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Friday 24th May


After last week’s busy SATs week, we have enjoyed a well-earned more relaxing week whilst also covering some important learning. In maths we have explored some creative problem solving tasks whilst also practising important skills such as calculating the passage of time using timetables – a skill which will help children navigate transport timetables when they are older!


In English children continued work on their Big Writes and practised using speech for impact. We also revised some important punctuation skills to create lists which may be useful for pupils enrolling in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy!

We also enjoyed developing our artistic skills this week and spent time learning watercolour painting techniques. Children produced some beautiful leaf studies and woods scenery pictures.


 It is time for a very well-earned half term break; we hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing break and we look forward to seeing the children on Tuesday 4th June for our Magical Starter in which they are invited to dress in magical themed costumes or bring a magical prop.

Friday 17th May


We would like to say a HUGE well done to all of our Year 6 children! The Year 6 teaching team and all of the staff across Muscliff are very proud of every child. Without question, our children gave it their all during SATs week; we could not have asked any more.


Once the tests were finished we ended our week with some well-earned fun and relaxation including football cricket, PE circuits, DVDs and doughnuts!


Your children have worked exceptionally hard this week so please treat them to a fun and relaxing weekend!  

Friday 10th May


This week children have been on a whistle stop tour of the Year 6 curriculum during a comprehensive revision week. It has been great to see how well the children have remembered and can apply the many skills which we have learnt over the course of the year so far and indeed throughout their education at Muscliff. In English children were using some well-known songs to practise key SPaG skills and in maths we looked at a range of skills in different contexts.


The children have worked very hard and we are proud of them for putting so much effort into their work.


Next week is SATs week and the children are well-prepared. Please have a nice relaxed weekend and come in feeling refreshed on Monday – there is no need to worry! Make sure you get an early night on Sunday evening and each night throughout the week. We will not be setting homework on Monday so that children can focus on being rested and prepared for each day.


Have a great weekend J

Friday 3rd May


This week we have explored the use of averages in maths, specifically looking at the mean average. Once secure with the process of calculating the mean average, including the use of decimals, children applied their skills to challenging reasoning problems which included multiple steps. Children worked hard and applied their growth mindsets to overcome the challenges; visual strategies such as bar modelling proved valuable in working through them


In English, after studying our text ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard’ children worked on a new Big Write which portrayed the treacherous journey of the three brothers. It was wonderful to see how all of the hard work this year is taking root and children are including a range of high level skills in their work to craft beautiful narratives.


On Tuesday 4th June, after the half term break, we will have our magical starter. This will have a magic theme and children are invited to come to school dressed in magical themed costumes or bring in a magical prop! We will have a fun day of activities to celebrate the occasion.

Friday 26th April


It was lovely to welcome the children back to school after the Easter break and see how enthusiastic they were to get back into their work.


In English, we started to study our new text ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard’. Inspired by the text and a range of inspirational poems, children created their own poems about death using emotive language. They were encouraged to use metaphors and similes to create depth of personality and we were really impressed by the powerful work that was produced.


In maths, we spent the week looking at geometry. We started by using ratio to scale up or down similar triangles and then looked at nets for 3d shapes. We then looked at negatives numbers which supported children’s understand of coordinates using four quadrants.


This week we also started our new topic work looking at light and electricity; this week we learnt about our historical understanding of light and identified different light sources.

Friday 5th April


Our children have worked so hard this week to complete their practise tests and an amazing Big Write. They have certainly earned their Easter break and we hope that everyone enjoys a bit of fun and relaxation over the two weeks.


As teachers, we have certainly appreciated the hard work which the children have put in over the spring term and we are proud of the amazing progress which they have shown.


Easter homework went home on Thursday. The aim of this is that children will maintain some regular work over the break so that they are not feeling too rusty when we come back. We will only have three weeks of teaching until SATs week so it is important that children keep up the practise. Individually the tasks should not take long and they would be more useful if spread out over the break as opposed to being crammed into one day.


Have a wonderful Easter and we look forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday 23rd April.

