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Ready Respectful Safe - Certificates

Ready Respectful Safe

We recognise and celebrate children who consistently do the right thing, are role models for their peers and embody 'the Muscliff Way'; children who show the Musclifff values of Respect, Caring, Responsibility, Courage and Resilience in all they do.

These children have been chosen by their class teachers to receive a certificate on Friday in Good News Assembly. Well done!



Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 12.10.18


Y1 Tulip (LL) – Harrison; for being ready, focused and helpful.  He works hard to achieve his goals and encourages others to achieve theirs too.

Y1 Iris (NH) – Ewan for his fantastic retelling of the story of The Gingerbread Man. He has shown that he is more than ready for the challenge of Year 1 writing and is super resilient too!

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) – Lily For always being ready to learn and challenge herself. She has produced some excellent writing this week because of her determined attitude. Well done!


Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Zoe for always being ready to learn and embracing a challenge.

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Ava - For always being respectful, working hard and always tackling a challenge with perseverance and determination

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) – Poppi for being such a friendly, caring and respectful member of Elderflower class and always choosing to be kind.


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) –Sophia - for having a brilliant attitude towards school; Sophia carefully listens to feedback and acts on it to improve her learning! She is a great role model for her class as is always ready, respectful and safe!

Y3 Olive (LC) –Teagan for having an amazing attitude towards her work and being positive all the time. Teagan's perfect behaviour shows us she understands how to always be ready, respectful and safe.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Jess for being so hardworking and determined in all of her learning this week!


Y4 Lavender (KV) – Noah For being an asset to the class by consistently modelling how to be ‘Ready, Respectful and Safe’. Noah has also been successful in his learning this week through having the determination to succeed.

Y4 Orlaya (LA/AF) – Nancy May for always making the right choices and being a wonderfully helpful member of the class.

Y4 Sunflower (KF) – Evie -She has wonderful Muscliff manners and always shows respect to all adults in school.


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Matilda- for always standing on tiptoes in her learning, showing endless amounts of kindness and having a positive outlook to every situation!

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Dan - for ALWAYS being such a kind, encouraging and loyal person of Snowdrop class. Your honesty and willingness to help anyone is an asset to our school.

Y5 Oleandar (JE) – Millie - For persevering with challenging problems and always being ready to give them a go. Millie shows great resilience when trying to solve them!

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Charlotte For her ever incredible helpful and hardworking attitude towards everything she does


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) –Luka for taking up the challenge of Year 6 with courage and fortitude, approaching tricky problems with belief and a smile - and even asking for extra maths homework

Y6 Gold Star (DP) – Vinnie - for always ensuring that he is showing the respect and responsibility we ask for from our year six's and more than that, for doing it with a smile!

Y6 Gold Moon (RD) – Charlie has a wonderful and infectious positive attitude towards all aspects of school life. He is a model Year 6 pupil.



Ready Respectful Safe Superstars – 5.10.18


Y1 Tulip (LL) – Lucas for being a model of ‘Respect’.  He is polite, considerate and always ready to learn.

Y1 Iris (NH) – Thomas for always being Ready to learn and being incredibly Respectful and Safe in the cloakroom and corridors.

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) – Anya; For having an excellent attitude to school and learning. She is always READY, RESPECTFUL and SAFE. :)


Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Marley for always being ready to learn on the carpet and embracing a challenge. Marley has shown amazing perseverance this week.

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Dhwani For being an excellent role model to her friends. She is always ready, respectful and safe.

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) – Riley for being one of the most polite children that we know! You are a kind, gentle and supportive friend to all.


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – Dylan is always ready to learn by showing great eye contact and a listening body. Well done!

Y3 Olive (LC) –Megan for always being respectful and ready to learn. Megan is always working hard in class and has particularly shown some amazing maths work this week.

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Esme for her resilient and determined attitude in maths this week.


Y4 Orlaya (LA/AF) - Charlie is a diligent worker who listens attentively and always tries his hardest. He is a real asset to the class as he models being ready and respectful at all times. Terrific Charlie!

Y4 Sunflower (KF) – Jake for being a wonderful friend. He continually cares and looks out for those around him, showing respect to everyone 😊


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Savannah - For being a wonderful role model to her peers and always brightening the classroom with her smile

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Sophie - for her relentless Effort in maths challenges this week. With her determined attitude, she achieved her goals to solve word problems, independently!

