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Rights Leaders

Our Rights Leaders wrote a letter of application to Mrs Haddow, stating why they would make a good Rights Leader. The response was fantastic! We had so many children apply and show a real keenness and drive to help protect children's rights and promote awareness of the UNCRC.





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Some of our lovely 137 Shoe boxes


A massive THANK YOU to everyone who donated a Christmas shoebox or contributed to their class box.  As a school we collected  137 brimming shoeboxes. Tiger Lily class donated the most boxes with a brilliant amount of 13.  Your generosity is very much appreciated.

Shoeboxes, jam packed with goodies, will now arrive in time for Christmas, in one of 130 countries, where the children are victims of either war, poverty, natural disasters, disease or famine.  These underprivileged children will receive a gift filled box, which may be their only present this Christmas.

Through your gesture you will bring a huge smile to their faces!  Thank you, once again :-)