Friday 29th March


We have enjoyed the beautiful spring weather this week which has brought marvellous sunshine and energised our children! There has been lots of great work going on and we are really proud of the brilliant progress that we can see in the children’s work.


This week in English, children have been securing their understanding of speech by practising both reported and direct speech. Some children have then been demonstrating this in their Big Write work in which they were asked to write from different perspectives.


In Maths we spent the week looking at angles; this involved both measuring angles with protractors and calculating angles using knowledge of shape. Children solved a variety of angle problems looking at 180 degree and 360 degree turns and also finding angles in different shapes such as quadrilaterals and triangles.


Next week we are going to be taking part in some practise SATs tests in addition to working on a brilliant Big Write. This will support children in feeling ready for the upcoming SATs week. As it is going to be a busy week we will be sending out the Easter homework on Thursday as opposed to Monday so that children can focus on these jobs. They will then have the two week break to complete the homework.  


Have a great weekend.


Friday 22nd March


In maths learning this week children have studied area and perimeter with a specific focus on finding the area of different shapes such as rectangles, parallelograms and triangles. Our algebra learning from the last couple of weeks has been very useful to create formulas with which to solve area problems. We have also been spending time practising some key arithmetic skills such as multiplying with decimals and using fractions with all four operations; it is very important than children maintain their fluency with these skills while we study other areas of the curriculum.


In English we have been composing a new Big Write which has involved composing a letter of complaint, imagining that we are a neighbour of Victor Frankenstein and we are disgruntled at the incessant disruption to daily life. Children have practised the use of formal language including the use of an impersonal tone, the subjunctive and the passive voice.


In topic we studied some interesting RE questions as we started to look at the Easter story. Children reflected on the story while addressing ideas like: ‘If I had seen Jesus rise from the dead I would feel...’


Many thanks to everyone who has sent in payments for the upcoming residential to Fairthorne Manor; if you are overdue a payment, please send this in as soon as possible. A letter has gone home today to confirm our next meeting about the residential which will take place on Monday 29th April at 5pm. We look forward to seeing you then. 

Friday 15th March


Many thanks to all of the parents who came to meetings this week; it was lovely to see you all and discuss your children’s progress. At these times it is wonderful to reflect on all of the achievements and progress that the children have already made this year.


During lessons we have continued work with algebra and applied algebraic skills to some very challenging reasoning problems. This has certainly required perseverance and resilience from the children but led to real satisfaction when the answers fall into place.


In English, we have focussed on using the passive voice, subjunctive form and double negatives to identify how Standard English is used in a formal text construction. Children have studied example texts to examine how these skills have been utilised effectively.

Friday 8th March


Many thanks for the support of parents and carers in preparing for World Book Day this year. The effort that went into the costumes was amazing! It is always a special day and an important way to celebrate all of the books that have inspired children. During the day children enjoyed exploring new books with teachers across the school which will hopefully inspire them to expand their reading choices.


Elsewhere this week, we have started to learn about the world of algebra in maths. The use of algebraic symbols can be very tricky for children to grasp but our Year 6 children have done a great job of using and applying algebra and they are already solving tricky algebraic problems.


English work has been inspired by our topic learning about micro-organisms and children have used their Year 6 writing skills to write in-depth scientific reports. These reports have provided a great opportunity to practise the use of the passive voice while following the formal structure suited to the task.   

Friday 1st March


We have been treated to some glorious spring weather on our first week back and it has been wonderful to see the children again and get back into the swing of Year 6!


This week in maths we have re-visited ratio and spent time using our growth mindsets to solve some very tricky word problems. Once again, bar modelling has been a key strategy to help children to organise information and work their way through to a solution.


In English we have looked carefully at hyphens and how these can be used to create compound adjectives. We then examined how the meaning of these adjectives changed and how they can be best used to create vivid descriptions of Frankenstein’s monster.


In topic we have started to look at micro-organisms and conducted an experiment to show how they are living even though we cannot see them. We also considered the uses of some micro-organisms and how some may be harmful.

