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Weekly blog 2018-19

Thank you morning:

We are very grateful for the support of parents throughout the year – if you have been a reading ranger, volunteered in a classroom or helped on a trip, or given any of your time to support MPA with events please come along on Friday 19thJuly 9.30-10.30am for refreshments and entertainment provided by the children. Please email muscliff@muscliffprimary.co.uk or pop into the office to let us know you can attend. 

Friday 5th July 2019


Wahoo! It’s Friday! Another busy week in Year 2 has flown by.  We’ve started our new text in Literacy and have been finding out about the adventures of Alfie Green and making predictions on what we think will happen next and in Maths we have continued our learning on volume.


Alongside our learning this week we have had a real focus on choosing to be ‘kind’ We discussed the quote “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” It has been wonderful to see the children actively going out of their way to be ‘kind’ to others.  Here are just a few examples of things that we have noticed children doing:


  • Playing with a child when they spot someone who looks lonely.
  • Joining in a game of hide and seek to help make the numbers equal.
  • Helping someone up when they fall over in the playground.
  • Telling someone that their writing is brilliant.
  • Doing a magic show for the Year 1 children and making them laugh.
  • Helping a lunch lady to get an ice pack.
  • Staying with someone when they were sick and keeping them company.
  • Stacking the chairs without being asked to do it.
  • Clearing up a messy table.
  • Complimenting someone on their drawing.
  • Congratulating someone on their hard work when they have found something hard.
  • Listening and working with each other in Maths.
  • Tucking the chairs in.
  • Saying “After you” to a visitor in the corridor.
  • Sharing a story with a friend who finds reading tricky.


We are so lucky to have such wonderfully kind children at Muscliff.


Well done to all the Year 2 children for taking part in Sports Day yesterday.  We were all so impressed with their energy, teamwork and resilience!


We hope to see many of you at the MPA Summer BBQ tonight!


A few reminders:

  • 15th July Open Evening 3.30-5pm


Have a wonderful weekend.

The Year 2 Team J

Wow!  The end of the first summer half term and my goodness it has been a busy one!  ‘Secret Agent Training Service’ Missions have been completed alongside our normal curriculum work and we could not be prouder of our now ‘Graduating Secret Agents!’  They have shown grit, determination and perseverance and above all, they’ve really enjoyed stretching their elastic brains and showing off all the knowledge and skills they’ve gained this year.  A big WELL DONE to them all J. We all feel safe in the knowledge that they are definitely ready to be Secret Agents and have earned their position within this highly established service!


As a special reward for all our hard work and to mark our new ‘Secret Agent’ positions we spent the morning creating spy glasses, doing code breaking and making certificates for each other to celebrate.  It really was a fabulous way to end our half term.


A few reminders:

Monday 3rd June –  INSET

Tuesday 4th June – Back to school

Friday 7th June – NSPCC – ‘Speak out. Stay Safe’ assembly and Mufti (wear green theme).

Thursday 13th June - Class Book Look 3.30 -4pm

Wednesday 19th June – African Art Day

Friday 21st June – Monkey World Trip.



Happy half term all – thank you for your ongoing support.  We are so proud of our new Secret Agents!

The Year 2 Team J

Friday 3rd May 2019


Wow! What a great second week back.  The children returned after the weekend bright, breezy and full of energy; which was lucky as we had a lot of learning, fun and work to crack on with!


The children have all thoroughly enjoying sharing traditional tales, planting seeds, drawing and designing flowers for Jack’s garden and creating our own magic beans this week alongside working hard on their Maths missions and working hard to become ‘Secret Agents’.  We have been so impressed with their concentration, perseverance and resilience – they really are super’ Secret Agent Trainees!’. 


