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Year 4: Lavender, Orlaya, Sunflower

Welcome to Year 4

Miss Fisher, Miss Follenfant, Miss Patrick, Miss Vella

Friday 5th July

This week has required a lot of patience! We have been rehearsing our awesome play diligently each day and we are ever so proud of the outcome. The singing is beautiful, the acting amusing and the jokes are delivered with careful deliberation. It is set to be a 5 star performance on Monday for sure!


The children have enjoyed lots of extra PE sessions this week with scatter-ball being the new favourite to be played by all.


French lessons have introduced us to how to compose simple conversations with each other which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. Next week, we shall be focusing on a different form/artists each day as part of our whole-school Arts Week. Thank you to those who have already brought in their clean recyclable materials for us to us for our creations.


Many thanks to those who have sent in their reply slips for school reports. We have had some lovely comments from parents and we genuinely loved writing about your gorgeous children.


Wishing you a happy weekend, we look forward to seeing you on Monday for THE performance of a life time, Porridge!


Year 4 Team

Friday 28th June

This week has been hot, hot, hot! The children have shown great maturity by soldiering-on and continuing to try their hardest with their learning.


Assessments have begun this week! The children have conquered their SPaG and Reading tests and will continue with the rest of their assessments next week. Well done to all for focusing hard and reading questions carefully.


In English, we have been learning about Limericks and Kennings. The children have been excellent poetry detectives identifying key features and suggesting alternatives for verses using the rhyming patterns as scaffolding.


There was once a very sad Daddy,

Whose golf game was going quite badly.


He looked left and right--

No ball was insight.


I think that he needed a caddy!


The show must go on! The children have been working incredibly hard on their fantastic play, Porridge. Rehearsals have been non-stop and it has been truly wonderful to see all the terrific efforts come together on stage. Rehearsals will continue next week too! We have asked for costumes to be in for Monday 1st July, so that they can be used for dress rehearsals later in the week. Many thanks for all the parental support with learning lines and sourcing outfits/props.


Maths has been focused on revisiting topics from the entire year. It has been an invaluable opportunity to address any misconceptions prior to maths assessments next week. Well done to those children who have been Doodling their hearts-out! Your efforts are noted by all members of the team and you should be very proud of yourselves.


Remember sun-cream and sun-hats for this gorgeous weekend ahead! :) 





Friday 21st June

Another week has flown by in Year 4 and my- oh- my haven't we been busy!


The children have worked extremely hard to complete their last ever Big Write of Year 4! They wrote without guidance and created some beautiful pieces of writing all about their class teachers. We were both flattered and amused by their writing!

                       Two examples:  'Miss Vella is beautiful and sturdy.' 

                          'Even though Miss Fisher looks young, she is old.'   :)


Maths has continued to focus on symmetry this week. We are pleased to see that more children have been using DoodleMaths in the past seven days. Please encourage your child to use this each week as this is their homelearning task and if this is not completed we will need to start setting paper-based tasks, many thanks in advance!


BST DAY! What a truly wonderful day for both St. Michael's children and our own. Behaviour was impeccable and it was so lovely to see Muscliff children welcoming our visitors with such kind manners. The children made some awesome penguins, took part in penguin themed PE (yes I know!) and created igloos for a beautiful display. See below. Well done Year 4 for being so splendid!


Rehearsals are still going on in earnest! Thank you for all the prompt ticket responses we have already received, keep 'em coming! 


Wishing you all a relaxing weekend!

The Year 4 Team

Picture 1

Friday 14th June


Rehearsals for the Year 4 performance have been going on in earnest this week. We are super proud of the fantastic singing and dancing that we have seen from all the children, well done! Home learning for next week is dedicated to the learning of lines and songs, lyrics for the songs will be attached on the class page so that all family members can join in!


Maths has been focused on angles and classifying quadrilaterals this week. It has proved a super hands-on topic with lots of discussion. Please keep up with DoodleMaths as there are sections which tie-in beautifully to our class learning.


Literacy has been centred on our new topic; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, in which the children have written-up their leaflets during their Big Write on Wednesday. The leaflets have provided the children with the opportunity to be informative but also creative remembering that the audience needs to be enticed into the text. 


Friday was chilly in Year 4 as we learnt more about Antarctica in preparation for our BST day next Thursday in which we will welcome Year 4 children from other schools within the trust to share our learning. Emperor penguins have been drawn and note-taking skills have been put to the test in our action-packed day on the ice!



-Please can you start to collect recyclable materials for us to use for Arts Week in two weeks time.

-Please, please rehearse your lines and song lyrics at home at every possible opportunity!

Friday 7th June


Our first full week back has come and gone! What a busy second half of Summer 2 this is shaping up to be!


On Tuesday, the children carried-out some explosive science experiments! They worked collaboratively to explode their carefully crafted volcanoes. It was a huge success by all accounts as you can see from the photos below! 


In maths the children have been learning about area. They have been finding the area of rectilinear shapes by conscientiously counting squares. Their learning progressed to understanding that area can also be calculated by multiplying length x width.


In English, we have been exploring a fantastic website which provides information on Reducing, Reusing and Recycling our waste. We have been retrieving and recording relevant information and considering the needs of the audience. This will be a great base for next weeks Big Write activity which will involving planning and creating their own leaflets!


