to learning and extra care and attention to develop his skills. 

Y5  5BP - Freya - for always being determined and resilient in lessons. She is always eager and ready to take on a challenge and puts her all into everything that she does. Well done Freya πŸ™‚

Y5  5EC -  Isabella - for being a brilliant role model this week, showing kindness and respect to others in class and taking pride in her work and achievements. 


Y6  6 AP - Nathan - for his buoyant response to his work online during isolation. 

Y6  6KF - Lara - for finding the 'sunny side' in all situations. 

Y6  6DP - Amber - for the fantastic progress she is still making in her learning while working at home. Your dedication to your learning is wonderful! Keep it up in your new school Amber!

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 20/11/20

Rec  RSH - Lola-Rose - for her endless supply of kindness, enthusiasm and smiles. We love having you in Rainbow Star.

Rec RJC - Bradley - for being such a wonderful role model to all in Rainbow Sun. Bradley, you are so hard working and always come to school with a smile on your face, ready to be the best you can be! A true superstar!

Rec RAL - Joel - for being ready, respectful and safe at all times, showing fantastic learning behaviour and working hard on all his tasks this week. 


Y1  1LL – Cairo - for always trying his best. Cairo is always ready to learn and loves a challenge!

Y1  1NH – Mya - for being a superstar mathematician this week! You have worked methodically and independently. We are so proud of you.

Y1  1TS - Alba  - for putting 100% effort in everything she does, and for always making a huge effort to grow her brain.


Y2  2HP - Isaac - for impressing us with his thoughtful contributions to class discussions and his outstanding efforts in descriptive writing tasks. Isaac is a deep thinker and an engaging writer!

Y2  2EW - Aleyna - for her beautiful, detailed writing and wonderful handwriting. You are showing fabulous improvements in your writing! Keep it up!

Y2  2LS - Maverick - for working extremely hard this week, especially with his maths. He always makes us proud with how kind and respectful he is to other children and teachers.


Y3  3AWSophie - for such an incredibly caring and supporting nature to all those around her.

Y3  3HR - Casey - for working exceptionally hard with his home learning. He has shown determination to make super progress. Great job Casey!

Y3  3LC  - Annabelle - for always striving to do better and for working incredibly hard at both home, and in school.  Well done Annabelle - keep it up! 


Y4  4KV- Leila - for her commitment towards her learning during our isolation period, which has blown me away. Her resilience and hard work have been outstanding and this can be seen within the development of her handwriting. Well done Leila! 

Y4  4AE - Poppi - for her hard work and enthusiasm every day. Her smile and positivity always brighten up the classroom!

Y4  4KS – Thomas - for being a superstar in the classroom. He always listens carefully and is respectful and helpful to others. Well done Thomas!


Y5  5BP - Oscar - for working his absolute hardest to produce a wonderful Big Write this week! Keep up the good work Oscar πŸ™‚

Y5  5EC - Bailey - for being a fantastic role model in class, showing our Muscliff values and always being kind. 


Y6  6DP - Bella  - for her wonderful dedication to improving her skills in maths - you are making great progress Bella! Well done you!

Y6  6KF - Kyle - for enjoying challenges in maths.

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 13/11/20


Rec  RSH – Charlie - for putting the star into Rainbow Star! You are a pleasure to teach Charlie.

 Rec RJC - Georgia - for being an absolute delight to have in Rainbow Sun. You are always ready, respectful and safe and your lovely nature shines through in all you do.

Rec RAL - Livia - for her enthusiasm for learning and kindness towards everyone. You are a wonderful Rainbow!


Y1  1LL - Ivy - for being so delightful to have in 1LL. She is always ready, respectful and safe, and is a fantastic role model for Muscliff manners.

Y1  1NH – Katia - for her fantastic attitude to learning, giving her all and supporting others.

Y1  1TS - Ryan - for making a huge effort to grow his brain and working hard to be ready, respectful and safe. Well done Ryan! 


 Y2  2HP - Belle - for making fabulous progress with your writing! Super noun phrases and cursive letters... your ‘Great Fire of London’ writing is superb!

Y2  2EW - Jake - for your positive attitude to work and great sense of humour, which constantly brightens our classroom. We are lucky to have you as a member of 2EW. Keep it up superstar!