Friday 8th February


This week we started to learn about ratio in maths lessons; this is an important skill which has many real life applications. We started by making simple observations about ratio by comparing groups of objects; we then learnt how to simplify or increase a ratio. Children looked at ratio in recipes and how it can be useful to reduce or increase a ratio depending on your requirements.  This is a great skill to practise at home – why not practise during a rainy day baking session?


In English we learnt all about the passive voice which can be used to create suspense or mystery in writing. Or should I say:


The passive voice was used by children in Year 6 this week.


We also looked at trios in writing and how trios of clauses, short sentences, repetition or word classes can help to make writing more engaging. Children did a great job of demonstrating this in their own work. Next week we are going to plan and write a Big Write and we look forward to seeing how the children weave some of the great skills we have learnt this term, as well as inspiration from our text, into their work.


In topic we learnt all about skeletons and the different types of skeletons we see in the animal kingdom such as endoskeletons, exoskeletons and hydrostatic skeletons. We had some really interesting discussions about how and why animals have different properties and children enjoyed seeing the links between animals lifestyles and their body types.

Friday 1st February


This week we stepped into Victor Frankenstein’s shoes to dissect and examine a human heart! Well, a heart made from jelly and strawberry laces!

Picture 1

Our task was to use our Year 6 writing skills to create a text which mixed fiction with non-fiction: each section needed to draw on skills and vocabulary which matched the intended purpose. For example: a non-fiction description of the heart would need scientific vocabulary and precise facts whereas a fictitious paragraph would need more emotive language and imagery.


By dissecting and examining the heart we developed a bank of appropriate vocabulary which was supplemented by our science learning about the circulatory system.


Moving on from last week’s percentage maths work, we have continued to deploy bar models to solve tricky problems. This week’s problems often had 3 or 4 steps which needed to be negotiated in order to find a solution. It is with these in-depth problems that bar models really support children in processing lots of information; by drawing the model children can start to break the problem up into manageable steps. We were impressed by the growth mindsets which children brought to their challenging tasks!


Stay warm this weekend!      

Friday 25th January


Percentages have been the focus in maths this week which can be a really tricky concept. Children have developed their understanding of percentage and how this means ‘out of a hundred’. Building on this understanding, children have used their knowledge to calculate percentage increases and percentage discounts – a very useful real life skill.  


Children have used bar models to support their understanding; a pictorial representation is very helpful to make sense of problems like this.


For example to calculate 40% of 50:


Picture 1

In writing this week we have focussed on controlling pace through the use varying sentence length. For example, long descriptive sentences, these may include long descriptions and multiple clauses, will create a slower pace whereas short snappy sentences create a fast pace.


Children then applied this theory in a Big Write in which bullying was the focus. This context provided a good opportunity to change pace and use emotive language to engage the reader.


Looking through the children’s work we felt really proud of the progress which they have made; there is a big difference compared to the work they were producing at the start of the year.

Friday 18th January


We have had a week of measure in maths in which we have looked at using and converting between different units of measure for length (mm, cm, m), volume (ml,l) and mass (g, kg). A secure knowledge of place value has been essential for success with this area of learning as children not only need to understand how many grams comprise a kilogram or millilitres make a litre but they need the ability to manipulate the units of measure to convert between them. Discussions around the meaning of the vocabulary have helped children to remember their conversions, for example ‘milli’ means thousandth and ‘centi’ means hundredth.


In English our text Frankenstein has thoroughly gripped our children; we have arrived at the gory and really exciting part of the text in which Frankenstein’s experiment takes place. We revisited some important punctuation skills including the use of dashes and ellipsis and the different ways in which they can be used to enhance writing.  We then extracted some key main clauses from the text and used our writing toolkit to create thoroughly engaging paragraphs which combined our range of punctuation, phrases and clauses. The children are starting to show much more control in their work where a skill is used for a specific effect. Their writing is possibly even more gripping than Shelley’s!  

Friday 11th January


It has been wonderful to welcome the children back into school after the Christmas break and they have already shown a great attitude towards continuing with their Year 6 work.