Lots of wonderful sport has been happening this week. In PE lessons the children have been involved in a carousel of activities from basket ball to rounders. Outside of school we have had outstanding athletes competing in the Town Sports event which although mighty hot, was a thoroughly good day and Miss Vella and Miss Dickens couldn't be prouder of the impeccable behaviour. Well done athletes!


Have an absolutely wonderful weekend!

Year 4 Team :)

Boys Grammar School Meeting
On Tuesday 18th June at 3:30pm, a member of the leadership team from the Bournemouth School for Boys will be running a 30-minute talk about applying for grammar schools and the 11+ test. Any parent, who is interested in finding out some more information about Grammar Schools, is welcome to attend.

Friday 24th May

My goodness this half term has flown-by! We are incredibly proud of all the Year 4 children for their ongoing enthusiasm and determination with their learning.


Literacy has been focused on inverted commas this week. Their Big Writes have been a perfect opportunity for them to really show us their understanding when punctuating speech using; capital letters (especially for proper nouns) , varied punctuation (? ! …) and remembering to start a new line for a new speaker. The children have impressed us with their variety of verbs for 'said' - asked/ commented / suggested /questioned etc. We have now finished Alex Rider!


Numeracy has been focused on perimeter with the children perfecting their measuring skills to the nearest cm and then converting this into mm by multiplying by ten. This has been a tricky activity and there have been a few discussions over some very precise measurements made by some! Ask your child what perimeter means and how you calculate this.


Topic has been quite messy! The volcanoes look wonderful and the paint work looks terrifyingly explosive! We look forward to exploding these after half term.



Please keep reading with your child over half term and encourage them to visit DoodleMaths as well as conquering their home learning  :)


All that's left is to wish you all a wonderful half term! Summer 2 is full of lots of fantastic activities; The Play, Sports Day and lots of new learning to name but a few! 

Friday 17th May


We have had a lovely week this week and we have to all agree that the highlight had to be Moors Valley! We are so proud of the children and how well they represented Muscliff School. We would also like to say a massive thank you to everyone who did and offered to help, we really appreciated it! We thought the best way to share what we got up to would be to ask the children, so here is what they had to say!


‘My personal favourite was the hawk because of the little lounge inside it and all the climbing around it. It had lots of detail all over it, especially the eyes and claws!’ Michaela


‘I really enjoyed the park because the swings made me go really high up in the sky!’ Sienna

‘I enjoyed pond dipping because I caught 3 tadpoles.’ William


‘I like pond dipping as well because it was fun!’ Harry


‘I enjoyed pond dipping because I found a snail that had a triangular shape shell.’ Ben




- Newspaper please for our science experiment next week. 

- Please remember to send the children in with a water bottle if the lovely sun decides to stay!


We hope you all have a lovely weekend. 


The Year 4 Team

Friday 10th May

Another busy week has flown by in Year 4! The children have been working incredibly hard across the base and we have been impressed by their Muscliff manners and resilience in the face of tricky new learning.


In Maths the children have been learning how to measure mass using kg and g as units of measure. They have been perfecting their skills at converting between different units of measure for mass and reading scales with accuracy. Well done on focusing hard on this new topic Year 4, remembering to read the question is the key to grappling these conversion questions we have found this week!

Try this: How many grams are there in 1kg? How many grams would there be in 2.5kg?


In Literacy, the children have continued their exploration of our wonderful Stormbreaker text. This week's focus has been dissecting the detailed character description of Alex Rider identifying powerful adjectives, expanded noun phrases and  conjunctions used to paint a detailed picture of our hero. The week has culminated in the children editing their own writing prior to writing their edited piece in neat on Monday. Editing ones own work is a tricky task and one which we need to practise frequently so that we can improve our own work on a daily basis. We are looking forward to reading your edited pieces Year 4!


Topic has been focused on pop-up books this week. The children have planned and created their own pop-up books incorporating simple French vocabulary on each page combined with either a box or mouth pop-up. Well done Year 4, this has been a fiddly project and the majority of you have tackled it with care and pride in your end product :) 


Tuesday 14th May - Moors Valley Trip

A reminder letter has been sent out today in your child's book bag, I have detailed some key points below;

Children to be dropped-off and picked-up from school as usual. Please provide a packed lunch and drinks. Those children who usually have a school lunch will need to inform the kitchen if they would like a school packed lunch made for them. School jumpers need to be worn, please wear suitable clothing for the day -(coat if it's cold/sun hat if it's hot etc)

You will be informed if the coach is delayed for 3.15 pick-up.


Have a super weekend!

3rd May 2019

What a lovely second week to summer term we have had!

First of all, we are immensely proud of the children. When walking to BSG for the sports festival they behaved impeccably and their sportsmanship was commendable. The children loved the afternoon in the sunshine completing a range of multi-sports activities. We would like to thank all of our parent helpers for giving up their free time.

Main clauses and subordinating clauses have been our focus in literacy this week. Children have been using coloured pens to ensure that their clauses are clear. However, there was a twist. Children could only use the following subordinating conjunctions: despite, however, although and even though.

Money is the word in maths this week! Children have been looking at money and working out change. If you are out and about over the weekend, please see if your children can work out what change you will get from £5 or £10.