Y2  2LS - Harry - for your confidence, which has grown lots this week. He’s worked with a new partner and done it with a big smile on his face. We’re really pleased with how hard he’s worked! 


Y3  3AW - Darsh - for his consistently positive approach to all his learning, as well as always being ready and respectful.

Y3  3HR -  Manisha - for being a supportive and encouraging member of our class. You are everybody’s friend and a great role model for 3HR.             

Y3  3LC  - Aneesh - for always showing fantastic Muscliff manners and for always being ready to learn.  Aneesh gives everything 100% and I couldn’t ask any more of him.  


 Y4  4KV - Ava - for blowing me away with her commitment towards her learning this week. She has been working extremely hard learning her times tables and her Rockstar's results are incredible. Keep up your hard work Ava. 

Y4  4AE - Hugo - for his amazing work in his Literacy this week. Hugo has been working hard to engage his reader by adding an interesting reported verb and extra narrative. Well done!

Y4  4KS - Kai -  for showing kindness this week, both in PE and in the classroom. He communicates really well with his peers, is always polite and is a super team player. Well done Kai!


Y5  5RD - Tom - for always smiling and sharing his positive approach to every task, Tom is a joy to teach each and every day. 

Y5  5BP - Phoebe - for always being so eager to learn! She always follows the school rules diligently, tries her absolute hardest and is consistently up for a challenge.  

Y5  5EC - Olivia - for being resilient and working incredibly hard in maths to overcome tricky multiplication questions.


 Y6  6 AP - Rhea - for her infectious positivity that brightens even the greyest November morning; she is simply lovely. 

Y6  6KF - Holly - for being an excellent team player in all that we do. We have loved her dance routines in PE!

Y6  6DP - Nicolas - for his excellent inference in reading and his questioning during topic.

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 06/11/20


Rec  RSH – Jake - for his natural enthusiasm for school and all its learning and playing. You are indeed a Rainbow STAR!

Rec RJC - Kiana - for settling back into school so well and being an absolute pleasure to have in Rainbow Sun!

Rec RAL - William – for being a super role model for the class, consistently showing super six sitting and always being Ready, Respectful and Safe. 


Y1  1LL - Toshika – for a consistently fantastic attitude towards learning. Toshika is always ready, respectful and safe.

Y1  1NH – Rafan – for working so hard on his independent writing this week – super effort!

Y1  1TS - Mia- Lynne - for being a lovely ray of sunshine in our class. She is always helpful, kind and considerate to everyone. Well done Mia-Lynne!


 Y2  2HP - Daniel - for being such a friendly, caring and respectful member of 2HP, and always choosing to be kind and work hard.

Y2  2EW - Toby - for always offering a helping hand in the classroom and being thoughtful of others. Your beaming smile and positivity brighten our classroom!

Y2  2LS Ben – for always being a respectful learner and a kind member of 2LS. He has been trying his absolute best with his work this week and has impressed us with his times tables in maths.


Y3  3AW- Frankie – for his hardworking attitude towards all his learning and beaming smile which lights up the classroom.

Y3  3HR - Anabella - for being such a ray of sunshine. For her unwavering kindness to others and her determined, positive approach to the day. What a superstar.

Y3  3LC  - Hunter - for being a kind, helpful and hard-working member of 3LC.  Hunter is always ready to learn and gives everything 100%.


 Y4  4KV - Naomi - for being an asset to 4KV. Her kindness is infectious and she is always willing to help other children. You should be extremely proud Naomi. 

Y4  4AE - Dhwani - for always going above and beyond in her learning! Dhwani you are a joy to teach!

Y4  4KS - Belle - for being a superstar! She has been so focussed this week throughout all of her learning and has approached all tasks with a 'can-do' attitude. Whatever tasks she is given, she always tries her best. Well done Belle!


Y5  5RD – Zofia - for your resilience and wonderful positivity for all learning. 

Y5  5BP - Brooklyn - for being so focused and determined when learning to do the formal multiplication method this week. You have worked extremely hard and should be very proud of yourself Brooklyn!

Y5  5EC - Olivia - for a consistently positive attitude towards her learning and brilliant contributions in class.


Y6  6 AP - Lola - for her outstanding English work. We are incredibly proud of how hard she is working and the super start that she has had to Year 6! 