The staff in Year 2 are really excited about our topic ‘Twisted Tales’ too and we’ve had lots of discussions about why we think fairy tales are good for children…


  • They boost a child’s imagination and cultural literacy.
  • They teach us right from wrong – be the hero not the villain.
  • They develop critical thinking skills – children see the consequences of character’s decisions and learn that what will happen to them depends on the choices they make.
  • They can help children deal with emotions themselves – children can relate to this and find a fairy tale hero in themselves.
  • They are fun!


So this half term, if you have a spare ten minutes, please do share some fairy stories with your child…everyone loves a tale where good triumphs over evil….and by the end of this topic we’ll all be able to win against any wicked witch or powerful giant!


Maths has been all about telling the time using an analogue clock.  It’s tricky but an essential skill.  It was very entertaining to hear the children’s thoughts on the question ‘Why do you think that it is important to be able to tell the time correctly?’

Answers ranged from… ‘so you can get to places on time’, ‘it can help you catch a train at the right time’, ‘so you are not late or early to parties’ to our personal favourite ‘so you know if your Mum is trying to trick you into going to bed early!’.  We have looked at telling the time to O’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and some children have been introduced to telling the time to the nearest five minutes.  See if your child can tell you and show you on a clock what time they go to bed, wake up, leave for school and get home from school.


Wishing everyone a lovely weekend – we do hope that it is warm and sunny.


Many thanks for your support

Year 2 Team J

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and managed to enjoy the glorious sunshine. It's been lovely to welcome back the children, ready for a busy Summer term! We are rested and raring to go!


Yesterday, we had our Magical Starter for our new topic, Twisted Tales. The children looked brilliant in their costumes smiley We planted beans and are hopeful of magnificent beanstalks; we decorated scrumptious gingerbread men; we wrote character descriptions and tried to make links; we write book reviews for traditional tales and finally, we made puppets. What a super morning we had!


This week in maths, we will be revisiting arithmetic strategies for the four operations and ensuring that all children have a strategy ready to use: our go-to strategy is to use partitioning (or chips and peas, as we like to call it!).


In literacy this week, we're delving into Jack and the Beanstalk to make sure we all know the story really well. We're also writing recounts, adding our own opinions.


As the weather warms up, please can we ask for a water bottle with a twisty sports cap top (so that it won't spill if it is knocked over) for the classroom, and it may be time to think about sending in sunhats. If you'd like to send your child to school with sun cream, they must be able to apply it themselves. Ideally, a good coating in the morning would suffice, but we understand on especially hot and sunny days, a reapplication may be needed. We will be letting all the children know best times to put it on, how to store it and that it isn't for sharing.


We're continuing to have Gemma Gym on a Monday morning for this half term. Children need shorts for this to climb safely and earrings removed or taped up. Please could we also remind you that long hair needs to be tied up for PE and Games. We will also be having PE on a Wednesday.


We look forward to a smashing Summer term!

Wow!  It’s nearly the end of the second spring half term and my goodness it has been a busy one!  At the end of last week a letter was delivered to each of the Year 2 classes asking if they would be keen on training to become Secret Agents. Thankfully everyone was really up for the challenge and this week we made a start on our ‘Secret Agent Training Service’ Missions.  We could not be prouder of our ‘Secret Agent Trainees!’ …who have tackled Reading Detective work, spelling challenges and tricky maths problems with grit, determination and perseverance and above all, they’ve all really enjoyed stretching their elastic brains and showing off all the knowledge and skills they’ve gained so far this year.  A big WELL DONE to them all on these first missions J.  We’ll be coming back to mission work again during the month of May.


Alongside our Secret Agent Training Missions we have been continuing with our work on Midsummer Night’s Dream.  We have all been amazed and delighted to see how much the children are enjoying this text and we can’t wait for you to hear them retelling the story at our parent craft sessions next week.  They are really impressive.


A few reminders:

Parent Craft sessions

Orchid Class – Tuesday 2nd April @ 2.30

Elderflower Class – Wednesday 3rd April @ 2.30

Tearose Class – Thursday 4th April @ 2.30

Friday 5th April - Break up for Easter holidays at 1.30pm


Happy spring weekend all – thank you for your ongoing support.  We are so proud of our ‘Secret Agent Trainees’!