Just a polite note, can you ensure that your child is wearing the correct school shoes; we have had a few children wearing unsuitable shoes to school. Please if you have not returned the Moors Valley reply slip can we have it, the trip is approaching.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

The Year 4 team J

Friday 26th April

The Summer term… already? Wowzers, time goes quickly! There were no back to school blues in Year 4 this week when the doors opened and children bounced in with smiley faces to tell us all about their Easter holiday adventures. They all appeared that little bit taller too…


With a new term comes a new book. This time, it’s Alex Rider and we are all instantly gripped. His Uncle has died. He wasn’t wearing his seatbelt (the police say). Why was the man at the funeral carrying a pistol? Who had entered Alex’s house and taken all of his Uncle’s paperwork? Did his Uncle really work at the bank? All questions that will hopefully become clear in the coming chapters of this exciting thriller.


Linking well to the previous topic on decimals, Maths, No Problem! has begun a new topic on money. The initial lessons show that children have a great understanding of coins and notes in the British system and will be challenged further next week when we will be looking at solving problems using money.


Children were fully engaged in topic this week where they investigated pop-up cards and books. They were amazed at how easy making simple pop-ups could be (see pictures below) and are looking forward to creating a simple pop-up book in the coming sessions.


Dates & Reminders:

Tuesday 30th April – BSG Sports Festival. PE kits MUST be in school

Friday 3rd May – Class Photos

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Friday 5th April 2019


What a lovely week we have had! We finished our literacy unit by writing a book review on ‘The Butterfly Lion’. The children enjoyed expressing their views using a range of comparative and contrasting conjunctions to support their ideas.


We also completed some RE this week. We looked at Islam and focused on ‘The Five Pillars’. Then, we compared our understanding of ‘The Five Pillars’ to ‘The Ten Commandements’. Children had the opportunity to write five rules of their own.


We have been ordering and rounding decimals this week in maths. Children have enjoyed this and they have four happy teachers! 



*BSG Sports Festival 30th April

*Moors Valley 14th May

Please ensure that permission slips are back after Easter.


Most importantly, we hope that you all have a happy and safe Easter!


The Year 4 Team :-)

Friday 29th March


We have had a lovely week this week and the children have been working incredibly hard during their assessments. We are super proud of them!


For the blog today, we have decided to hand it over to the children who will tell you what we have been learning about in English, Maths and Topic. J


‘This week in topic, we have been planning a habitat for our local wildlife in and around the school. We have bought in shoeboxes for creating our habitats for animals to rest or live in. It will also keep animals safe from predators that might be lurking around. As well as that, we have been making posters about collective nouns for animals, e.g a litter of kittens and an ambush of tiger. The posters are bright and colourful and we hung them in the classroom! We have had lots of fun in topic this week!’ Katie


‘I have enjoyed learning about decimals and fractions because it was really fun when we compared the decimals to fractions. I also really enjoyed adding and subtracting the fractions!’ Finley


‘In literacy we have been focusing on our text The Butterfly Lion. We have been writing persuasive letters, taking on a characters thoughts and feelings, before getting in the hot seat and having a class debate! We have finished text now and sadly the lion died but Bertie and Millie carved a lion out of white chalk into the hillside, it looked beautiful!’ Aura


‘I have really enjoyed learning about endangered animals in topic because it lets people know more about how we have stop animals from becoming extinct. We have looked at how plastic is damaging the ocean and what we can do to help prevent this in the future.’ Isla


‘I think that The Butterfly Lion book has been really interesting and I have enjoyed reading it!’


We hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!


The Year 4 Team. J


Friday - Mufti day in exchange for MPA Bingo donations. Year 4 donations are Easter eggs!

Friday 22nd March


Topic work this week has provoked many thoughts and discussions. Children have been learning about endangered animals and how we as humans can help them and their habitats to survive. We looked into the dangers of plastic waste, illegal poachers, cutting down trees and global warming, and the effect these issues have on animals and their habitats. We were so impressed with the knowledge that children already had on looking after the environment - certainly a far greater understanding than when we were children ourselves. Following long discussions, children produced some super posters that aimed to persuade people to make small changes that help protect the animals on our planet. We look forward to displaying them around school!


Friday 15th March


Another wonderful week has come to an end in Year 4! We have enjoyed discussing the progress of your children during parent conference meetings this week, many thanks for your attendance.


In Literacy we have been exploring expanded noun phrases in our class text; The Butterfly Lion.  The children have written some excellent sentences of their own and are becoming real experts at identifying them within texts. They have shown resilience whilst completing their Exciting Writing this week which has seen them rescue a lion cub from Muscliff Park!


In Numeracy we have been comparing numbers with the same number of decimal places up to two decimal places.  We have also been rounding decimals with one decimal place to the nearest whole number.
 For example: 0.9cm – is it closer to 0 or 1? 1cm


In topic we have been looking at the importance of habitats for animals to have a safe and happy place to live. We have been thinking about threats to habitats and how we could create safe havens for animals. The children came up with some awesome ideas and illustrations of bug hotels and hedgehog hideouts.


Today, we had an interesting musical session from Bow and Reed. The pair of talented artists played violins, guitars and even a concertina. We all enjoyed clapping along to the Irish, American and Scottish inspired tunes played.


-Please can you collect shoeboxes for our Parent Craft activity and send these into school asap.
-Please return Moors Valley trip letters to your class teacher asap also.

                                   Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
                                                    Year 4 team.

Friday 1st March


Welcome back! We hope that you have had a super half term break? We are extremely pleased with how quickly the children have settled back in to the routines of school life.