Y6  6KF - Kaci – for summing up what Muscliff is all about perfectly. She has a phenomenal work ethic and does it all with a smile on her face. 

Y6  6DP - Zidan - for the effort and interest he has shown in our WW2 project so far! An excellent start to the term Zidan - keep it up!


Ready Respectful Safe Superstars - 23/10/20


Y1  1LL - Aimee – for a fantastic week of learning 😊 Aimee has been ready to learn and worked super hard!

Y1  1NH – Ishita – for always being ready and respectful, working hard and taking pride in everything she does.

Y1  1TS - Meara - for always trying hard and persevering with her work.


 Y2  2HP - Layla - for always impressing us with her wonderful Muscliff manners and being such a respectful, polite and kind member of 2HP.  

Y2  2EW - Dominic - for having a fantastic attitude to learning, always being exceptionally polite and thoughtful of others and showing great Muscliff manners. You are superstar!

Y2  2LS – Ohemaa - for being an all-round lovely member of 2LS. She is always Ready, Respectful and Safe, and puts absolutely all of her energy in to her work. She has also produced some beautiful writing which she should be really proud of.


Y3  3AWOliver – for being a brilliant role model, always being ready and showing such a determined attitude to his school work.

Y3  3HR –  Valerio  – for stepping entirely out of his comfort zone this week, and having amazed us with his resilience and perseverance this half term. We are so proud of him and his performance this week.

Y3  3LC  - Lucas - for being a conscientious, hardworking member of 3LC who always gives everything 100%.  Lucas has fantastic Muscliff manners and I could not ask any more from him. 


Y4  4KV – Peppe – for having a fantastic term. His commitment towards his learning is admirable and his facts within history have been outstanding. Keep up your hard work Peppe.

Y4  4AE - William - for a brilliant week trying his best in all that he does! He has really impressed me in English this week with his knowledge of formal and informal language. 

Y4  4KS -Tyler - for showing real resilience and perseverance this week when solving 2-step word problems in maths. He has also been working hard to improve his handwriting. What a star, well done!


Y5  5RD - Eliza – for being a wonderful member of 5RD, Eliza is always working hard, smiling and bringing joy to the class. 

Y5  5BP - Heidi - for her wonderful smile and for always being so kind and caring to her peers! πŸ™‚

Y5  5EC - Logan - for being a fantastic role model to the class by always doing the right thing and having a great attitude towards learning in class.



Y6  6 AP - Ty - for his positivity and eagerness to improve - we love your attitude!

Y6  6KF- Max - for his outstanding contributions in dance lessons. We love his enthusiasm and commitment, creating and performing choreographed routines. 

Y6  6DP - Karlos - for demonstrating all of the kindness and support of a good friend. Well done Karlos!

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars - 16/10/20

Y1  1LL -  Sam - for fantastic positive starts to the mornings - Well done Sam, keep it up!

Y1  1NH – Dominic – for growing his maths brain this week. He showed a super growth mindset and helped others with their learning too. 😊

Y1  1TS - Ben - for being a ready, respectful, safe role model and always trying his best. Well done Ben!


Y2  2HP - Elton - for always making the most of his learning time - you choose to work hard and ask questions to find out more. Brilliant!

Y2  2EW - Mohammad - for always having a great attitude to learning and putting up his hand lots in class. He is a pleasure to teach and a role model to his friends.

Y2  2LS - Anvay - for always being ready, respectful and safe, and trying his best in all his learning. He has also put his hand up lots this week and shown his enthusiasm and curiosity for geography.


 Y3  3AWAlfie - for his excellent attitude and determination in all areas of school life, as well as being such a supportive friend.

Y3  3HR - Zak - for having had a super week. He has shown determination and resilience to reach a goal of his, this week. We are so proud of you!

Y3  3LC  - Lily - for being a kind, helpful and hardworking member of 3LC.  Lily impresses me every day with her manners and work ethic.  You're a star!  

Y4  4KV - Grace - for having the ability to instantly brighten up a room with her infectious smile. Her commitment towards her learning is admirable. We are lucky to have you Grace.

Y4  4AE - Leon - for always working really hard and showing super resilience in his learning! Well done!

Y4  4KS  - Amy - for having a fantastic attitude towards all of her learning and being a helpful and kind friend to others. Well done Amy!