The Year 2 Team J



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Picture 1

Friday 8thMarch 2019


Wow! What a great week.  We are so enjoying our new text, the Orchard Classics version of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.  It is providing so many opportunities for fabulous discussion about the characters and the choices they are making and our flower wands that we made on Monday are particularly spectacular.  We do hope you enjoy looking at them when we see you next week at parent/teacher conferences.


It was fabulous to have a class full of book characters today.  We were visited by Little Red Riding Hood, Dorothy, Titania the fairy, the witch from Room on a Broom, a spider and Snow White and that was just the grown-ups enjoying World Book Day!  The highlight was a visit from Mrs Pearce, who normally teaches in Year 3, Miss Hurley who normally teaches in Year 5 and Mrs Cooper who came and shared their favourite stories with the Year 2 children whilst Mrs Payne popped up to Year 6, Miss Speer to Year 4 and Mrs Chapman to Year 3!  We really appreciate all the effort that you made to help get costumes ready…these really are the days that the children will remember!  We ended the day with a World Book Day assembly led by Mrs Huns as a ‘dalmation’ and Mrs Fenby as ‘Cruella De Vil!’


Maths has been all about fractions this week.  It’s tricky but an essential skill and we have been doing lots of practical tasks to ensure that we have a strong understanding of what ‘equal parts’ means and how to divide a shape or a quantity into halves, quarters and thirds.  We had some interesting discussions when exploring the ‘Monty says...’ question below!  It has been fantastic to see how the children have made great progress in their ability to articulate their understanding using mathematical vocabulary.



Looking ahead to next week, we will begin to make our ‘Puppet Theatres’ and so would appreciate it if you could bring in a cardboard box.  We will be working in small groups so we only need about 6 per class so please don’t worry if you do not have one.  If you do have a box that you think would work well for this please do bring it in on Monday.


Dates for your diary

Parents Evening on Tuesday 12thor Thursday 14thMarch 2019 – we look forward to seeing you on one of these days.


Wishing everyone a fun-filled, happy weekend with a bit of reading of your favourite book.

Year 2 Team J

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Friday 8th February


Shadow Puppet Fun!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
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Picture 12

1st February 2019


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn’

Benjamin Franklin.


Year 2 have been fully involved in their learning this week.  We have story authors, scientist researching why animals are suited to their habitat, word problem solvers, choreographers, artists and reading detectives in Year 2.  We are very proud of all the children for approaching their learning with a positive growth mind set, for having a go at trying new ideas and for not being afraid to make mistakes.  One of our Year 2 children was overheard saying to a friend  ‘Don’t worry, making mistakes means that you are trying and learning something new’.  We couldn’t have explained it better ourselves and have been delighted this week with the children’s willingness to have a go at new things and with their involvement in their learning.


Our extra chapters to The Hodgeheg are outstanding and are the product of real perseverance.  First copies have been edited, improved and re-written and we have just finished publishing our writing.  We reckon that Dick King-Smith would be delighted with our efforts and we definitely have some budding authors in Year 2.  Their use of noun phrases, exciting verbs and adverbs has definitely seen their descriptive writing reach new levels and the illustrations are equally brilliant!


Next week we are moving on to persuasive writing and will be thinking of facts, evidence and voicing our own opinion on how to persuade Max not to cross the road if he is not at a safe crossing.  In the final week of this half term we plan to write letters to the council asking for better road safety on Shillingstone Drive.  We will be learning more about road safety in class and through our local visit to the zebra crossing and lollipop crossing but if you could talk with your child and highlight the possible dangers and things that could be done to make Shillingstone Drive safer then that would really support our writing in school.


