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January 2017


Last year we introduced a new behaviour policy to further recognise the children who consistently make the right choices and sanction unwanted behaviour.

We have responded to the views of children and feedback from parents from the most recent Parent Questionnaire (March 2015).

  1. were really pleased with the impact of the policy in further reducing low level behaviours in the classroom, ensuring valuable learning time was not wasted. The majority of children and parents responded positively. This year (Sept 2015) we will continue to celebrate the children's achievements in a number of ways - individual, class, year group, whole school rewards, alongside our rewards and sanctions system.


Please read the letter to Parents (emailed or sent to you last year), and have a look at the revised power points that have been shared with the children (Sept 2015). There are slight differences between the KS1 and KS2 ones, to reflect the age of the children.


If you have any questions please come in and chat to a member of Senior Management.