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Reception: Rainbow Moon, Rainbow Star, Rainbow Sun

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Mrs Harrison, Mrs Flynn, Mrs Lumsden and Mrs Connolly


Check out the dates for the diary section: lots of new dates added for summer term!
New book of the month ready!

Can your child blend independently and confidently?

Here’s some ideas to help them with this crucial element of reading:


  • Get them to write out a few single letters on individual bits of paper.
  • Lay them out face down.
  • Take it in turns to  turn over 2 bits of paper- blend the 2 sounds together. Do any of your pairs turn into digraphs??? (eg ss/oa/er/th/ng- 2 letters but 1 sound)
  • Can you do it with 3 letters?



  • Make some letter cards- a mix of digraphs and single sounds (use RR homework sheets if you like). Make some sounds twice or more.
  • How quickly can they separate the single sounds from the digraphs?
  • How quickly can they spot any digraphs that are the same?
  • Can they do it all again but this time quicker?



  • Use the letter cards to copy words from their choosing/reading book.
  • Now add a sound button under the single sounds and a digraph line under the digraphs.
  • Can you take away a sound at a time and they can remember what the word says? 
  • Keep taking away a letter card sound until they can confidently remember the word with only sound buttons/digraph lines visible.


  • Could they make their own sound book? Use the homework sheets to start them off.
  • How many words can they find/think about with the sound ‘ee’? (we’ve talked about how other letters can make this sound eg: y (mummY/HarrY) but just say: you’re right but it’s a different spelling.


  • Read a little evey day – from a sign post to a cereal packet.


Check out the wonderful Michael Rosen showing us all how to read and recite 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'.

As always, make sure your parental controls are on and privacy settings on high.

The classrooms are almost ready for the new Rainbows. Wonder which one is yours?

Spending a lot of (rainy angry) time with a screen? Check this Dad out!



How is your 'pinch n prop' going? Are those 'froggy legs' starting to appear in your child's preferred writing hand yet? Here is a visual of the 'pencil grip journey'. 

Getting to those froggy legs

Getting to those froggy legs 1


Have you been told that your child needs to focus on their 'pinch n prop' and cursive letter formation? Check out the 'Useful Resources' folder for some worksheets around the theme of autumn to print off. They are from Twinkl and have some great ideas to help pencil control.


Have you noticed the new subpage 'Book of the Month'? There might also be some new items in the letters  section too, please have a browse! frown