Many thanks for all your ongoing support with home learning.  It has been brilliant to see many of the Year 2 children logging on and earning stars.  Alongside Doodle Maths there is also Doodle Tables which can be downloaded and the same login used for this.  Children can practise their times tables and collect stars in the same way as Doodle Maths and your child might find this useful to support our Times Table Challenge that we do on a Friday in school.  Do speak to your child’s class teacher if you are having any difficulties logging on to Doodle Maths.


Finally a date for your diary….


Thursday 7th February – Zebra crossing and lollipop crossing local visit.  Many thanks to those parents who have volunteered to come in and help on this.  Please make sure that your child has a warm coat, hat and gloves in school on this day.


Wishing everyone a lovely weekend…stay warm!


Year 2 Team J

Friday 11th January 2019


Welcome back and a Happy New Year to all our families! We hope you had a lovely time celebrating and spending some time with those you hold dear.


The children have come back brilliantly, bursting to get started with our new topic, Life After Dark. Topic overviews went home this week in red folders, so please do spend a little time getting to know what we will be doing in school.


We have started our new class text, The Hodgeheg, by Dick King-Smith. This is especially exciting as not only is Dick King-Smith a fantastic children’s author, but the children are having a book to share with their chatty partner so that we can do some whole class reading! The children have been wonderful at reading aloud to their friends and we have been doing so much excellent vocabulary work, really digging deeper into the rich text to ensure everyone understands the story so far. We have a basket of Dick King-Smith books the children can read and as they are usually about animals, the children are really engaged which is super to see.

Next week, we will be looking at spelling rules for adding the suffix –ing to root words when examining motorway footage and learning how the spelling changes.  We will also be studying comparative adjectives and how these can affect our sentences, i.e. sharp, sharper, sharpest. The week will culminate with a Big Write (an independent piece of writing where the children apply the skills taught during the week) where Max the hedgehog tries to get across a busy motorway!


In Maths this week, we have finished our chapter on capacity, including worded problems and we will be moving on to look at statistics, in particular, picture graphs, tally charts and how it is important that any data we are working with is organised and clear so that it can be understood.


In our topic sessions this week, we have been looking at bridges and materials they are made from and why those materials are especially suitable. Next week, we’ll be using different construction toys to build bridges, drawing and labelling our designs in order to build a bridge to help Max the hedgehog cross a busy motorway safely.


We are looking forward to another terrific week!

The Year 2 Team

Friday 14th December 2018


Wow! High fives, whoops and cheers for our fabulous Year 2 performers.  On Monday we were wowed by Year 2!  They sung, danced, narrated, sparkled and shone and we were very proud of them all.  It really is amazing to see how in only a term the children have grown not only in size but in confidence and self-belief.  We hope you thoroughly enjoyed seeing your little ones shine bright!


Alongside all our festive celebrations we have also been looking at celebrations around the world.  It has been brilliant to find out about the festival of Passover, Ramadan, Diwali and Christmas and learn and discuss how different faiths celebrate.  The children’s questions have been outstanding and we have all enjoyed the extra art work opportunities this week has given us.  The children will be really proud to share their creations with you!


Our Maths work has focussed on word problems involving length and mass and we have worked hard on spotting the key bits of information in a word problem and then working out if we need to add, subtract, divide or multiply.  Tricky stuff but we’re making great progress.


Next week will be our last week of the Autumn term and we’re looking forward to sharing the story of The Snowman and doing some practical work around ‘mass’ in Maths where we will be weighing objects in grams and looking at kilograms.  Do have a chat with your child about weighing things if you are doing any Christmas baking over this weekend!


Further dates for your diary are:


Thursday 20th Christmas party day – mufti and special party lunch.

Thursday 20th 1.30pm finish for the Christmas holidays.

Tuesday 8th January – Back to school 8.30.


Another fabulous week Year 2.  Keep working hard…holidays are coming!


Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday.


The Year 2 Team J

Year 2 performance tomorrow!


