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Superstars Summer 2018

Superstars 18.5.18


Rainbow Sun (HT/KS) – Jack  : For having a 'can do' attitude to his learning and for great perseverance with learning to write letters. Keep it up Jack.

Rainbow Star (SH) – Thomas for being a great role model and friend. He really impressed Mrs Harrison with his maths yesterday.

Rainbows Moon (NF) – Jessica for her new and improved attitude when coming into school. It has been a joy to watch your confidence grow over the past weeks. You have shown real courage and resilience. We are so proud of you. Well done!

Y1 Iris (JC) – Isabella for always standing on her tiptoes to challenge herself in everything she does.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) – Aden for Superstar for ‘his wonderful attitude to reading! Such a joy to hear how much he is enjoying reading his books at home!

Y1 Tulip (LL)- Charlie for excellent writing this week. We are so proud of you Charlie, keep it up!

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) –Alyssa for being a fantastic member of Tea Rose class with her exceptional manners and kindness towards others.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Bella for her continuous interest in learning. We love the way she always looks to do her very best.

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) – Mikey for being a supportive and fun friend to everyone and always choosing to be kind. We are all so lucky to have you as a member of Elderflower Class.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Jasmine for her consistent determination and positive attitude in lessons this week. Well done Jasmine!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Finley For a fantastic attitude towards learning, Finley always challenges himself and aims high.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Amy: For being a super role model by showing brilliant manners! Amy has a positive and determined attitude towards her learning and always tries her best.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Isla - for her kindness to others and always going over and above in everything she does.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) – Ava  For being a wonderful member of Orlaya Class this year. You are a lovely friend and a pleasure to teach.

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Charlotte - for her ever-growing confidence in all aspects of school life, amazing application of knowledge to tricky maths problems and sunny deposition in the classroom.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Alicia for her positive attitude and determination across the curriculum. She has shown a real growth mind set and I am very proud!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Issy for having a great growth mindset towards literacy and being positive when recognising ways to improve her writing using purple pen!

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Sara For her fantastic attitude to learning and for always trying her best in every task she undertakes. She is a pleasure to teach.

All of year 6:

Super Attitude Tenacity Strength




Superstars 11.5.18


Rainbow Sun (HT/KS) – Billy  - For asking to be challenged and wanting to grow his brain in Maths this week. You were a superstar at finding one less than a number! Keep it up Billy!

Rainbow Star (SH) – Amelia for her determination towards every learning job. Keep trying and learning Amelia, you're amazing.

Rainbows Moon (NF) –Chloe for her amazing attitude towards her learning. Chloe always tries her best and perseveres even if she finds something tricky. Well done Chloe!

Y1 Iris (JC) – Ashton for standing on his tip toes in Literacy and producing some lovely, imaginative work.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) – Nrupadh for his excellent attitude in Maths this week. His hard work and perseverance paid off. Well done!

Y1 Tulip (LL)- Grace – a model friend and a fantastic role model. She works incredibly hard and demonstrates a real love for learning.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) –Loga for his exceptional manners and always lighting up our classroom with his big, bright smile.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Isla Her love of challenge is part of what makes her a superb role model for others. Well done!

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Louie for superb descriptive writing. Thank you for sharing your imaginative ideas and thinking carefully about your choice of adjectives. We love reading your writing!

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Lola for her hard working attitude and for being a lovely friend to all in Bluebell!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Siann - For outstanding effort in maths learning and amazing progress with fractions.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Henry For having a brilliant and determined attitude towards his learning this week! Henry also worked incredibly well in a group supporting and encouraging the learning of others.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Savannah - for a fantastic attitude to learning and her kindness towards others.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Lola - for always being such a pleasure to have in the classroom. Your happiness and kindness always brightens up the room.

