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What specialist services and expertise are available at, or accessed by, the school?

At Muscliff, we work with many specialist services and other professionals in pursuit of good progress and outcomes for our children. We have developed and foster great relationships with local services who support us in developing our provision at school and offering helpful advice to our families. 

It is essential for our children and families that education, health and social care services all work together to support the development of our young people. All services are striving to achieve this. 



Bournemouth Children's Tust
'Early Help' is about having a set of agreed arrangements across the Children's Trust partnership to commission, signpost or offer a range of helpful appropriate interventions to families to support effective parenting and to enable children and young people who have additional needs to meet their full potential.

Please see below for a list of services we regularly work and liaise with, or seek advice and training from.


  • Education: Learning Support Service (based at Linwood School) www.bournemouthlss.co.uk , Behaviour Support Specialists, Educational Psychology Service, Linwood School Outreach, Victoria School Outreach Services, Stourfield School for sensory circuit training, the local authority SEN team, local secondary schools, pre-schools and nurseries, Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS), 
  • Health: Speech and Language Service, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), physiotherapists (Poole Hospital), occupational therapists (Poole Hospital), school nurse, community paediatricians, Child Development Centre, Hearing and Vision Support Services, Children's Learning Disability Service, Health Visitors.
  • Social: Social services, Family Intervention Project (FIP), Family Solutions Team (FAST), Parent Practitioner team, The Family Hub, Children's Centres, Young Carers. 
  • OTHER brilliant groups we have contact with - Mosaic (bereavement), Coping with Chaos and Listening Ear amongst others.

Victoria School new opportunities day - May 2015

Congratulations to our sporting superstars who represented Muscliff at Victoria School new opportunities day.  The children had a great day and were a credit to the school.  

Well done! smiley

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