We are sorry there has been some confusion about what the children should wear for tomorrow's performance. If the children would like they can bring in a Christmas jumper or something Christmassy in a named carrier bag to wear to both performances. There is no need to go out and buy anything and if the children wish they can just wear their uniform.


Sorry again!

Year 2 team

Friday 7th December


We’ve certainly had an exciting end to our week! The fire service came to visit us! As part of our Great Fire of London topic we have been learning all about fire safety this week. The firemen gave us lots of information about how to make sure our homes are safe and what to do if there was ever a fire. We had great fun exploring the fire engine and even got to use the hose! We were proud of the children for showing our visitors excellent Muscliff manners.


In Literacy this week we have stepped back in time into Samuel Pepys shoes! We have been learning about features of diary writing and imagined ourselves witnessing the Great Fire of London and have written our own diaries. The children are continuing to impress us with their imaginative writing and their ever expanding knowledge of word classes- adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, verbs, nouns… the list goes on!


Time has been our focus in Maths this week as well as recapping our knowledge of number and arithmetic. We are so pleased that the children are enjoying Doodle Maths! We are super impressed with the amount of Doodle Starts being earned. Well done Year 2!


We are really looking forward to seeing lots of you at our Carol concerts on Monday. The children have been practicing hard this week and we have no doubt that you will be thrilled with their performance.


Have a great weekend!


The Year 2 Team.

Friday 16th November


Happy Friday! Another brilliant and busy week in Year 2!


The children are continuing to thoroughly enjoy our ‘London’s Burning!’ topic. This week we have been learning about Samuel Pepys and what an important historical figure he is. The children even had a go at cracking his secret code in his diary to learn more about The Great Fire of London.


We have been ‘wowed’ by the children’s work in Literacy this week. We started off with a Big Write imagining that we were witnessing The Great Fire of London. We thought about what we would be able to hear, see and smell. For the rest of the week we have continued to work on this piece by editing and improving. We have worked hard to spot our mistakes and make our writing even more exciting by adding more interesting vocabulary. The children have really impressed us with their knowledge of different word classes such as nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.


In Maths this week we have started to learn about division. We have been doing lots of practical work, sharing objects into groups and using our knowledge of times tables to support our understanding. We have continued our Times Tables challenges and it is excellent to see the progress that the children are making. We really appreciate your support at home with this- thank you!


This week was ‘kindness week’ and all of the children around the school have been doing lots of activities to support this. We enjoyed working with some Year 5 children this afternoon decorating a ‘friendship flower’. There have been lots of discussions in class about what it means to be kind and respectful and how we can show this to our friends, grown ups and community.


Thank you so much for your cake and money donations for Children In Need. We are looking forward to finding out how much we have raised for this fantastic cause.


Enjoy your weekend!


The Year 2 Team

Friday 2nd November 2018


Wow! What a great first week back.  The children all returned to school bright, breezy and full of energy; which was lucky as we had our ‘Magical Starter’ to get straight on with!


It was fabulous to have a day of art, music and baking to transport us straight into our Autumn term topic titled ‘London’s Burning!’.  The children all thoroughly enjoyed kneading the dough, singing songs and rhymes about the fire and creating their own fire collage using sticks and leaves.  You can see what else we will be covering this half term on our topic overview on the blog and your child also has a copy of this in their red folder.  It’s going to be another fun-filled term!


We also explored our new text “Vlad’ by Kate Cunningham and the children loved hearing about the adventures of Vlad and Boxton.  It’s a brilliant text filled with thought provoking illustrations and we’re all looking forward to using this as a stimulus for our writing this half term.  See if your child can tell you something about the story or something about one of the characters.


We spent the end part of our week in Maths consolidating our partitioning, addition and subtractions skills that we worked so hard on last term and we’re delighted to report that despite the half term break the children’s number skills are on top form! 