We started to study our new text ‘Frankenstein’ and kicked things off with a magical starter on Tuesday. On this day we learnt about the author, Mary Shelley, and about the historical context of the book. In 1818 the role of women in society was very different to the current day and there were also important scientific ideas which had a huge impact on the culture of the time and indeed the author.


In addition to learning more about the context of the book we conducted a Frankenstein maths challenge which involved measuring different people’s body parts and calculating the amount of surgical thread which would be needed to stitch them together! We also created a gory Frankenstein eye (complete with slime!) which was stored in a jar much like the curiosities which would be found in Victor Frankenstein’s laboratory.


This week children have also adjusted to new timetables and groups and started getting back into the Year 6 way! We have revised some key skills in maths lessons and learnt to précis in English. In topic children combined French language skills with science to learn about parts of the body!

Thursday 20th December


Year 6 teachers have felt immensely proud of our children this week. After a very long and busy term, they managed to put all of their effort into practising and performing a fantastic World War assembly two times. Thank you to all of the parents and family members who came to see the performances and we are sure that you will agree that the children did a fantastic job.


Throughout the autumn term, we have been continually impressed with the attitude of our Year 6 children and we have loved every moment of working with them; they are making brilliant progress and welcoming the challenges of Year 6 with a positive and resilient attitude.


We look forward to continuing on this journey in the spring term but until then we wish all of the children and families a wonderful and restful Christmas break.


We will start back up on Tuesday 8th January when we will have our Magical Starter for our new topic ‘It Lives!’ Please remember to bring in a clean jar for our afternoon art activity. There will be no need to dress up on this day.

Picture 1

Friday 14th December


We started the week with a brilliant trip to the Bovington Tank Museum; the children showed fantastic behaviour and a keen interest in learning all about tanks, specifically the details which related to the World Wars. During the day we had workshops which taught the children all about the roles of different people, including those at home, during the war. We also learnt all the gruesome details about life in the trenches: quite a harrowing experience.  


We hope you enjoy a small selection of photos from the day:

Back at school, children worked hard to complete their maths tests and we are delighted with the progress which children have already made so far in Year 6. They have definitely earned a good break for Christmas ahead of the busy Spring term.


Remember next week, on Monday and Tuesday, we will host our World War assemblies. Children have been working hard to learn their lines and practise songs and dance for the day! Dressing up for the assemblies is optional but encouraged. We ask children to bring in their costumes on Monday morning but not wear them to school. We will change during lunch time so that the costumes are fresh for the performances. If any children are dressing in 50s style fashion we have allowed red lipstick to form part of their costume but no other makeup please.

World War Assembly
Monday 17th December and Tuesday 18th December, 2pm – 3pm


We look forward to sharing our learning about the World Wars and performing some songs and dance for you next week!


We have space for a few additional tickets on each afternoon but places are very limited. If you would like to request an additional ticket for a family member to attend the performance please send a note, stating the date and number of tickets required, with your child to give to their class teacher. These tickets will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.  

Friday 7th December


Thank you to everyone who came to the Christmas fayre last weekend. It was lovely to see all of the children and their families having a great time and the fayre raised lots of funds to support our children’s education.


This week children worked hard to show off all of their progress in some practise tests for reading, SPaG and spelling; we were so impressed with their attitude towards these jobs and we are delighted with the outcomes. These will also support the children’s further progression over the next term. Next week we will complete the maths tests which lots of the children are genuinely looking forward to!


On Monday we will be heading out on our Year 6 trip to the Bovington Tank Museum; it will be a fun and enriching day for the children. As we have already shared, children are allowed to bring some money for the gift shop but this is capped at a maximum of £5 per child. The money will be collected by adults to keep it safe. Children will need to wear their school uniform but they will be allowed to wear trainers so that they are comfortable throughout the day.

Friday 30th November


Christmas is here!
It was great to see the children in their Christmas mufti at school today and we really appreciate the donations for the Christmas fayre. We look forward to seeing everyone who can make it on Saturday to spread some Christmas cheer and raise funds to support our children’s education.