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Bobby for his continuous enthusiasm and progress in his learning

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Robyn for her outstanding determination and for always having a big smile on her face! Keep up the good work Robyn!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Isla- She constantly demonstrates a considerate and respectful attitude towards her peers and is a wonderfully loyal and caring friend.

Y5 Marigold (HD) –Jack - For his outstanding attitude to learning and for always trying his best in every task he undertakes. He is a fantastic role model and a pleasure to teach!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Riley, for being a fantastic friend, excellent role model and the embodiment of focus and hard work - these are the ingredients of success!

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Phoebe for her approach to reading and her increased maturity in year 6.

Y6 Gold Star (AS) - Chloe  For her unwavering positivity towards any task. Chloe is a fantastic role model for others and embodies all the values of a Muscliff mouse!



Superstars 4.5.18


Rainbow Sun (HT/KS) –Amelia  For rising to the challenge to grow her brain in independent learning time. You have set a wonderful example to all in Rainbow Sun with your willingness to write.

Rainbow Star (SH) – Millie  for her attitude towards her learning at all times.

Rainbows Moon (NF) –Annabelle for growing in confidence and self-belief in her ability to write. She has shown great resilience and perseverance. Well done Annabelle you are a writer and we are so proud of you!

Y1 Iris (JC) – Kayden for being a fabulous, kind and considerate member of Iris Class. We can always rely on Kayden to be a helping hand or a caring friend.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) – Grace  - for working her socks off practising her Reading. Grace has shown great determination and put in enormous amounts of effort. Her hard work has paid off! :)

Y1 Tulip (LL)- Ava  – Ava has been a ray of sunshine this week. She has been working incredibly hard. Well done! You are a great role model.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) –Keevi  for her positive attitude and enthusiasm towards her learning.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Harry - The effort Harry puts into his work is outstanding. He is always looking for ways to do his best both at school and home. Well done Harry!

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) – Daisy - Mae for superb exciting writing. We love your postcard and you have really shown off all your brilliant writing skills. We are very proud of you!

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Max for using his growth mindset to independently complete his Big Write in English. Max used lots of year 3 skills and should be proud of his work!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Ethan  For showing a brilliant attitude towards his writing and taking pride in his work.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Lara : For having a positive and determined attitude in all areas of her learning. Lara has worked particularly hard in English this week using her brilliant editing skills to improve her writing.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Connor  - For a super attitude to learning and being a great friend.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) – Sophia - For standing on tiptoes in Literacy, giving her upmost efforts to improving her handwriting and maintaining a great deal of focus. Well done!

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Matilda for a bubbly, positive attitude towards learning and a hardworking member of Lavender class.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Ella for her caring attitude towards everyone in Oleander and always giving her best to every task she does. She is an extremely valuable member of the class.

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Brie for her bubbly, infectious personality and determination in her learning. She brightens the classroom with her positivity!

Y5 Marigold (HD) –Zia -For her outstanding attitude towards her learning and for always positively taking on a challenge- especially Monty Mouse questions! You are a superstar!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Reece , for having exemplary determination that has enabled him to keep up the Year 6 pace in school and at home.

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Tyler - for his quiet yet determined approach to Year 6.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) -Lily - For her endless enthusiasm for learning and her outstanding tale The Three Brothers! She is an absolute pleasure to teach!



Superstars 27.4.18


Rainbow Sun (HT) – Sophia For an excellent attitude to her literacy work, you are growing your brain so much every week.

Rainbow Star (SH) – Sophia for her determination to learn, for her kindness that she shows to everyone and for her respect towards all adults in school.

Rainbows Moon (NF) – Casey for being such a delightful and hard working little boy. He listens well and is really improving his writing. It is a joy to have you in Rainbow Moon!

Y1 Iris (JC) – Milad for settling into Muscliff beautifully, we are so lucky to have you in our class.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) – Naomi for always showing a fantastic attitude towards her learning.