As discussed at the Parent Meeting in September, we had a go at our first ‘Times Table challenge’ on Friday starting on our x2 tables.  The challenges cover multiplication and division facts and are completed within a set time, with children moving on when they have achieved 40/40.  The focus is heavily on individual progress and making improvements each week and we found last year that the children really enjoyed these short challenges.  You can support your child at home by practising the multiplication and division facts for the times table your child is practising whilst also continuing to practise the ones they already know.  The aim is for the children to have quick responses and with this practise is key. A letter has gone home tonight so you are aware of the order of the ‘Times Table challenges’.


Guided Reading has been continuing each morning between 9-9.30.  This half term we are continuing to work on developing fluency and pace in our reading but we will also be having a real focus upon answering questions about the text through either written or oral responses. The Year 2 team were delighted with the children’s progress in reading over last half term and can really see the impact of reading at home and in school.  Do please keep reading and enjoying books together …it really will make a significant difference


Friday enrichment this week was all about the Gunpowder Plot, discussing firework safety and designing our own colourful fireworks.  We had so much fun creating firework scenes using a straw and paint! The children’s artwork really is spectacular!


Looking ahead to next week, we look forward to seeing you for Parent conference meetings on Tuesday or Thursday…hopefully by now everyone has been able to book their appointment.  If you are experiencing any difficulties with this booking system, do please pop into the school office and they will be able to help you.


Further dates for your diary are:

8th November 2.15pm Mr Jackson-Taylor, Mrs Harrison and Miss Fisher will be leading a parent workshop to introduce our new Maths Home Learning apps ‘DoodleMaths’ and ‘DoodleTables’.  They will talk through some key features of the app, how to support your child and what the expectations for home learning will be.  Log-ins and passwords for the children will be given out following this event.

29th November 2.15pm for our Christmas decoration Parent Craft.

10th December 9am and 2.45pm (TBC) Festive Sing-along. 

We would love to see you at any of these planned events if you can make it.


Wishing everyone a lovely and safe weekend – we do hope the weather warms up a little or perhaps this really is the start of winter!


Many thanks for your support

Year 2 Team J

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Friday 12th October 2018


Wow! What a busy and brilliant first half term Year 2 are having!  They are all working so hard on their learning and it has been brilliant to see the children approaching the challenges of Year 2 with a positive growth mind set.  We learnt at the start of the half term how mistakes are a good thing as they help our brains to grow and it has been fabulous to see the children approaching challenges with self-confidence, grit, optimism, resilience and perseverance.


This week in English, we have started on our new book ‘The Pirates Next Door’.  The children love it!  It’s full of brilliant, vibrant illustrations, fabulous characters and a fully engaging story…although not everyone in the story is happy that the pirates have arrived!  Have a listen together at home if you have chance



In maths, we have continued our work on subtraction and have been looking at number sentences such as this one…


43-25 =


This has prompted us to discuss the question ‘What do we do when we have 3 ones and we want to take away 5 ones?’.   Using our tens and ones materials, our part, part, whole method and our place value columns has really helped us with exploring, understanding and discussing this.  Tricky stuff but discussion around the number sentence, the use of tens and ones and drawing out our tens and ones has been so useful in helping the children to develop a strong understanding of the numbers they are working with.  Do ask your child to show you how they can add or subtract two numbers and see if they can explain their method.


Our ‘Yo, Ho, Ho and a Bottle of Fun’ pirate topic work continued this week with our Parent Craft sessions and the treasure chests created are truly spectacular.  Many thanks if you were able to attend and if you were unable please do not worry there are always enough grown-ups to help and support all the children.  Alongside this we have been singing sea shanties and designing our Christmas cards.  It really has been a week where we have all had opportunities to be creative and learn through the arts.


Next week will start on our new Maths No Problem chapter and will be looking at multiplication and in English we will continue our work on sentence types and identifying and using nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.  It’s going to be another busy week!