We also started to decorate our base with some wonderful vintage decorations! These were supplemented by some beautiful decorations which were created by the children.


In our lessons this week we have enjoyed getting more into our text ‘The Machine Gunners’. Chas (our lead character) has been using his salvaged machine gun in attempts to bring German planes down. We have focussed on using speech in our own writing. At this stage, it is essential that children are using accurate speech punctuation. We have then looked at ways to make speech highly effective; it should be used to create an impact. This has been achieved through the use of informative reporting clauses and making the choice between which parts of the story would be best communicated through speech or through narrative. We then looked at the using reported speech and how this too can be an effective way to weave speech into writing without losing pace.


In maths we focussed on decimals this week and started by securing our understanding of decimal place value. We then looked at dividing whole numbers to create decimal answers and ways to convert between decimals and fractions.


Thank you to everyone for returning the slips and payments for the upcoming trip to Bovington tank museum on Monday 10th December. In addition to the structured workshops which we will be taking part in, we will have time to peruse the museum in groups. During this time children will have a chance to visit the gift shop so they will be allowed to bring some money but we are limiting this to a maximum of £5 per child.


Have a great weekend.

Friday 23rd November


Parenthesis has been the order of the week in English. Children have learnt how to use brackets, dashes and commas to include additional information into sentences whilst considering pace and sentence structure. To inspire our writing we studied information about the Blitz and Anderson shelters which provided very interesting and thought provoking subject matter. It is great to see how children are rising to the challenge of Year 6 skills and adapting their writing to increase its impact on the reader.


In Maths we have continued our work with fractions; this week looking at efficient methods to multiply and divide fractions and integers. An important aspect of our maths learning is about embracing different strategies to solve problems so that children can develop flexible thinking and the ability to deploy the most efficient strategy for any given problem. As such we have learnt new approaches to solve fraction problems and compared their effectiveness. The use of bar modelling has also proved invaluable and supported children in understanding how fractions work, specifically with multiplication and division.


Children have loved their topic work this week and produced some beautiful watercolour paintings whilst reflecting on the events of the war. During the upcoming war assembly, which parents are invited to, you will be able to browse through your child’s amazing topic work from this half term.


Lastly, Christmas has started at Muscliff! On Friday we created our Christmas decorations around the theme of snow people! You will be able to see the Year 6 decorations, along with those from across the school, at the school Christmas fayre on Saturday 1st December.


Friday 16th November


This week in maths we have been delving deeper into the world of fractions. Children have learnt to add and subtract fractions with different denominators involving the use of improper fractions and mixed numbers. This is a tricky concept but our children have really persevered and produced some brilliant work.


In English we have started studying our brilliant new text ‘The Machine Gunners’. We are getting to know the lead character, Chas, who loves to collect war ‘souvenirs’. Sometimes this hobby can encourage him to take risks!


Inspired by the text, children have been practising key grammar skills such as the use of irregular plural nouns, accurate punctuation to show possession (including for irregular plural nouns) and determiners.


To support our topic learning this week we were fortunate enough to have a visitor with some fascinating wartime experience. Children were in awe of the incredible artefacts which were shared such as toys made from bullets and grenades, a ration book, items of clothing made from blackout material and even an incendiary bomb parachute! It really enriched the children’s learning and inspired their enthusiasm for this topic.  

Friday 9th November


It was wonderful to meet with parents this week to discuss your wonderful children and how they are settling into Year 6. As discussed at the meetings, we are so impressed with the way that this cohort have responded positively to the increased expectations of Year 6 and we look forward to supporting them throughout the year.


This week we continued to learn about World War I, in particular the significance of Remembrance Day which was marked today with a 2 minute silence on the playground by all children. For Year 6 children this event now holds new significance as they have learnt about the immense sacrifices which were made during this terrifying time.


We continued to study war poetry this week and children have used inspiration from well-known poems to create their own powerful acrostic poems which spell out ‘We Will Remember’. As this was a Year 6 challenge, these were no simple acrostic poems and children were tasked to include a range of skills to create an impact such as; similes and metaphors, alliteration, repetition and onomatopoeia. Additionally we are continually focussing on choosing adventurous vocabulary to communicate strongly with the reader. Children worked very hard and showed great respect for the subject matter, their poems are beautiful and emotive.  