Y5 Oleandar (JE) – Courtney - For always showing she is ready by being super speedy at putting her hand up, and working with great resilience in Maths!

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Ruby For always having a fabulous determined attitude towards all her learning


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) – Adam for being an exemplary member of our brilliant Y6 cohort, both mature and thoughtful, and happiest when he is being challenged to think in different and interesting ways

Y6 Gold Star (DP) – George - for consistently showing that he is ready to learn, especially when moving to different classes and across different subjects. His effort is fantastic and has impressed all of his teachers this week.

Y6 Gold Moon (RD) – Harriet For an exceptional attitude towards learning. Harriet always demonstrates the highest standards and inspires others to embrace challenges.


Ready Respectful Safe Superstars - 28.9.18


Y1 Tulip (LL) – Ralph for being ready to learn! His super listening on the carpet helps him to go over and above when completing Maths tasks.

Y1 Iris (NH) – Jack for his wonderful efforts to be Ready, Respectful and Safe all of the time. He has been a super role model for behaviour and so enthusiastic about his learning!

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) – Daniel - for being a polite, kind and courteous little boy who is always RESPECTFUL to everyone in school.

Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Noah for working so hard in all areas of his learning and always enjoying a challenge.

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Peppe for approaching every learning opportunity and challenge with a smile and always giving his absolute best.

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) – Samiksha for her determination and perseverance in Maths. You can now add two 2 digit numbers together and we couldn’t be prouder of you!


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – Charlie - for always be ready, respectful and safe! Charlie has a positive and resilient attitude towards his learning.

Y3 Olive (LC) – Oscar for always being ready to learn and wanting to try his best. Oscar is a great role model in showing how to be ready, respectful and safe

Y3 Bluebell (BP) – Keelan for always being ready to listen straight away. He works so hard and is a joy to teach!


Y4 Lavender (KV) – Flynn for excellent perseverance in maths this week and for showing that he can concentrate well.

Y4 Orlaya (LA/AF) - Lara is always polite and ready to learn. She has an infectious smile and takes cares of her classmates without prompting.

Y4 Sunflower (KF) – Lily-Paige for being respectful of all learners, offering her time to help others when needed. She does this without being asked.


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Jack - for taking time and care to complete every piece of work to an excellent standard and for constantly spreading kindness throughout our classroom.

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Reuben - For ALWAYS being such a respectful, kind member of Muscliff, who is always happy to help with a smile on his face. 

Y5 Oleandar (JE) –  'Alice is a very polite girl who is always respectful of the class and everyone in it. She always strives to help where she can and works tirelessly to achieve her best.'

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Charlie For being such an incredibly supportive and hardworking learning partner with a brilliant attitude towards learning


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) –Lacey for her well-mannered nature and resilience in lessons.

Y6 Gold Star (DP) – Maddie: for the respectful way that she treats her not only her friends, but everyone in our year group. Her kind and caring nature makes her a pleasure to teach, and I am proud of the way she aims to resolve conflict peacefully and with consideration of everyone's feelings.

Y6 Gold Moon (RD) – Owen is always ready, polite and enthusiastic about his learning. He is a real pleasure to teach.



Ready Respectful Safe Superstars: 21.9.18


Y1 Tulip (LL) –Alicia for always showing Ready, Respectful and Safe behaviour and for being a brilliant role model to all of her friends.

Y1 Iris (NH) – Ryan for working so hard in all areas of his learning, challenging himself as well as having fun!

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) – Jessica - She is an excellent role model to the class. She is always Ready to learn, Respectful of others and Safe in the way she conducts herself. Well done Jessica!


Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Kayden for always being ready to learn and having such commitment to his learning. Super star!

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Grace  -For always showing resilience and determination in her learning.

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) – Aden. What a star! Aden has shown superb perseverance this week in Maths. He has challenged himself, stood on tip-toes to achieve his best and we are all delighted with his ready to learn attitude.


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – Addison - for always being ready respectful and safe. Addi is a great role model to the class and a pleasure to teach!

Y3 Olive (LC) –Reuben always showing enthusiasm towards his learning and being engaged in every lesson. Reuben is continually respectful to both adults and children and a pleasure to have in the class.

Y3 Bluebell BP – Amelia for being such a kind and caring member of Bluebell class. She takes on every challenge with a huge smile and positive attitude. Well done Amelia!