Literacy has been action-packed this week! The children have been introduced to their new class text, The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. The text is beautifully written and links exceptionally well with our new topic Habitats. We have learnt about Bertie and his desire for freedom beyond the confines of the compound where he lives in South Africa. He longs to explore the open veld, full of exotic animals and made more appealing by his father's insistence not to leave the safety! During Bertie's many hours of yearning for all that is free, he sees something extraordinary at the waterhole...a white lion cub! His parents do not believe him despite his attempts at convincing them. One day, his father, a cattle farmer, shoots a lioness... could it be the mother of his illusive lion cub? 

We can't wait to find out more!


In Numeracy the children have been revisiting multiplication and division strategies. They have shown superb resilience and determination to improve their learning. Today, we have conquered division word problems! Next week we will be learning about decimals which will be an exciting challenge for us all to tackle. Well done to all those who managed to gain maximum stars for their half term DoodleMaths challenge. The enthusiasm for this awesome website has been wonderful to see and without a doubt will help improve knowledge and confidence across all topics covered, keep going super stars!


Art has been fantastic this week! To link with our new Habitats topic, the children have decorated beautiful butterflies which are on display outside Orlaya classroom. The butterflies are also symbolic as they link with The Butterfly Lion :) 

Attached below is a selection of some of the colourful animals created in the style of Eric Carle, the illustrator of the Hungry Caterpillar. The paints look gorgeous on the special paper used and the end result is stunning. These will be going on display in the Year 4 corridor ready for you to admire at parent conference evenings :) 



-Please keep collecting shoe boxes

-Please sign-up for parent conference meetings 

-Please can all children wear school shoes as a fair few have been wearing trainers which are not part of the school uniform.

-Don't forget World Book Day is on Friday 8th March- we can't wait to see all the fantastic characters!


Have a wonderful weekend! 

Year 4 team


Eric Carle inspired animal art- can you guess the animal?

Eric Carle inspired animal art- can you guess the animal? 1

Reminder - The online system is open for booking slots for parent conferences. Letters went out before half term. We look forward to sitting down with each of you on Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th March. 

Friday 15th February


We can’t believe it is the final week of the half term! The children have been working incredibly hard in all areas of their learning this week and we are very proud of them all!


Poetry has been our focus in literacy and it has been fantastic watching the creativity flow around the classrooms! They started the week identifying the key features of a poem before creating their own and then performing to the class. The children did a brilliant job and we were so impressed with how they faced their fears of performing in front of an audience!


Fractions, fractions and more fractions this week! Using a range of resources, the children have been learning how to add and subtract fractions before thinking about putting it all into context and solving some complex word problems. With the help of our Cuisenaire rods, the children successfully managed to solve the different problems. Well done Year 4!


Habitat Project

Our new topic next half term is habitats and at the end of the term, the children will be using all that they have learnt to create a habitat for the local wildlife. For this project we will be using shoe boxes. If you could keep your eye out for any shoeboxes over the next few weeks and send them into school, it would be much appreciated!


Finally, we hope you have a lovely and safe half term. J


The Year 4 Team




Friday 8th February


The penultimate week of this half of term has finished!


During Maths lessons we have been learning how to count in hundredths. This key skill has then enabled us to be able to place mixed fractions on a number line accurately. Equivalent fractions have been… tricky! We have been using practical resources to support our learning.
For example; ½ is equal to = 2/4 = 3/6 = 4/8 = 5/10 =6/12 = 40/80!


In Literacy, Flavia’s quest in The Thieves of Ostia continues! On Monday we wrote our diary entries for our Exciting Writing task. These beautifully crafted pieces of writing look spectacular written on scrolls in the very best handwriting. We are extremely proud of the children’s resilience and pride in their work as they have edited and improved their work over a period of lessons. We endeavor to reach the finale of this gripping read by the end of next week which will be truly exciting.


Topic has involved the labelling of a Roman soldier and learning all about Boudicca. Boudicca was a Celtic Queen who led a rebellion against the Roman occupation of Britain. Although her campaign was initially successful, her forces were defeated at the Battle of Watling Street in 61 AD.


Interesting Roman Fact….
Did you know….

Wounded soldiers wore spider’s webs! The sticky silk helped the skin to knit together. Tucking a bundle of herbs into the bandage was another trick-it killed germs!


Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of lots of Doodle-tastic fun J
From the Year 4 Team

Friday 1st February

I have to start by thanking all of you who were able to attend the parents craft this week. The Roman tiles and mosaics look fantastic and we cannot wait to display them in our corridor for the school to see! See picture below.


Also on Tuesday, children enjoyed their third ukulele lesson. They have progressed from knowing how to hold the instrument and play a single cord to learning a small number of cords and singing-a-long to a simple tune. It’s so lovely to see the children enjoying something a little different and having so much success. We look forward to seeing what they’ve learnt to do at the end of the full 10 weeks!


In maths, we have come to the end of the topic on time with some exceedingly tricky word problems. Perseverance was the key to being able to decipher what the question was asking us to do. Any opportunity for further learning at home would be extremely beneficial to put what children have learnt at school into context e.g. If swimming starts at 16:35 and lasts for 1 hour and 25 minutes later, what time does it finish? or If I leave for the shops at 10:10 and return at 12:05, how long have I been at the shops?


Have a safe and snowy (?) weekend,

The Year 4 Team J

Picture 1

Friday 25th January 2019

Another busy week in Year 4 has flown by, and haven’t we been busy!

This week in Maths we have been learning how to draw and read line graphs. Accuracy has been a vital skill for this topic when constructing and reading the graphs to gather information. We have also been learning how to tell the time using the 24 hour clock. Time does indeed take time we have found! Please ask your child about their recently learnt knowledge as it is a topic that requires as much embedding through practical examples as possible.