Thank you for ensuring your children’s red Reading Record folders stay in their book bags at all times.  These will continue to be checked and added to on a Monday and notes written in during guided reading sessions throughout the week.  We are also trying to encourage all the children to read with an adult at home at least four times a week so do please keep up with the reading at home and write a comment or sign to show that you have done this – it really does make a difference and the children get to move their name onto the book shelf in recognition of their hard work at home.  As always, do come and chat with us if you would like any support with reading with your child at home.  Red Home Learning books should be handed in on or by Monday.


Please could you also ensure that your child has tracksuit bottoms and shorts in school for PE so that they are able to participate in gymnastics and outdoor PE activities.


Further dates for your diary are:

6th November and 8th November Parents’ Evening – you can book online from 6pm on Monday next week.  A letter has gone home advising how to go about booking your appointments but if you have any problems do please call into the office and they will be able to help.

29th November 2.15pm for our Christmas decoration Parent Craft.

10th December 9am and 2.45pm (TBC) Festive Sing-along. 

We would love to see you at any of these planned events if you can make it.


Another great week Year 2 and many thanks for the contributions towards the YMCA World Homeless Day event that we held on Wednesday…the response from our Muscliff families was fantastic. J


Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday.


The Year 2 Team J

Friday 4th October

What a week at Muscliff School! As you know we had some ‘special visitors’ in to school on Tuesday. The children were fantastic at showing off Muscliff Primary and made us so proud. They continue to amaze us every day with their brilliant 'can do' attitudes as well as their Muscliff manners. We would like to thank you all for your continued support with your child’s education it means so much to all the team. 


In Literacy we have been learning about different word classes, for example nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. The children have been identifying the different types of words in sentences using different colour felt pens as well as coming up with their own sentences including a noun, verb and adverb. E.g. The boy laughed loudly.


The children also had a surprise audio message from Pirate Pete who was stranded on a desert island. He needed their help and asked them to come up with some questions they would like to ask him so he could tell them more. The children wowed us with their imaginations. We had questions such as ‘Do you need some suncream?’ ‘Do you have any materials to build a raft?’ ‘Where are your crew?’


In Maths we have been learning to subtract two 2 digit numbers using a 100 square, the column method and using tens and ones. The children have shown great perseverance with this and we are so thrilled with their progress.


Next week we have parent craft on Tuesday. Don't forget your bits and bobs to create a treasure chest. 


Have a lovely weekend!


Year 2 

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Picture 2

Another busy week in Year 2 has passed and the children have been working hard. Firstly a big thank you to those of you that attended our curriculum evening, we hope that it was an interesting and informative evening for you all. If you weren’t able to make it we will be putting the slides on the website so please have a look.

This week in Literacy we have continued looking at the story ‘The Night Pirates’. One of our focuses has been using conjunctions to extend our sentences. The children have been discussing which jobs they would like on a pirate ship and why. Year 2 amazed us with their wonderful imaginations. We have also been looking at different sentence types, in particular commands. We thoroughly enjoyed thinking of our own pirate commands to give each other, for example ‘Walk the plank!’ ‘Fire the canons.’ Next week in Literacy we will be learning about adverbs and exclamation sentences.

In Numeracy we have continued to practice using different methods to solve simple addition. We have solved addition number problems using a variety of resources. The children have used the counting on method, number lines, hundred squares, Dienes and column addition. Next week we will be using our knowledge of the column method to solve simple subtraction.

We have loved looking at the story of ‘The Night Pirates’ but are all very excited to start our new story ‘The Pirates Next Door’.

We look forward to another exciting week of learning!

The Year 2 team J

Testing Materials

Testing Materials 1
Testing Materials 2
Testing Materials 3

Friday 21st September


This week, the children have been scientists, thinking about materials that would be most suitable to build a shelter on a desert island. We had a go at grouping materials first and the children came up with ideas like, texture, heavy/light, flexible/rigid. We then thought about what we already knew about materials that are waterproof by thinking about how we stay dry in the rain. In small groups, the children tested the materials by holding them over a Lego figure and dropping 10 drops of water (we are also discussing fair testing, so why we must stick to 10 drops of water per material). The children worked brilliantly together in their groups and made sensible conclusions about materials to recommend for building the shelter. Well, done Year 2!