Y4 Lavender (KV) – Jessica - for consistency showing that she is ready, respectful and safe and for being a role model to her peers!

Y4 Orlaya (LA/AF) - Kylie - Showing readiness and respect during PE. Kylie has also shown super resilience with her exciting writing this week proving that she was ready to learn and eager to share her super ideas with great humour and detail.

Y4 Sunflower KF – Lola  - For her genuine interest in learning and eagerness to show kindness and helpfulness to all those around her.


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Adamya for being a wonderful role model to his friends, always demonstrating the 'Muscliff Way' and constantly tackling challenging problems with a positive mindset.

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Holly - For her consistent eye contact, showing she is always ready to learn and be respectful to all those around her. Well done Holly!

Y5 Oleandar (JE) – Lola - 'For always being ready to learn, and being respectful of everyone around her.'

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Faye - For being such an incredibly supportive and respectful member of the class with a fabulous smile!


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) –Sommer for her maturity and positive attitude to life in Year 6. What a delightful role model for the younger children in the school!

Y6 Gold Moon(DP) – Ben for modelling the attitude and determination we expect in year six, especially when showing respect to adults around the school and taking responsibility for his own learning.

Y6 Gold Star (RD) – Isabelle - For her admirable attitude towards all work. Isabelle is always enthusiastic about challenges and puts in 100%




'Ready Respectful Safe' Stars - 14.9.18


Y1 Tulip (LL) – Harry for always being ready to learn.  He is a great role model to others by showing super listening, sitting and readiness to participate.

Y1 Iris (NH) – Irina for Iris Class. She has been so caring and friendly towards our new class member and really helped them to settle in.

Y1 Poppy (HT/SJ) – Aadhiran for always being Ready, Respectful and Safe. Aadhiran is a polite and kind little boy who is ready for the new challenges Year 1 has to offer.

Y2 Tea Rose (JC) – Charlie for always being ready to learn and being a kind and respectful member of Tea Rose class. Charlie you are a star!

Y2 Orchid (GH/KS) – Amy For always being ready, respectful and safe and for being an excellent role model to her friends.

Y2 Elderflower (HP/EH) – Amelia: Well done for always being ready to learn, trying your hardest in all you do, approaching new challenges with a big smile and supporting others. We are all very proud of you for doing things the Muscliff way!


Y3 Tiger Lily (AS) – Tyler has had a brilliant start to the year. His positive attitude and his desire to be ready for his learning have helped him to complete a fantastic piece of maths work this week!

Y3 Olive (LC) –Eliza For always being ready and keen to learn with a positive attitude in class.

Y3 Bluebell BP – Ali  for being ready to learn and for having a brilliant attitude towards all his learning! Keep up the great work!


Y4 Lavender (KV) – Oliver, for settling into year four with a positive attitude and showing consistent engagement in all lessons!

Y4 Orlaya (LA/AF) -  Holly is always ready to learn. She shows exceptional manners, has a superb attitude towards all her learning and is an excellent example to all her peers. Super star!

Y4 Sunflower (KF) – Archie for always being ready for learning in the classroom. Well done!


Y5 Snapdragon (EW) – Ella for always showing that she is ready, respectful and safe throughout the school day. Her resilience and commitment to her work makes her a joy to have in Snapdragon class!

Y5 Snowdrop (SH) – Lohitaksh; For taking on board and embodying the Muscliff Way - even as a new member of our school, you have already become a great role model, particularly with your resilient attitude to your first independent writing. We are so lucky to have you!

Y5 Oleandar (JE) – Mateusz - For being a fantastic role model to others by showing what being ready looks like at Muscliff!

Y5 Marigold (AW) – Ellie  - for being such a respectful and joyful member of the class as well as always ready to go above and beyond in her learning.


Y6 Gold Sun (LA/JJT) –Liam; An excellent start: he has shown us that he is Ready for Y6, Ready to learn and Ready to make this his best year yet - as well as being a great ‘Reminderer’

Y6 Gold Star (DP) – Amelia; For constantly and consistently aiming high in her learning, but also demonstrating how the Muscliff way can be shown in her every day behaviour - she is always listening and ready to learn, and sets a high example for others to follow.

Y6 Gold Moon (RD) – Rivka For showing a mature attitude towards her learning and a constant enthusiasm to challenge herself and impress.