Y5  5RD - Hallie - for being brilliant in so many ways, Hallie is a joy to teach. She is always smiling, always trying hard and always amazing with her wonderful work. 

Y5  5BP - Eliza - for always being resilient and up for a challenge. She puts her all into everything she does and never gives up!

Y5  5EC – Bella - for always working hard and trying her best, and being an incredibly helpful member of the class.


 Y6  6 AP - Toby - for his resilience and hard work in every task he completes. 

Y6  6KF- Taylor - for his fantastic attitude in maths lessons. It is great to see him enjoying a challenge and having lots of success!

Y6  6DP - Stacey - for her outstanding attitude to learning and to her own self-improvement. She embodies the growth mindset of Muscliff.

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars –  09/10/20


Y1  1LL -  Ethan - for really standing out this week – he is always ready, polite and eager to get learning!

Y1  1NH – Leon - for fantastic ‘Doodling’ and some brilliant independent Maths this week!

Y1  1TS - Alfie - for showing great perseverance and determination in English this week. Keep up the great work, Alfie!


 Y2  2HP - Nate -  for showing a super love for learning in Maths! You love to explain your thinking, share your understanding with others and show great perseverance when faced with a tricky maths challenge. Brilliant work!

Y2  2EW - Jack - for showing kindness and care for his friends in class and a good attitude to his learning. Keep up the super work!

Y2  2LS – Harriet - for being a kind and considerate friend and always being respectful of the other children and adults in her class.


Y3  3AW - Thomas - for always being ready, respectful and safe, contributing well to lessons and always working hard at the task in hand.

Y3  3HR –  Niamh - for always brightening the classroom with her big smile and caring nature. She blows us away with her determination and resilience towards every task.

Y3  3LC  - Robyn - for working incredibly hard and showing fantastic resilience in her maths.  Robyn always gives everything 100% and it is lovely to see her confidence rising every day.  


 Y4  4KV - Charlie - for a wonderful start to year 4. His mathematical understanding has blown me away this week! Keep up your hard work Charlie.

Y4  4AE – Grace - for her amazing resilience in her maths learning this week! I am so proud of all she has achieved!

Y4  4KS Isla - for always being ready to learn! She is quick to get organised and gets on with tasks straight away. She listens carefully and always shows a positive attitude towards all her learning. Well done Isla!


Y5  5RD – Becca -  for being delightful and well-mannered. Becca is a joy to teach. You are making great progress in your work Becca, keep it up. 

Y5  5BP - Sophie - for using a growth mindset in both English and Maths this week. Well done for having such a positive attitude towards your learning Sophie!

Y5  5EC – Harry - for always working hard in lessons and giving great answers in class.


 Y6  6 AP – Toby – for his vivacious personality and wonderful art skills.

Y6  6KF- Caelan - for his outstanding contributions to PE lessons this week. His effort, enjoyment and sense of fair play is exactly what we love to see at Muscliff.

Y6  6DP – India - for her excellent questions during our topic lessons. Her curiosity is a wonderful asset to our school.

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars –  02/10/20


Y1  1LL -  Hollie – for always being ready to learn. She is a wonderful role model for our school values and a pleasure to have in 1LL.

Y1  1NH – Sulayman – for excellent reading and handwriting this week. Your enthusiasm is infectious and we love having you in 1NH.

Y1  1TS - Amelia - for being a kind and helpful friend and demonstrating a respectful attitude to school life.


Y2  2HP - Harrison - for impressing all of the grown-ups in 2HP with his love for reading and answering questions about what he has read. Keep up the fabulous work!

Y2  2EW - Alex - for always having his hand up in lessons, sharing his ideas respectfully and showing kindness to all those around him. You are a star!

Y2  2LS – Teddy – for always showing an enthusiasm for his learning. He is respectful to the other children in his class, as well as the adults, and he tries his absolute best in everything he does. 


 Y3  3AWSophia - for her ever growing confidence and resilience in her maths work.

Y3  3HR –   Federico – for being consistent in his hard work and outstanding behaviour. He brightens up the room with his big smile and positive attitude.

Y3  3LC  - George - for giving everything he does 100% and for always having wonderful Muscliff Manners. George you are a superstar! 