For example: How would you record 2pm using the 24 hour clock? 14:00
How is 3am represented using the 24 hour clock? 03:00


In Literacy our exploration of the Thieves of Ostia has progressed! We have encountered an orphaned boy, Lupus (Wolf), who Flavia has taken under her wing with the help of Jonathan and Nubia. Their quest to discover who/what has killed Bobas (the beloved watchdog) continues to escalate as their detective skills are pushed to the limit. We can clearly state we are well and truly gripped by this historic book!
In our writing the emphasis has been on selecting powerful verbs to provide maximum impact for the reader. Fronted adverbials and adverbs have also played a key part in our daily writing along with adjectives to describe in greater depth. These are all vital skills which are expected of the children in Year 4. Great work has been produced which is fantastic to see!


PE has involved a multitude of activities including; dodgeball, Monkey football, circuits as well as the fabulous, heart-pumping 1mile runs around the playground! Please make sure tracksuit bottoms (black/blue) and sturdy trainers are at school at all times as the weather is mighty chilly!


Parent craft:
Mosaic mayhem! Tuesday 29th January in your child’s classroom. Please sign-in at the office and then make your way to the classrooms for a prompt 2.15 start. Many thanks in advance for your time and the enthusiasm we know you’ll bring! J


Wishing you a happy weekend from all the Year 4 team!





Friday 16th January 2019


Yet another great week in Year 4 with children showing that they are ready, respectful and safe!

In maths this week we have finished off our division unit. We are extremely pleased with the children as they have shown determination, particularly when completing word problems. We are now starting to explore bar charts and graphs.

In literacy we have been reading about Flavia’s problem solving skills! We have started our exciting writes based on an item being stolen within Flavia’s house. We have had some gripping cliff hangers and we can't wait to read them!


Just a reminder that parent craft is on Tuesday 29th January, please let your child’s teacher know if you can attend. Also, we have had a few children coming in with no PE kit. Please ensure that all children have their kits in school on Wednesday and Thursday.


Have a great and safe weekend!


The Year 4 Team :) 

Friday 11th January


We have had a fantastic first week back to Year 4! The children have settled back in extremely well and have been working incredibly hard after a lovely break. We have thoroughly enjoyed listening to all that you got up to over the Christmas break and we hope you all had a lovely time!


A new term brings a new text – The Thieves of Ostia. It has been a nail biting beginning as we have seen our main character, Flavia, try to solve the mystery behind her fathers missing signet ring before getting stuck up a tree after being chased by a pack of vicious dogs! We can’t wait to see what happens in our story next and how we will use this story to inspire our own writing next week.


Division, Division, Division. This has been our focus in maths this week and the children have blown us away with there fantastic knowledge and resilience when solving some challenging questions using remainders! This is only the beginning of our work on division and we will be carrying on with this next week.


To end our first week back, we had our very own Roman Day! Firstly, we would like to say how fantastic the children looked in all their costumes! Thank you so much for helping them put together their costumes! We had a lovely day learning how to draw a Roman, having our very own ‘Bush Tucker Trial’ involving Roman food, learning about Roman numerals and making our very own shields. It was a brilliant day and we all had lots of fun learning all about the Romans! Take a look at some of the photos to see what we did. J


We hope you all have a lovely weekend. J


The Year 4 Team.

A selection of Year 4 home learning. Amazing poetry and beautifully presented!

Thursday 20th December

What a wonderful week to end the term! Along with many festive activities, children discussed the importance of Christmas and what Christmas means to them. It was lovely to share and listen to different family traditions around this holiday time.


Yellow team was the winning house team this term having collected more VIP tokens than any other team and were rewarded with extra play time. Well done to all house teams – this term more VIPs than ever before have been awarded.


Next term, our topic will be the Rotten Romans! We will be exploring the Romans both in literacy and topic. Don’t forget we have our magical starter day on Friday 11th January, where children will be able to dress up as a Roman. Not only that, the children will experience the day in the life as a Roman. Please remember to save any boxes for an activity on our Roman day!


Finally, thank you so much for your generous gifts and kind words. We hope our small gifts to the children made it home safely and don’t cause too much mess at home!


We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a fantastic festive time. Be together, be safe and we will look forward to beginning a new year in 2019!


The Year 4 Team J


Picture 1

Friday 14th December

'Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way!'

Christmas cheer has well and truly landed in Year 4 this week! The children have been feverishly making moving elves, reindeers with googly eyes and trying to solve some horrendous Christmas jokes by answering multiplication questions first to break the code!


In Maths we have been looking at multiplying single digits by three digit numbers. The children have been using some fantastic column, partitioning and place value knowledge to ensure that their workings are accurate.


Varjak Paw. What can I say? We are so tantalisingly close to the end of this gripping story that I think it'll be bitter-sweet when we finally finish it this coming week! We have been so pleased with how engrossed and enthralled the children across all the classes have been with this puuurrfect story of one very brave Mestopotamian Blue.


This has been an action-packed half term and we are very proud of all the children for their hard work and determination.


Dates: Please remember that school collection will be at 1.30pm this Thursday. 

Picture 1

Friday 7th December


Resilience has shown through this week in Year 4 as we have completed our assessments. The children have been working incredibly hard and have shown great determination when answering some challenging problems. We are extremely proud of them!