In literacy, we have been focusing on spelling rules when adding suffixes –ing and  –ed and then we moved on to looking at past and present tense and the verbs that give us clues as to whether the activity has finished or if it is still happening. The children have been brilliant reading detectives J

Next week, we will be comparing old and new and linking in our work on materials in science, particularly when the same material is used for different purposes. We will be incorporating conjunctions into our sentences to stretch them and add more detail for the reader (a conjunction joins 2 clauses and comes in different types: coordinating and subordinating. We’ll be doing deeper work on this is the coming weeks with the children).


Maths, No Problem! this week has seen us move onto simple addition using a number of different pictorial approaches: number lines, 100 square and pictures of objects to support calculations. We have begun to look at simple column methods for addition, adding the ones first, like this:

                   2     3

                 +       9

                = 1     2              3+9=12

                   2     0              2 tens=20

                   3     2              12+20=32

Following on from this, we will be learning to do simple subtraction in the same way, as well as deepening mastery skills with the column methods.


A few reminders:

  • Please make sure all items of clothing are named. Lots of new jumpers and sparkling white PE t-shirts are unable to find their owners and are going to lost property.
  • Please could you also ensure your child has a full PE kit in school: they won’t be able to take part in lessons unless they have shorts for indoor PE. Tracksuit bottoms are fine for outdoor PE.
  • Please remember morning snacks are to be fruit or vegetables only-thank you for your cooperation here.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

The Year 2 Team

Friday 14th September


We are so impressed with how well the children have settled into life in Year 2 and our busy timetable- Guided reading, Literacy, Maths, Topic, Phonics, Spellings- phew!!!


The children have loved reading and exploring our text this week ‘The Night Pirates’. The children especially enjoyed using puppets to retell the story, demonstrating their brilliant and wonderful imaginations! In Literacy we have also been learning about different types of words- subjects, verbs, adjectives and nouns. We have been really impressed with the children’s knowledge of this.


Place value has been our focus in Maths this week. The children have been working super hard to demonstrate their understanding of this. We have been using dienes to partition numbers, and find different ways of making numbers. We have also been exploring number patterns; counting in 2s and 10s.


The children produced some fantastic pirate art work this week! We used oil pastels to create some beautiful parrot pictures- look out for them when you come to the curriculum evening!


Next week we are looking forward to exploring our Pirate topic even more by investigating different types of materials and deciding which ones would be suitable for a pirate ship! In Literacy we will be looking at past and present tense and how this can change words. In Maths we will be focusing on addition and subtraction.


Well done Year 2- first full week done! smiley

Wow! What an amazing first week we have had in Year 2. We have been so impressed with how well the children have settled back into school life. It has been great to get to know each other, explore our new classrooms and learn about  Year 2.


To kick off the school year we have been discussing our school rules- to be Ready, Respectful and Safe. We have been talking about what these rules mean, how we can show them and why they are important. Your wonderful children have had some fantastic ideas- please do ask them about this!


Our magical starter was a huge success! Our pirates took part in lots of fun activities throughout the day- thinking of our pirate names, a pirate parade, making pirate hats and treasure maps and even learning a pirate song. It was a brilliant day! Thank you for all of your amazing dressing up efforts.

We are looking forward to getting stuck into some exciting learning next week. We will be exploring our new text ‘The Night Pirates’ and learning about place value in Maths.


A few reminders...

-Please ensure children bring a snack pot and water bottle to school every day

-Please make sure children have their PE kit in school ready for PE next Tuesday (navy shorts, white t-shirt and trainers)

-Please make sure children bring their red folder to school every day

-Our curriculum evening is on Wednesday 26th September, we look forward to seeing you there!


Have a great weekend!


The Year 2 Team


P.S. Pirate day photos to follow