Maths has been all about fractions this week. Last week’s learning about factors and multiples proved essential as we learnt to simplify and compare fractions. There were some really challenging questions and we were impressed with children’s resilience as they persevered with these challenges.


Thank you to all parents who have returned letters for the upcoming trip to the Bovington Tank Museum on Monday 10th December.  If you have not yet managed to return this please do so as soon as possible so that we can confirm the trip.


Friday 2nd November


It was straight back to business in Year 6 after the half term break! Children have enjoyed some thought provoking and emotional learning this week as we started our ‘We’ll Meet Again’ topic which focuses on the World Wars.


In English lessons we have studied some very powerful World War poems from which children have been extracting the skills which make them successful in order to inspire their own war poetry which they will be producing next week. In topic lessons we have started to learn about the main events which occurred during the World Wars and the roles of women during this time. The children have really engaged with this topic already and we look forward to our upcoming learning as we delve deeper into this fascinating period of time.


In maths we spent the week learning about multiples and factors; children learnt methods by which to quickly identify lowest common multiples and highest common factors.


We look forward to meeting with parents next week to discuss your child’s progress so far in Year 6. Have a wonderful weekend.  

Friday 19th October


Already, we find ourselves at the end of the first half term in Year 6. As we take stock, we are very proud of our children for stepping up and showing that they are ready to take on the challenges that Year 6 can bring.


Testing is inevitably part of the background in this year to support children in being prepared for their end of Year SATs and to be increasingly ready for secondary school. This week children have worked incredibly hard to show their best efforts with some practice SATs papers. We have shared individually how they performed to give them an indication of what they need to work on next half term and beyond. Of course, our emphasis is always on constructive reflection, “this is what you now need to do…” rather than “this is what you got!” and we will communicate these targets to you during your parents evening appointment after the holiday.


Now we have a well earned break but remember it is essential that children keep up their daily reading in addition to home learning.


Thank you to parents who have booked an appointment for the upcoming parent’s evenings. We look forward to sharing news of your child’s progress and also introducing our new homework study guides which will enable you to be proactive in supporting your children this year. 

Friday 12th October


The Turbulent Tides topic has continued to inspire our children this week as they have learnt more about coastal erosion and sub-aerial processes.


In English we have had a focus on adverbs and deepened our understanding of how they can be used for effect. Importantly children focussed on identifying and using a range of adverbs (not just ‘ly’ adverbs!) and then designing adverbial phrases to create beautiful descriptive sentences.


This week in maths we applied our calculation skills in tricky, multi-step problems. This week bar modelling was a key strategy to support children in making sense of complicated problems.


Picture 1
We are pleased to share that we have again invested in wonderful CGP study guides to support our children in the lead up to SATs. Your class teacher will discuss and distribute  these at the upcoming parents evenings. 



Growth mindsets have been needed for our challenging maths learning this week in which we have focussed on division skills. Children have practised using mental methods, where possible, to quickly and efficiently solve problems. An important skill which we are cultivating is the act of making a choice for the most appropriate method to suit a given problem. We have also practised using written methods to solve problems which would not suit mental calculation; this has involved some very challenging numbers. Our children are now armed with a varied toolkit to support them in tackling a range of maths problems.


In English pronouns have been the focus this week. In addition to understanding the role and benefit of using pronouns in writing children have developed their understanding of pronoun groups to distinguish between subject, object, reflexive and possessive pronouns. We have learnt to control the use of pronouns to develop our message in writing, for example repetition of a personal pronoun can increase suspense. It has been useful to study our text ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ to see how Murporgo has been effective in his use of pronouns.


In topic, children have continued to explore our coast and the impact of weather, specifically long shore drift and the impact of weathering on landforms. It was useful to draw from our experience on the recent boat trip to visualise how these things happen in our local environment. It is clear to see that the children are enjoying their topic work and their beautiful topic books stand as testament to this.  