This week, we have continued our journey with Varjak Paw looking at adverbial phrases. The children have been thinking about different ways that they can structure their sentences and the effect it has on the reader. We look forward to them applying all there excellent knowledge in their exciting writing next week!


The children have continued to look at circuits this week and have tested different scenarios to see if the electrical current can flow to light up the bulb or whether it is broken. The children showed fantastic team work and thought carefully about their prior knowledge to see if they could predict if the circuit would work or not.


You may have heard that a few of Santa’s little helpers have joined us in Year 4 to help us show kindness and get ready for the Christmas holidays. Keep your eye out next week to see what our Elves have been getting up to!


Have a lovely weekend,


The Year 4 Team. J

Friday 30th November


I just HAVE to start the weekly blog with these pictures... 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Topic this week has been an absolute delight! To hear the buzz of excitement along with cheering and clapping when groups had worked as a team to complete an electrical circuit and were rewarded by seeing their light bulb come alive is what teaching and learning is all about. I can tell you now, we have many talented scientists and electricians in the making!


Doodlemaths continues to be a hit with the children and it has been great to see each of the Year 4 classes on the school leader board at different points of the week. Many children and parents are aware of a separate 'doodletables' app which works in a very similar way to doodlemaths but, as the name would suggest, focuses purely on times tables. It's a great way of supporting children with their weekly times table challenges in school. Login details are the same as doodlemaths however, stars are collected into a separate pot. It is there as an optional extra!


Amongst lots of revision in literacy and maths this week, Year 4 were treated to watching both Rainbows and Year 1 Christmas performances. What stars they were!


Thank you for your ever-generous donations for the Muscliff's Christmas fayre. I'm sure we'll see lots of you there tomorrow... Don't forget to look out for our lovely snowmen decorating the hall!


Year 4 Team :)

Friday 23rd November 2018


As Lavender class remind Miss Vella EVERYDAY-it’s only 33 days till Christmas!


Our maths focus has been worded problems this week. It was tricky in parts but, with a positive growth mindset, children have had lots of success. Children learnt how to select the correct maths operation needed in order to solve problems accurately.


In English we have been following Varjak’s latest adventures and wondering if he will ever return to the Contessa’s house. We have been focusing on using a range of coordinating and subordinating conjunctions in our writing to add effect. We have also started to look at using noun phrases to describe the alleyway in which Varjak hides whilst Sally Bones is on the prowl.


Christmas spirit has hit year 4! On Thursday we had parent craft where children made fabulous snowmen tree decorations. Children worked with varying degrees of adult support (!) to learn how to thread a needle and sew on details like eyes, mouth and buttons! Even Miss Vella and Miss Follenfant learnt to sew a button! Thank you to all parents who were able to help out.


Well done to all of the children for accessing Doodle Maths and collecting lots of stars, we are impressed with your efforts!


Monday’s literacy home learning is Blog-tastic. Children will be challenged to be authors of their own blog and identify the style, features and purpose!


Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 4 Team :)

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Friday 16th November


Another super week has passed in Year 4!


We are extremely proud of those children who have embraced the challenges set in  DoodleMaths. Class teachers will continue to review weekly progress and check that all have available access to computers to make the most of this fantastic new resource.


Literacy has been focused on Subordinating and Coordinating conjunctions this week. The children have shown super subject knowledge and have begun to apply their new learning in the writing across the curriculum. Varjak Paw remains a compelling read! We have learnt more about Holly's gravelly character and been introduced to Sally Bones;

'Well-' Tam glanced around nervously. 'All right. One thing. She can become invisible. She'll just appear out of thin air, and you don't see her coming till it's too late.' (Page 115)


In Maths we have been looking at solving word problems involving multiplication and division. These have been tricky to master but all have shown great resilience and determination to break the questions down in to manageable chunks.


Kindness has been of utmost importance this week. We have made kindness postcards, shared a kindness activity with Year 1 children and enjoyed sharing messages of kindness from posters in the corridors around school.


Thank you for all your wonderful cake contributions! We hope to have raised lots of money for such a worthy charity. The children looked smashing dressed in their brightly coloured clothes.


Parent craft is this Thursday so please can you return any slips to us so that we can have an idea of numbers. Needle and thread at the ready!


We wish you all a happy and safe weekend,

The Year 4 Team


Please bring in cake donations in return for mufti on Friday.

There will be a cake sale outside each year group's exit where each cake will cost 20p.

Please help us raise money for this excellent cause.

Many thanks :)

Friday 9th November


We have had another fantastic week in Year 4! We have ventured further into the bustling city with Varjak where he has continued to learn from Jalal. The children are really enjoying this text and we can’t wait to continue our journey with them next week!

Grouping and sharing has been our focus in maths this week! We have been sharing cupcakes (pictures of them unfortunately!) and comparing sharing to grouping them. The children have then been using their times tables and the inverse to check their answers. We are really proud of them!


Using the powerful imagery from our text, the children have created silhouette pictures of the big city inspired by Van Gogh. The children showed great skill when using the wax crayons to create swirls to create the night sky. Have a look at the images below to see the finished products!


To finish off, we thought we would leave you with some comments from the Year 4 children and what they have been enjoying so far this term!