 Y4  4KV - Keegan - for being an outstanding role model to his peers. His caring and kind nature shines in the classroom and he always puts others before himself.

Y4  4AE – Aaliyah - for her amazing perseverance this week in Maths. Aaliyah has shown determination and a love for learning!

Y4  4KS – Aaron – for showing kindness in the classroom, especially when working with others and having a really positive attitude towards all areas of his learning.


Y5  5RD – William – for setting a very high standard for work ethic. He is a delightful young man and it is an absolute pleasure to greet him each day and support him in his learning. 

Y5  5BP - Daisy-Mae - for all the effort she put into creating a wonderful Big Write about Charlie winning the Golden Ticket! Great work Daisy πŸ™‚

Y5  5EC – Amelia - for always trying her hardest in class and doing super work in English.


Y6  6 AP - Ellouise - for her impeccable attitude and that radiant smile that she brings to Year 6; Ellouise is genuinely a pleasure to teach.

Y6  6KF- Finley - for his caring nature, positive outlook and outstanding sportsmanship. He has really stood out this week πŸ™‚

Y6  6DP – Archie - for the kindness he shows to others and the excellent team work he demonstrates both inside the classroom and during PE.

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 25/09/20


Y1  1LL - Arielle – for having a fantastic attitude towards learning and always being ready to learn new things. 😊

Y1  1NH – Leah – for settling in so well and being a super role model for behaviour. Well done!

Y1  1TS - Frazer - for being an excellent ready, respectful and safe role model. He approaches everything with a lovely smile and a willing attitude.


Y2  2HP - Cameron - for always having a wonderful learning attitude - you always try your best, share your ideas with others and persevere even when the learning is tricky.  Keep up the great work!

Y2  2EW - Bethany - for always going above and beyond in every lesson. She is always reflective and extremely hardworking and this allows her to make great strides in all areas of learning.  Keep up the super work!

Y2  2LS – Finley - for always being ready to learn, respectful to the rest of his class and the teachers, and always trying his best in every lesson. 


Y3  3AWEllie – for being such a kind, supportive and caring member of the classroom. She is always there for others when they need a helping hand.

Y3  3HR – Ewan – for setting an excellent example of being ready, respectful and safe. Ewan is a great role model in 3HR. Well done Ewan!               

Y3  3LC  - Daniel - for settling into year 3 amazingly and giving everything his best.  Daniel is helpful and polite and proving to be a fantastic member of our class.


 Y4  4KV - Lexie – for her thirst for learning and always being eager to please. Her smile brightens up the room and she is consistently putting others before herself.

Y4  4AE – Eliya - for all her incredible efforts in her writing this week. Eliya has carefully chosen engaging words and phrases, which makes her work a delight to read!

Y4  4KS – Kelly – for a fantastic start after joining Muscliff two weeks ago. She has settled into 4KS really well and is friendly and helpful in the classroom. Well done Kelly!


Y5  5RD – Darcie – for always being ready and smiling, Darcie sets a wonderful example for others to follow.

Y5  5BP - Imogen - for her bright smile and brilliant attitude to learning! She is a lovely friend to all in 5BP.

Y5  5EC – Bella - for always working hard and being a positive role model in class.


Y6  6 AP - Joel - for his kind hearted and helpful nature. Every class needs a Joel. 

Y6  6KF- Katie - for her wonderful poetry which is soon to be published! Muscliff are very proud of her πŸ™‚

Y6  6DP – Rebecca - for her outstanding attitude to improving her learning. Rebecca has made a wonderful start to year 6, and truly embodies the standard we are looking for in year 6!


Ready Respectful Safe Superstars –  18/09/20


Y1  1LL -  Lewis – for having a fantastic start to the year. He is a diligent learner and a great role model of how to be ‘ready’!

Y1  1NH – Scarlett – for excellent listening and always being ready to learn. She also has the most beautiful handwriting!

Y1  1TS - Ivy - for always being ready, respectful and safe. Ivy is always ready to learn and tries her best at everything she does. Well done Ivy!


Y2  2HP - Elsie - for being such a friendly, caring and respectful member of 2HP and always choosing to be kind. You brighten up our days!

Y2  2EW - Theo - for having a great attitude towards reading in our guided reading sessions and being supportive of his friends. Super star!

