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Summer term 2019

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars 17.05 .19


Rainbow Star (SH) – Ruwayda - for all her good choices every day in school about behaviour, learning and kindness. She puts the star into Rainbow Star!

Rainbow Moon (NF) - Rory - for always trying his best in all he does. It has been wonderful to see you excel in your learning and it is a pleasure to have you in Rainbow Moon. 

Rainbow Sun (AL/BC) - Keeva - for being confident to make new friends this week.  Keeva's big imagination and her infectious smile make her a wonderful friend to other Rainbows.


Y1 Tulip (LL) – Teddie – for being ready to learn this week! He has had excellent listening and worked incredibly hard. Well done Teddie!

Y1 Iris (NH) – Selina - for using her growth mindset to work more independently this week.  You have embraced new challenges and been ready for every learning opportunity that has come your way.

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) – Chloe  - for always being ready, respectful and safe and also for working hard to improve her reading.  Great work Chloe!


Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Effie – for her fantastic work in literacy. Her wonderful vocabulary and excellent story telling skills make her a fabulous writer.

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Henry  – for making a huge effort to be ready, respectful and safe.

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH)  - Leo  - for showing great concentration and perseverance with his joined up handwriting.  Your writing is fantastic!


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – Darcie  - for super listening in class this week. Darcie has created a lovely piece of writing using conjunctions and our key skills. Well done! 

Y3 Olive (LC) – Reuben - for always showing exemplary behaviour and always being ready to learn.  Reuben is a fantastic role model and definitely knows the 'Muscliff way'.  

Y3 Bluebell (BP) Jess  - for always being ready and for having such a positive attitude towards learning this week.


Y4 Lavender (KV) – Lincoln  - for embodying the Muscliff rules of ready, respectful and safe - he always tries to improve & progress.

Y4 Orlaya (LP/AF) – Kaci  – for being a caring, kind and respectful member of Orlaya class who is always ready to learn. She has shown great focus in Literacy this week and is incredibly hard working. Keep up the fantastic work Kaci!

Y4 Sunflower (KF) Ellouise  - for her confident and energetic day out at Moors Valley. Her enjoyment and wonderful Muscliff manners are a delight to hear! 


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Ella  – for upholding all of the Muscliff values and being a super member of Snapdragon class.

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Darcy  – for being very respectful and helpful to Mrs Everett. She has also set a great example by always being ready to listen and learn.

Y5 Oleandar (JE) – Theo  - for using some excellent language effectively, such as the word malevolent, in his poetry writing! 

Y5 Marigold (AW) Ellie  - for her inspirational, caring and hardworking nature. She is a pleasure to be around and makes the classroom such a happy place to be!


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) –

Y6 Gold Star (RD) –                All of Year 6 for being: Skilled




Y6 Gold Moon (DP)


Ready Respectful Safe Superstars 10.5.19


Rainbow Star (SH) – Mohammed - for his growing confidence in reading and writing. It's a pleasure teaching him!
Rainbow Moon (NF) - Harry - for his outstanding effort with his writing. You have worked so hard and can now write a sentence with everything it needs! Well done Harry.

Rainbow Sun (AL/BC) – Toby – for showing such kindness towards your friends and you are always there when your classmates or grown ups need your help. Toby, we are so lucky to have you in our class.


Y1 Tulip (LL) – Hunter – for super progress with his reading and writing. Hunter is always ready, respectful and safe.

Y1 Iris (NH) – Federico - for his ever-readiness, his infectious enthusiasm and a determined ambition to succeed.

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) –  Jack  - for trying his best and spotting lots of digraphs during phonics.  Keep up the good work Jack!

Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Ava – for the amazing effort she has put into her literacy learning. She has become a fantastic writer!

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Peppe – for always working hard and being an excellent example of what it means to be ready, respectful and safe!

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) - Pedro – for making fabulous progress with your writing. Super noun phrases and high quality verbs and adverbs... your Jack in the beanstalk postcard writing is brilliant’


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – Mikey - for showing hard work and determination in maths this week. Well done! 

Y3 Olive (LC) – Freya - for settling in amazingly to Muscliff School and already proving that she knows how to be ready, respectful and safe.  Freya is a fantastic addition to Olive class. 

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Logan - for being such a wonderful listener and worker! His positive attitude towards learning has helped him to embrace challenges in Maths this week. Well done!

Y4 Lavender (KV) – Taryn – for approaching a tricky maths lesson with determination and a positive mindset. Well done!

Y4 Orlaya (LP/AF) – Charlie - for his fantastic work ethic, particularly in his writing and for facing challenges head on with determination and resilience. You can do it Charlie!

Y4 Sunflower (KF) – Charlie - for an excellent first week at Muscliff. His growth mindset in his maths work showed he is keen to challenge himself. Well done!


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Jack - for always being caring and considerate to others in the classroom and for his unwavering focus during learning time. Great work Jack!

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Charlie - for making the right choices and showing great maturity this week. You have come a long way and should be extremely proud - well done!

Y5 Oleandar (JE) – Alice – for being such a helpful member of the class who is always respectful and ready to learn. She is a fantastic role model, she always produces her best work and is flourishing in year 5.

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Ed - for his continued effort in tackling tricky maths reasoning problems.


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) – Reuben - for his methodical approach to problem solving and his hunger to move forward.

Y6 Gold Star (RD) – Jessica - for a positive attitude towards challenges in learning which has enabled Jess to make great progress. 

Y6 Gold Moon (DP) – Chloe - for her outstanding attitude to her self-improvement and the respectful manner with which she treats everyone she meets - you are a real STAR Chloe!

Ready Respectful Safe Superstars 3.5.19


Rainbow Star (SH) – Harriet - for her all-round positive growth mindset in school. I like how you are really starting to push yourself in your learning.