“My favourite part of this half term has been painting Varjak’s face because we got to used watercolour paints and experiment with the different colours.” Megan S


“I am really enjoying our book Varjak Paw! I don’t want to stop reading it and it has some very funny parts!” Evie M


“I really enjoyed using the wax crayons this week to create a Van Gogh inspired piece of art! I really like how he used swirls to create the background and then trying to recreate this in my own work.” Jasmine D


“This week we had a Year 4 football tournament. It was great to play against other children from other classes and to work together as a team!” Ethan R


Have a lovely weekend, 


The Year 4 Team J


Dates to remember…


Friday 16th November – ‘Friendship Friday’ mufti (bright colours)

Thursday 22nd November 2pm – Festive parent craft

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Picture 3

Friday 2nd November

Welcome back and to our new topic around our exciting text ‘Varjak Paw’. We are only 4 chapters into the book and we are already totally gripped. What will the family do now that Elder Paw has lost his power as head of the family? Why does Julius dislike his brother so much? Will Varjak pursue his dream to go hunting in the outside word? What dangers will face him in his journey ahead? So many questions that we can only wait to find out the answers to…


In Maths, No Problem! lessons, a new chapter has begun. For the coming weeks, we will be looking at multiplication and division facts within the 12 times table. Many children are already confident recalling facts through their weekly times table challenge but it’s also important that children can understand and represent multiplication and division problems in different ways (using concrete apparatus, pictorially as well as abstract).

Click on the tab above to see the full topic overview with areas of the Curriculum we will be covering this half term.


Check out our wonderful art work from this week that is already on display in the Year 4 corridor!

Picture 1

Dates to remember…

Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th November – parent conferences

Thursday 8th November 2.15pm – doodlemaths launch (parent workshop)

Friday 16th November – ‘Friendship Friday’ mufti (bright colours)

Thursday 22nd November 2pm – Festive parent craft (letter to follow)


Have a wonderful and safe firework weekend,

The Year 4 Team :)

Has your child LOVED reading David Walliams' Gangsta Granny?

Check out his other titles in our 'Author of the Month' display.

We'd welcome any reviews if there are books you would recommend :)

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Friday 19th October 2018

What a great first half term Year 4 have had! Staff are extremely proud of the children for consistently modelling how to be ‘Ready, Respectful and Safe’.


We have had a busy few weeks in maths, learning a range of methods to support us when adding and subtracting. The children have found some of these methods tricky; however, their growth mindsets have helped them to succeed.


In literacy, children have been learning about the difference between formal and informal language, both spoken and written. The children then applied their new learning to complete an exciting piece of writing pretending to be Ben writing an apology letter to the Queen!


We had our exciting ending to our Gangsta Granny topic, where Grandparents came in for cake and a cheeky game of Boggle! The children loved asking their Grandparents questions about their childhood and it was interesting to see how generations have changed over time. See pictures below. A big thank you to Grandparents for coming into school. By the end of the week, each class had finished the Gangsta Granny story and a few tears were seen in what was an emotional end to the book. It has been an extremely successful and engaging narrative and we look forward to introducing a new text after half term.


Please don’t forget to book your slot for parent consultations on the 6th and 8th November. Also, on the 8th November at 2.15-3pm we have a parent workshop to launch ‘doodle maths’. More information to follow.


Have a great half term!

The Year 4 Team

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Friday 12th October 2018


We have reached the end of week 6 already! Lots of learning and fun has continued in Year 4!


In Literacy we have been learning about different text types and what author’s do to capture our interest and imagination. We thought about the audience and purpose of a text and related this to our class text Gangsta Granny. We also reviewed noun phrases and worked hard to include these in a description of a getaway scooter, of our own design. Finally, as we approach the end of the book we focused some time on comprehension, to really show our understanding of the text.


In Numeracy we have been using the formal column method to subtract. This has included renaming (borrowing). The children have been required to think carefully about their knowledge of place value in order to be successful using this method.


In Topic we have been finding out about Victorian prisons and hard labour! The children were asked to imagine they were a prisoner and write a diary entry explaining how they feel and what life is like in prison. We had lots of interesting discussions around the idea of being silent and repeating monotonous tasks!


We are looking forward to our Exciting Ending next week. Thank you to all children who have returned their slip to inform us whether their grandparents are able to attend. We look forward to seeing all grandparents for afternoon tea, next Wednesday 17th October in the hall at 2.30pm.


Next week is our final week this half term! Please remember we finish at 3.15pm on Friday!


Have a great weekend!

The Year 4 Team J

Friday 5th October 2018


Another super week in Year 4! It may have been incredibly busy but all have pulled together to work their absolute hardest so well done staff and children alike.


This week in Literacy we have been exploring prepositional phrases and their relevance within the super text Gangsta Granny, (focusing on chapters 18-19). The children have enjoyed using their prepositional detective skills to identify and then apply prepositions to their own writing. We have been very impressed by their hard work and determination with this tricky task and feel that they have understood and improved their writing as a result of this so well done!


In Numeracy we have been continuing our study of formal column addition with renaming (exchanging). The children have been embedding greater knowledge and a greater depth of clarity as to why and how numbers are renamed.


Topic has seen us explore who the Highway Man was and whether or not he was a hero or a villain! Why not ask your child about their opinion on this interesting topic and see if they can convince you with their stand point.


PE has seen the children taking part in team games. The children have worked alongside their peers and worked as a team. Well done Year 4!


Celebration-A huge congratulations to Charlie and Jake on your exemplary behavior that has quite rightly gained you a certificate in today’s Good News Assembly. We are exceptionally proud of those children who always show us the Respect, Readiness to learn and Safe ethos to learning and their environment which these individuals have shown this week.


