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Transition to Year 1 - questions and answers

Q: When will I know who my child's year 1 teacher/class is?

We offer you a meeting on Wednesday 3rd July 6pm to hear about year 1 and the transition process. This is a great time to meet the teachers and ask your own personal questions (if they are not answered here!).

The annual report will come home on Wednesday 3rd which will name your child's teacher.


Q: When will my child know who their next teacher is?

On Wednesday 3rd the Rainbows' teachers will take a new Y1 class to their new classroom and teacher. They will spend an hour getting to know each other and doing an activity. They usually all come back buzzing!


Q: Will you mix up the classes for Y1?

Generally this is our standard practice going into Y1. We have an opportunity to make new friends and consider the mix of children after a year at school which can be quite different to the ones we had in September!

It is a huge process for the teachers mixing classes. We consider personality, ability, male-female ratios, age; it is not a quick job.


Q: How do you know the new class will work?

If only dealing humans were that simple! But we have a great deal more knowledge to go on than a year ago. We do a lot of 'dry runs' whilst still in Reception so that we can observe and see how the new class fits together. We often go back to the drawing board until we are happy with the final decision.


Q: Will my child still have their friends?

We will ask them to give us 3 friends and at least 1 friend from a different Rainbow class. We then endeavour to give them at least one friend but sometimes as adults we know what is better for them than they do, as I'm sure you're aware!