Rainbow Moon (NF) - Issac - for your amazing writing this week. Isaac you are really standing on tiptoes to extend your writing and beginning to write stories. You have wonderful ideas and I have really enjoyed reading them. Well done.

Rainbow Sun (AL/BC) - Ohemaa - for being a fantastic role model and showing brilliant learning behaviour in the classroom. Ohemaa always welcomes a challenge and works hard to achieve her goals. What a star!

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Sophia  – for her continuous hard work and readiness to learn. Sophia you are a star.

Y1 Iris (NH) – Jenna  -  for her brilliant efforts at home and in school to improve her Reading and Writing.  Well done for believing in yourself - we knew you could do it!

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) Teddy  - for working hard and persevering with his writing.

Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Archie  – for always showing fantastic perseverance with his learning. Archie stands on tiptoes to reach his goals.

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Evan – for trying to focus on his learning and making an effort to be ready, respectful and safe.

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) - Ashton  for being a wonderfully talented artist! You look for detail, use colour creatively and always try your best. Well done! 


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – Caleb  - for his brilliant and dedicated attitude towards his learning this week. Caleb has also been embracing challenges in his maths work. Well done!

Y3 Olive (LC) – Josh - for creating a wonderful piece of writing this week with determination and focus.  It is always a pleasure to read Josh's creative stories.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) Courtney  - for her ever increasing confidence to contribute in class! Well done!


Y4 Lavender (KV) – Dylan – for having a positive attitude towards his learning recently. Not only that, he has impressed me this week with his friendly and helpful attitude towards his friends. 

Y4 Orlaya (LP/AF) – Amber  - for always having such a positive growth mindset. Her huge smile brightens the classroom and she is an absolute pleasure to teach. 

Y4 Sunflower (KF) – Michelle - for her continuing efforts problem solving in maths. She enjoys a challenge and learns from any mistakes. An excellent growth mindset :)


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Alesha  - for brightening the classroom with her smile and positivity everyday! Her effort is always 100% and she never gives up! Keep it up Alesha!

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Matthew  -for showing outstanding resilience, patience and sportsmanship in our first tennis lesson this week - and all with a positive attitude!

Y5 Oleandar (JE)  Lola  – for working extremely hard across all subjects. The Dragon she made and brought in for home learning was amazing, and her Maths work is improving daily. Well done, Lola.

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Ashton  - for being a supportive and helpful member of marigold with an infectious smile! 


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) – Matt  - for his unwavering focus and composed attitude towards his learning.

Y6 Gold Star (RD) – Archie - for showing great resilience in the face of challenging maths problems and a  wonderful positive attitude towards his work. 

Y6 Gold Moon (DP) Rylee  - for his excellent progress in his learning (especially in writing), and for the respectful, caring and helpful attitude he shows others.


Ready Respectful Safe Superstars 26.4.19


Rainbow Star (SH) Harry- for your miles of smiles particularly when you sing and your fab expression when you read out loud.

Rainbow Moon (NF) - Lakshya  for his fantastic reading and writing this week. You have come back from half term and are wowing us with your sentence knowledge and increasing fluency when reading. Well done!

Rainbow Sun (AL/BC) - Charlie  - for working hard on his sounds in phonics and his cursive handwriting. This week you really impressed us by writing a sentence all by yourself in literacy. You remembered a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. Wow, what a star!

Y1 Tulip (LL) – Amelia – for being a caring and devoted friend.

Y1 Iris (NH) – Sophie  for being so reliable and always being Ready Respectful and Safe.  She is a caring friend, she works carefully and thoughtfully and is such a pleasure to have in Iris Class.

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) – Frazer  - for always being ready to learn and share his fantastic ideas this week! It is always a joy to listen to his brilliant explanations.

Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Mia  – for going over and above with her learning. She is focused, dedicated and hard working. Keep up the good work!

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Ralph - always being ready to learn and trying his best.

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) – Grace - for approaching your learning with such a positive attitude and for being a wonderful friend to all. We are so lucky to have you in Elderflower class. 


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – Charlie  - for his determination and resilience in his maths learning this week. 

Y3 Olive (LC) – Sophia - for showing enthusiasm and fantastic team spirit at the BSG Sports Festival.  Sophia was a superstar, listening to all the instructions and trying her best in every event.  

Y3 Bluebell (BP) Levi - for being ready, respectful and safe at the BSG sports festival this week. Well done Levi! 


Y4 Lavender (KV) – Milly – for being such an asset to Lavender class. She is not only a role model, she is a great friend and always works to the best of her ability. 

Y4 Orlaya (LP/AF) Henry - for his fantastic attitude towards learning and for his super teamwork in our PE sessions this week. Well done Henry, keep up the hard work!

Y4 Sunflower (KF) Henley - for two fantastic PE lessons this week. He has put in 100% effort, shown some excellent team work and had fun taking part in all activities. Great work!


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Aimee – for everyday brightening the classroom with her bubbly personality and funny sense of humour. She is a pleasure to teach and a valued member of Snapdragon class.

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Ruby  - for always being such lovely a ray of sunshine in our class. Your kindness and politeness is an inspiration to all. 

Y5 Oleandar (JE) – Dylan - For settling back in superbly by showing he is ready to learn. He has managed his distractions well and produced good work in both Maths and Literacy. 

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Kianna  - for her unwavering resilience, as well as her hardworking and caring nature.


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) – Lacey - for being a terrific role model and for exhibiting excellent progress in her maths reasoning skills.

Y6 Gold Star (RD) – Oscar - For your hard work and enthusiasm in maths learning. 

Y6 Gold Moon (DP) – Jacob  - for his wonderful creativity and free thinking to create an emotive poem! Well done Jacob, you have really focused on using our year 6 expectations to produce a fantastic poem!