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Superstars Autumn 2017

Superstars 15.9.17

Y1 Iris (JC) –  Amy has made me so proud this week with her fantastic work in Literacy. She showed great perseverance and produced an excellent piece of writing

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH) –Maja  She worked really hard on her writing yesterday. Listening to the adult to make sure her sentence could be the best it could be. She kept trying and improved it when guided.

  1. Tulip (LL) – Zoe for being a determined and motivated learner – well done Zoe.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) –Charlie has worked very hard in Maths this week demonstrating a positive attitude towards his learning and resilience when faced with challenges. Well done Charlie! Keep up the good work.

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Eliza for being such a caring and helpful member of our class, always looking out for others.

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP) –Jasmin has shown superb resilience this week. When partitioning numbers she has tried to find as many ways possible and kept on going even when it got tricky. Good job Jasmin!

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Max - for always having a positive attitude towards his learning and not being afraid to stand on tip toes to complete challenging tasks.

Y3 Olive (RD) – Isla For showing a growth mindset and taking on new challenges in Maths learning.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS) – Isla - For having a growth mindset and challenging herself in maths this week.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Faye who showed a super growth mindset by challenging herself in PE this week. She not only did what was asked but thought about what more she could do and gave it a go!

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Jack - For being an outstanding role model of behaviour, not just to the class, but the whole school.

Y4 Lavender (AB) - Ellie  for being an being such a happy, hardworking member of the class and an incredibly supportive learning partner.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Lewis for his positive mindset in our Literacy lessons which has helped him to produce some fantastic writing! Keep it up Lewis.

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Daisy for showing fantastic resilience and great determination to challenge herself across all of their learning.

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Madison will always go the extra mile to ensure other people's happiness. She was also a fantastic team player in PE this week!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Gary  for settling brilliantly into Y6 and has followed instructions well.

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Charlie for his optimistic attitude and growth mindset approach to learning.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Megan - For her fantastic attitude towards all her learning and her resilience shown to any task.




Superstars 8.9.17


Y1 Iris (JC) – Emily for a fantastic start to Year 1. She has come into the classroom each day with a lovely smile, ready to learn

Y1 Poppy (SJ/GH)  -Rory - we were so impressed with his fantastic attitude in Art. Despite finding the painting rather tricky he persevered and put 100% effort into the task. We were really pleased with how hard he worked and how he did not give up when it was tough.

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Peter for determination and focus during our ‘Let’s Learn’ sessions. Well done Peter.

Y2 Tea Rose (AL) – Lennie has had a fantastic start to Year 2! He showed brilliant perseverance in Exciting Writing and wrote a fantastic recount of his summer holiday. Well done Lennie!

Y2 Orchid (KF) – Caleb for the calm and settled way he has started Year 2. What a star!

Y2 Elderflower (EH/HP)  - Annalise has had a super start back at school. She has shown superb effort in all her learning and has been particularly brilliant at reading at home and sharing what she has been reading. Keep up the great work Annalise.


Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Zidan - for consistently showing good listening skills throughout all lessons. You have made a great start to year 3 Zidan!

Y3 Olive (RD) – Nathan For setting a fantastic example for behaviour and hard work at the start of Year 3.

Y3 Tiger lily (AS) – Leon has come into Year 3 and his new school with a really positive mindset and is settling in well.

Y4 Sunflower (NH) –Owen for a brilliantly positive attitude towards his learning - a wonderful start to the year!

Y4 Orlaya (SH) –Courtney - For showing an exemplary growth mindset towards her Gangsta Granny creative writing, continuing to follow guidance and taking initiative with the crime scene investigation.

Y4 Lavender (AB) - Dillon for a great start to year 4 with his brilliantly descriptive writing.

Y5 Oleander (LP) – Jessica  I am really proud of how well she has settled into Muscliff School and I was very impressed with her growth mindset during our first Maths session. Well done Jessica!

Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Connor  for having a great growth mindset and positive attitude towards work

Y5 Marigold (HD) – Brooke has risen to every new challenge this week and has shown a fantastic growth mindset. Well done!

Y6 Gold Moon (JJT) – Amelia for displaying a fantastic attitude to learning, embodying a growth mindset and solving a tricky place value challenge on her very first day in Y6!

Y6 Gold Sun (LA) – Angel for her positive growth mindset and wonderful smile.

Y6 Gold Star (AW) - Liam For his resilience and determination towards our challenges numeracy problems this week, he is already an amazing role model for anyone aspiring to have growth mindset. What a brilliant start to Year 6!