Y1 Tulip (LL)- Jenson for having self belief. Jenson, you are working so hard to be the best you can be – be confident and proud – you are a star.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Eliza for being such a caring and thoughtful friend to her class mates and always helping others.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Ali He has boundless energy and enthusiasm, both in the classroom and with his friends. He is an all round superstar!

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) – Eve- Your writing is entertaining and easy to read and you have worked so hard on your spelling. We love reading your wonderful writing!

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Mia for having a hardworking and determined attitude towards all her learning. Well done Mia!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Megan For incredible writing using accurate speech punctuation and wonderful descriptive detail.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Arjun : For using brilliant editing skills to improve his writing and make it a more engaging piece for his reader. Arjun is a pleasure to teach and always gives 100% in his learning.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) – Jack - For making super choices and excellent independent and partner work.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) – Ruby - For showing great determination, integrity and enthusiasm in the face of learning challenges. You never give up, well done!

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Matthew for continued effort in all aspects of his school work

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Harriet for her considerate and caring attitude towards everyone in Oleander. She is a great friend and always gives her learning 100%. Harriet is an absolute pleasure to teach!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Wyatt for being a kind and caring friend to everyone in Snapdragon. He has a great attitude to learning and is a positive influence in class.

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Matthew  I have been so impressed with his hard work and perseverance in all areas of his learning. Matt is a great friend to everyone and a fantastic sportsman. What a superstar!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Millie - for responding to high expectations with enthusiasm, resilience and grit resulting in super progress

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Nathan for his improved presentation in his work.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Ben For his positive attitude and determination to improve his reading comprehension skills. Well done!



Superstars 20.4.18


Rainbow Sun (HT) – Daisy for always setting such a good example and being a superb role-model for all in Rainbow Sun.

Rainbow Star (SH) – Adam for his dedication to his home learning. He has practised and practised his Reading Record words and is becoming such an amazing reader.

Rainbows Moon (NF) – Malakai for his fantastic 'can-do' attitude towards his writing. We are so proud of you and how well you are applying yourself. Well done!

Y1 Iris (JC) – Leon for always being so helpful around the classroom and being such a kind and considerate friend

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) – Florence has worked really hard to improve her writing. She has shown an excellent growth mindset and her hard work is paying off.

Y1 Tulip (LL)- Tyler for working incredibly hard in all areas but especially in Literacy, where he has smashed his target!

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) –Swara for always doing her best and working hard in all areas of learning.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Brayden He has been standing on tip toes to check his writing makes sense and always has capital letters to start his sentences.

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Rebecca for being a fabulous friend. You are friendly, caring and thoughtful and always choose to be kind.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Miley for using her growth mind set to write a fantastic piece of writing about her invention in English this week! Miley used descriptive language, fronted adverbials and paragraphs to make her work interesting and engaging. Well done!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Alfie - For brilliant progress in Maths learning. Alfie always works hard to challenge himself.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS) – Amber For her brilliant and careful approach to her math learning this week. Amber has been working hard to interpret bar graphs.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) – Alesha for being really kind, caring and considerate. A true superstar!

Y4 Orlaya (SH) – Holly  For showing her consistently high standard effort to her work in the first week back after the holidays.

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Brodie for his continuous hard work and great attitude towards learning as well as being a role model in the classroom

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Rebekah for her fantastic attitude to learning. She is a pleasure to teach!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Rivka for being an exceptionally caring and considerate member of Snapdragon. Every day she shows kindness and respect to all those around her, making her a wonderful friend.

Y5 Marigold (HD) –Ben for his outstanding attitude to learning and for always trying his best in every task he undertakes. It is an absolute pleasure to have Ben in the class!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Chloe, for continuing her trajectory of excellent progress through her focus, hard work and dedication across the curriculum

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Rivva for his quiet, yet conscientious approach to his work. He is s delight to teach!

Y6 Gold Star (AW) -Jacob - For his outstanding recount in Literacy this week, showing great determination to include all of the Year 6 skills.