Y2  2LS – Ruby - for building resilience throughout all aspects of her learning. Ruby is always showing that she is ready, respectful and safe and is a good role model for the rest of her class.


 Y3  3AW– Jessica – for her attentive attitude towards the presentation of her work, as well as being such a supportive and caring member of the class.

Y3  3HR – Jenna – for being such a delight to have in our class. She is a role model for the values in our school and is such a kind, calm and caring friend. Thank you, Jenna.               

Y3  3LC  - Alicia - for always being ready to learn and for being a kind, caring member of 3LC.  Alicia is a fantastic role model to others and an absolute superstar! 


 Y4  4KV - Alex – for your enthusiasm about your learning, which has been infectious this week. Thank you for your hard work!

Y4  4AE – Evie - for always being ready, respectful and safe. Evie is a delight to teach and an excellent role model for our class!

Y4  4KS – Daisy – for showing a fantastic attitude towards all her learning, and coming into school ready to learn. She has also been a good friend in the playground. Well done Daisy!


Y5  5RD – Charlie - for always trying his very best and showing enthusiasm to embrace challenges. 

Y5  5BP - Sebastian - for the persistence and positive attitude he has shown during English this week; enabling him to correctly punctuate speech and make his sentences engaging to read.

Y5  5EC – Myah - for always working hard and having a positive attitude to her school work. 


Y6  6 AP - Rio - for managing his feelings in a mature and honest manner and drawing on his understanding of Trick Box skills.

Y6  6KF- Harry - for his love of learning. Not only does Harry enjoy putting effort into his own work, he loves to help others around him in their learning. What a star!

Y6  6DP – Ben - for impressing all of your teachers with your inspiring enthusiasm in every lesson and for every subject you are learning! Keep it up Ben!

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars –  11/09/20


Y1  1LL -  Eli – for a fantastic start to Year 1. Eli is a role model of how to be ready, respectful and safe in Year 1.

Y1  1NH – Teddy – for a wonderfully positive start to the year. You are always so organised and eager to learn.

Y1  1TS - Maxon - for adapting to year 1 life brilliantly. He always listens and follows instructions and is a great role model to his friends. Well done!


 Y2  2HP -  Yara - for her enthusiasm, co-operation and love of learning.  We are so lucky to have you in 2HP - you are always ready, respectful and safe!

Y2  2EW - Harry - for settling into year 2 with a fantastic attitude. Your relentless kindness and thoughtfulness towards others is brilliant to see and it is a pleasure to have you in 2EW. 

Y2  2LS – Emma – for settling into year 2 very well. She is always one of the first children to be sat beautifully and quietly awaiting the next instruction. She has also been putting her hand up lots to share her ideas with the class.


 Y3  3AW– Lily – for an incredible start to Year 3 and always being a ready and respectful superstar!

Y3  3HR – Billy - for having a wonderfully infectious smile and being such a fantastic friend to his class as they have settled back into school.

Y3  3LC  - Isabella - for impressing me with her manners, work ethic and behaviour from the second she stepped through the door.  Isabella, you are a star!


 Y4  4KV - Amelia - for the wonderful start to year 4 Amelia has had. Her positive vibe is infectious and she is consistently showing how she is ready, respectful and safe!

Y4  4AE – Mia - for a great first week back at school. Her lovely smile and positive attitude brighten up our classroom! We are lucky to have you Mia!

Y4  4KS – Ellis – for showing a really positive attitude towards his learning this week and stayed on task and focused throughout. Well done Ellis for such a super start to the year!


Y5  5RD – Tyler - for impressing Mr Deans with a very focused work attitude and quickly adapting to new school procedures. 

Y5  5BP - Swara - for her fantastic attitude to learning. She is always ready to learn and is a delight to teach!

Y5  5EC – Louie – for consistently working hard and trying his best in lessons.


Y6  6 AP - Kylie - for her positive start to Year 6. Her hard work and determination has been evident throughout this first week and we are so proud of her.

Y6  6KF - Nancy-May - for such a positive start to her final year at Muscliff. It's a joy to have her smiley face back in the classroom πŸ™‚

Y6  6DP – Taryn - for making such a responsible and mature start to year 6! Her kindness and curiosity has really impressed me this week!