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How are decisions made about what type of support, and how much support, my child will receive?

Decisions about how much and what type of support a child needs would always be made in consultation with parents/carers and the child (where appropriate). With an understanding of the resources/types of support available, parents/carers and the child themselves will have a good idea of what may help at school. The class teacher will suggest and explain what may further support the child in the classroom/school environment and will know how the child may respond to any given intervention. Any other professionals involved would also be able to offer their views around how much and what type of support would help meet the child's needs. When a child has a special educational need and/or disability then all of these decisions would be made as a team - with the child at the centre. 


When a child has severe, complex and long-standing needs which require the provision of a Statement or EHCP then resource allocation is discussed and planned for in detail at review meetings. This ensures that each child has provision entirely tailored to their specific needs. The local authority allocates funding for each child with an EHCP. Within the realms of that budget, how much support and what it 'looks like' for that individual child is discussed and reviewed regularly. Progress against desired outcomes is measured in order to assess any impact of support and inform  planning for future provision.