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Superstars Spring 2018

Superstars 12.1.18

Rainbow Sun (HT) –Riya for her amazing attitude to learning. Riya really enjoys growing her brain!

Rainbow Star (SH) –Lily for her constant enthusiasm and exuberance for learning and being at school. We love having you in R Star because you are such a star.

Rainbows Moon (NF) –George for standing on tiptoes and persevering when writing. George you have tried so hard and can now write your name. Well done!

Y1 Iris (JC) – Cate for always trying to make the right choices and being a wonderful, kind and hardworking member of Iris Class.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) –Austin for... amazing perseverance with his Maths. He kept trying and did not give up when it was tricky. He worked super hard to grow his brain!

Y1 Tulip (LL)- Aaliyah for always being enthusiastic about her learning and working incredibly hard to achieve her best.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Skye has shown a fantastic growth mindset this week by working hard and being resilient in all lessons.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Leo  for standing on tip toes in reading this week. He is beginning to give some really thoughtful answers to questions showing excellent understanding. What a star!

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Jamie for always having a wonderful learning attitude - you always try your best, share your idea with others and persevere even when the learning is tricky. Brilliant!

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – James for his hard work and amazing progress in all subjects!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Ty  For showing an admirable determination to succeed in his learning, specifically with new calculation methods in maths.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS)– Aida For having an excellent growth mindset when solving challenging math problems this week.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Connor for standing on tiptoes and working hard to improve his handwriting this week.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Luke - for showing outstanding behaviour and standing on tiptoes to contribute effectively to class learning

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Ellie For her amazing attitude towards learning, for being incredibly supportive and understanding as well as her fun and caring nature.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Violet Eve for her determination and perseverance in all of her learning this week, giving every task a go.

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Kimi  - for showing excellent resilience and a great growth mindset in maths! Well done for making great progress!

Y5 Marigold (HD) –Lacey for her growth mindset in maths and her persistence and grit towards any new challenge.

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Shireena for always striving to better herself whilst encouraging others to do the same

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Sai for his devotion to progress and unwavering hard work.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) -Christopher -For showing great perseverance with his literacy work this week, he quickly made neuron connections and continued to develop his brilliant growth mindset.



Superstars 12.1.18


Rainbow Sun (HT) –Anabella for her enthusiasm in reading. What a reader!

Rainbow Star (SH) – Amber for her growing dedication to her learning. I like the way she is beginning to use cursive handwriting more of the time now. Keep practising Amber so you become an amazing writer.

Rainbows Moon (NF) –Frazer for his dedication to his learning. Frazer you have made such wonderful progress and we are so proud of you!

Y1 Iris (JC) – Evie for growing in confidence and perseverance which she shows every day.

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) –Kaushal - for his perseverance and determination when reading his real and nonsense words in phonics.

Y1 Tulip (LL)- Nayan for working hard to turn his growing greens into tickled pinks!

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Charlie is a caring friend and has shown kindness this week by making sure no one is left alone at playtimes. Well done Charlie!

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Jenson for making a great start to the new year. He has shown extra enthusiasm for learning both at school and at home. Keep it up!

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Harry for being one of the kindest children we've ever met and for always standing on tiptoes in his work.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Lily-Paige for being such a lovely and kind friend to everyone in Bluebell and for her brilliant attitude towards learning! You're a great role model Lily-Paige!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Chloe  - For showing perseverance and determination to succeed in all her learning.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS) – Dylan did some fantastic research for a non-fiction report in our Literacy lesson this week where he also shared ideas and worked well with his partner. Keep up the good work!

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Liam  for being such a helpful and considerate member of Breakfast Club this week. He has shown respect for all the adults and has been a great role model for other children.

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Ilesh - for being a wonderful member of Orlaya, showing manners and respect to all and having a growth mindset to his multiplication in maths.

Y4 Lavender (AW) - Logan for greatly improved confidence in all his work especially maths

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Harriet for her consistent hard work and for being a brilliant role model in Year 5.

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Emily for her resilient attitude, determination and continued focus when learning about fractions!

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Jack for his determination and resilience during our Literacy sessions, which is having an amazing impact on his learning.

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Kieran for being an excellent ambassador for the school, showing brilliant manners and talking confidently to external adult visitors

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Abi for her warm smile, growth mindset and positive attitude to work.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) -Isabella  - For her determination, resilience and positive attitude to learning, particularly when tackling challenging maths problems. Keep this up - you are a superstar!


Friday 5th January

R Sun - Harrison K for being super helpful in the classroom and with his friends. You are delightful!

R Star - Alfie N for his imaginative and descriptive re-telling of Penguin Small. You are going to be an amazing reader and writer!

R Moon - Joe W  for being kind and considerate to his class mates. We are so lucky to have you in Rainbow Moon!