What a wonderful week we have had in year 6!


On Tuesday, we took our first trip as a year group to Swanage. After climbing aboard our City Cruiser, we explored the boat to find our sea legs. Although it was quite breezy, thankfully the weather held and we were able to enjoy the view of the harbour as we pulled out into the channel. Our wonderful children embraced the waves and found their sea legs as they explored the variety of indoor and outdoor decks.


We spotted Old Harry half way through our journey, and as we got near enough to see the cliffs, we spotted the chalky stacks and arches that we have been learning about in topic this week. After eating lunch, we headed back through the improving weather and our children were such a credit to Muscliff when demonstrating our core Ready, Respectful, Safe values.


Also this week, we have been focusing our English skills on understanding the use of main and subordinate clauses, colour coding these in our books to aid the quality of our writing. We wrote about our visit to Old Harry using these new skills, and produced some excellent examples of what we saw and did.


In maths, we have exanded our knowledge of multiplication, focusing on multiplying four digit numbers by a two digit numbers, for example 3451 x 45. We have explored the largest five digit product we can make with digits 1 - 9, and have really enjoyed expressing our ideas through place value counters, digit cards and jottings.

Our boat trip to Swanage!

Our boat trip to Swanage! 1
Our boat trip to Swanage! 2



Again Year 6 children have impressed us with their attitude towards work and new challenges this week. We have enjoyed exploring tenses in more detail during English lessons. Children have added to their tenses song so that they can identify and use past and present simple tenses in addition to past progressive and present progressive tenses.


This week we also completed our first Big Write of Year 6. Children were presented with an open ended task in which they needed to apply their topic learning about coasts. They could choose to create a diary, story or non-fiction information text. It has been a real pleasure to read their work.


In maths BIDMAS has played a vital role, you may remember this acronym from your own school days! We have looked at mixed operation calculations in which it is essential to follow the correct order of operations. For example: 3x4÷6x(2+5)-7
Perseverance was in great need and our children did us proud!  


We look forward to our Jurassic Coast Cruise on Tuesday next week. Children should wear their school uniforms and please make sure that they bring a warm coat which will protect them from rain. Currently the forecast looks good but we all know how the weather can change!


Please also make sure children have a nice healthy lunch and a water bottle which will keep them going for the day.



We would like to say a huge well done to our wonderful Year 6 children. Our first full week has been a real pleasure. Having spent time discussing the school rules our children have been showing us what ‘ready, respectful and safe’ looks like. We have seen outstanding behaviour and a mature attitude towards the work and challenges which they have been presented with.


Kensuke’s Kingdom, our lead text, is captivating our imaginations. Who is Kensuke? Where is his Kingdom? So far we have met Michael and his family. They are setting off on their big sailing adventure around the world and we can’t wait to see what happens.


In our writing work we have learnt all about the past progressive and present progressive tenses. Confused? Ask your child to sing you the progressive tense song!


In maths we have been challenged to use numbers up to 10,000, 000!
Children have developed their understanding of numbers this size and practised comparing, ordering and rounding. In maths journals we have seen some excellent mathematical reasoning in response to problem solving tasks.



It has been a very successful start to the year and we were impressed by the positive attitude of the cohort, who are already shaping up to be a brilliant Year 6.


This week we have been class based and have enjoyed getting to know the children, their characteristics and their personalities – and of course, this was also their opportunity to get to know the Year 6 teachers.


On Monday we will be getting down to our more structured timetable, which (as you are already aware) involves a four-way split. Your child will be now be able to tell you which of the groups they are in: Arne, Lulworth, Old Harry and Durdle Door. The children looked at their timetable for next week and are excited by the changes. Children will soon get into the routine and there is no expectation for the children to know their timetable off-by-heart! So please no worrying this weekend, children.


Red homework folders will be handed out on Monday (and this is the case across the school) so enjoy your weekend of freedom from homework – you could still read though!


Don’t forget that our curriculum meeting is next week (Tuesday) and we look forward to seeing many of you.


The Year 6 staff are very happy this week!