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Autumn 2020

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars –  18/09/20


Y1  1LL -  Lewis – for having a fantastic start to the year. He is a diligent learner and a great role model of how to be ‘ready’!

Y1  1NH – Scarlett – for excellent listening and always being ready to learn. She also has the most beautiful handwriting!

Y1  1TS - Ivy - for always being ready, respectful and safe. Ivy is always ready to learn and tries her best at everything she does. Well done Ivy!


Y2  2HP - Elsie - for being such a friendly, caring and respectful member of 2HP and always choosing to be kind. You brighten up our days!

Y2  2EW - Theo - for having a great attitude towards reading in our guided reading sessions and being supportive of his friends. Super star!

Y2  2LS – Ruby - for building resilience throughout all aspects of her learning. Ruby is always showing that she is ready, respectful and safe and is a good role model for the rest of her class.


 Y3  3AW– Jessica – for her attentive attitude towards the presentation of her work, as well as being such a supportive and caring member of the class.

Y3  3HR – Jenna – for being such a delight to have in our class. She is a role model for the values in our school and is such a kind, calm and caring friend. Thank you, Jenna.               

Y3  3LC  - Alicia - for always being ready to learn and for being a kind, caring member of 3LC.  Alicia is a fantastic role model to others and an absolute superstar! 


 Y4  4KV - Alex – for your enthusiasm about your learning, which has been infectious this week. Thank you for your hard work!

Y4  4AE – Evie - for always being ready, respectful and safe. Evie is a delight to teach and an excellent role model for our class!

Y4  4KS – Daisy – for showing a fantastic attitude towards all her learning, and coming into school ready to learn. She has also been a good friend in the playground. Well done Daisy!


Y5  5RD – Charlie - for always trying his very best and showing enthusiasm to embrace challenges. 

Y5  5BP - Sebastian - for the persistence and positive attitude he has shown during English this week; enabling him to correctly punctuate speech and make his sentences engaging to read.

Y5  5EC – Myah - for always working hard and having a positive attitude to her school work. 


Y6  6 AP - Rio - for managing his feelings in a mature and honest manner and drawing on his understanding of Trick Box skills.

Y6  6KF- Harry - for his love of learning. Not only does Harry enjoy putting effort into his own work, he loves to help others around him in their learning. What a star!

Y6  6DP – Ben - for impressing all of your teachers with your inspiring enthusiasm in every lesson and for every subject you are learning! Keep it up Ben!

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars –  11/09/20


Y1  1LL -  Eli – for a fantastic start to Year 1. Eli is a role model of how to be ready, respectful and safe in Year 1.

Y1  1NH – Teddy – for a wonderfully positive start to the year. You are always so organised and eager to learn.

Y1  1TS - Maxon - for adapting to year 1 life brilliantly. He always listens and follows instructions and is a great role model to his friends. Well done!


 Y2  2HP -  Yara - for her enthusiasm, co-operation and love of learning.  We are so lucky to have you in 2HP - you are always ready, respectful and safe!

Y2  2EW - Harry - for settling into year 2 with a fantastic attitude. Your relentless kindness and thoughtfulness towards others is brilliant to see and it is a pleasure to have you in 2EW. 

Y2  2LS – Emma – for settling into year 2 very well. She is always one of the first children to be sat beautifully and quietly awaiting the next instruction. She has also been putting her hand up lots to share her ideas with the class.


 Y3  3AW– Lily – for an incredible start to Year 3 and always being a ready and respectful superstar!

Y3  3HR – Billy - for having a wonderfully infectious smile and being such a fantastic friend to his class as they have settled back into school.

Y3  3LC  - Isabella - for impressing me with her manners, work ethic and behaviour from the second she stepped through the door.  Isabella, you are a star!


 Y4  4KV - Amelia - for the wonderful start to year 4 Amelia has had. Her positive vibe is infectious and she is consistently showing how she is ready, respectful and safe!

Y4  4AE – Mia - for a great first week back at school. Her lovely smile and positive attitude brighten up our classroom! We are lucky to have you Mia!

Y4  4KS – Ellis – for showing a really positive attitude towards his learning this week and stayed on task and focused throughout. Well done Ellis for such a super start to the year!


Y5  5RD – Tyler - for impressing Mr Deans with a very focused work attitude and quickly adapting to new school procedures. 

Y5  5BP - Swara - for her fantastic attitude to learning. She is always ready to learn and is a delight to teach!

Y5  5EC – Louie – for consistently working hard and trying his best in lessons.


Y6  6 AP - Kylie - for her positive start to Year 6. Her hard work and determination has been evident throughout this first week and we are so proud of her.

Y6  6KF - Nancy-May - for such a positive start to her final year at Muscliff. It's a joy to have her smiley face back in the classroom 🙂

Y6  6DP – Taryn - for making such a responsible and mature start to year 6! Her kindness and curiosity has really impressed me this week!