Home Learning- We continue to be immensely proud of those children who are completing their Home Learning each week. Those who hand it in immaculately presented, on time and to the best of their own ability. A huge well done, we are noting down those of you who are repeatedly impressing us with your hard work and determination to strive forward in your learning. True Muscliff Mice!


Here’s to another fantastic week next week! Keep up the reading for the reading challenge, practice spellings and times tables and have an enjoyable weekend!

Friday 28th September

Half way through our Crime & Punishment topic and Year 4 are totally engrossed . This week we posed the question 'How did crime and punishment change between the Anglo-Saxon and Tudor periods?'. Having already learnt that Anglo-Saxon punishments were extremely harsh, we wondered if by the Tudor period, punishments became less brutal... but no.. punishments were as ruthless as ever! In the second of two topic lessons, children were astonished learning about the power and influence that Henry VIII had over his people and the law. Ask your child for Henry VIII facts that they can remember!


Acting out scenes from Gangsta Granny proved a huge success earlier this week and gave children opportunities to perform in front of the class! Great job! In maths, children needed a growth mindset to face the challenge of rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We were really impressed by the learning attitude of all children in what was a really tricky few lessons. We will be revisiting the skill of rounding in the coming weeks!


Finally, we have set a date for our Exciting Ending (hopefully a letter has made its way home this week). On Wednesday 17th October at 2.30pm, we'd like to invite grandparents in for afternoon tea! Please don't worry if your grandparent can't make it. We will make sure that all children take part in the afternoon :)


Have a wonderful weekend,

The Year 4 Team

Friday 21st September 2018 


Year 4 have been very busy this week, discovering more about Gangsta Granny and learning how to write a descriptive recount. Take a look at this extract from Chloe P, writing as Gangsta Granny, recalling events of stealing Lady Davenport’s ring ‘ Then Lord Davenport did a massive burp! It startled me so much that I dropped the diamond ring! It made a loud thud and both Lord and Lady Davenport woke up! I just picked up the ring and ran, not daring to look back.’

We have had some fantastic PE lessons this week with a focus on developing dribbling skills and throwing and catching, with Orlaya class completing team games including parachute activities. It was refreshing to see the children enjoy their time outside communicating with their peers.

We had great fun completing a tower challenge this week during enrichment time. The children built a tower out of spaghetti and modelling clay. See pictures below!


Well done Year 4 for showing us how you can be ready, respectful and safe this week!

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Friday 14th September

The end of the first full week in Year 4! It has been a busy week filled with X Tables tests, Exciting Writing and a fantastic Curriculum meeting. The curriculum evening presentations have now been added to the class page. See the tab 'Useful information and links' at the top of the page. Thanks again to all who managed to attend and those who sent their apologies. Your feedback was lovely to hear :) Do remember our door is always open if you need to talk to us.


The children have been working really hard to obtain as many VIPs as possible this week and have impressed us with their hands-up for silence in and around school. Super work, keep it up!


Things to remember:

-Home Learning will go out on Monday and spellings will also be tested on Monday. We have already received some outstanding pieces of home learning so a huge well done to those who have managed to hand it in already.

-Reading Rangers- we would very much like to see as many parents as possible be involved in reading with children in Year 4. If you are able to do so between 8.30-9.30am on any morning in the week then please do let us know.


Here's to another super week next week!

Friday 7th September

Welcome back and into Year 4! We are sure there will be some very tired children (and teachers) returning home from their first week but how impressed we have been!


Perhaps the highlight from the first few days was our magical starter yesterday afternoon where, after lunch, a crime appeared to have been committed. Crime scene tape was cornering off key areas of evidence, witness statements had been gathered and evidence cards had been placed against certain key items of interest. It was fantastic to see children's excitement and response, putting on their detective hats to use the clues to discover who may have committed the act. The grey/white wig, cabbage, SWAG bag, jewels, murray mints and glasses amongst other items lead us to believe that Gangsta Granny herself had visited our classrooms! 

Picture 1
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Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Children have been introduced to our new school rules: Ready, Respectful, Safe. With such clear expectations all around school, children have shown great understanding in all areas. 


Letters went out today reminding parents or the Year 4 Curriculum Evening next Thursday. Please do let us know if you're able to attend by returning the attachment. 


Home learning will be sent out on Monday along with a topic overview. In the meantime, please do continue to read with your child and practise times tables!


PE days are Wednesday and Thursday - please ensure PE kits are in school.


Beginning a new school year with so many new children and parents, we have appreciated your patience as we have sent children from the gates at the end of the day. Thanks to parents giving children / adults a wave to ensure everyone is collected safely.


Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 team :)

Lavender – Miss Vella
Orlaya – Miss Atkinson & Mrs Follenfant
Sunflower - Miss Fisher


We look forward to welcoming our new cohort on Wednesday 5th September (3rd and 4th September INSET days)


Our first topic will be based around Crime and Punishment. A topic overview will be available in September. 

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A book list for parents

Not all these books are relevant for year 4 children obviously but they may give you some ideas for mixing it up a bit and where to go in the future. Reading IS the future!

For the parents who asked about 'decent' y4 reading books, check out:


and our wonderful castle point library of course who will give you loads of pointers.

Aim for a variety and consider the stamina necessary for the year4 reading test ('Diary of a wimpy kid' just won't cut it every week!).

Below is the link to a range of fantastic maths websites, which would be great to use if your home learning does not take the expected 30-40 minutes a week.