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Recommended reads for World War I and World War II


We have put together a list of books which tie into our World War topic. We hope you can enjoy some of these wonderful books:

It is absolutely marvelous that our Year 6 children are reading so much! Most children are now reading and recording in their records every day (and some children are even reading once in the morning and once in the evening too) which will contribute to their reading stamina and level of comprehension.


But how do you know that your child is reading appropriately challenging material? How do you know that the book that they are 'reading' is actually building their skills?


Below is a list of books that we recommend for all Year 6 children. There is also a 'Book of the Month', which you might want to try...





Perhaps it's the windy evening, or the fact that (as all the children in Year 6 know) I'm in a rather nostalgic mood and have been building Lego Pirate sets from 1989 but this is a book I've been reading this week: Famous Five on a Treasure Island. I love the descriptions that Enid Blyton creates, which have helped me model writing about a storm in this week's Big Write. This is a great book and accompanied by a glass of ginger beer, it is simply a pip!

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