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Anti-bullying and Staying safe

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If you are worried about something which has happened online or would like some advice click on the link above.

Anti-bullying week (16th-20th November 2015)


'Make a Noise about Bullying'


Blue Thursday - please wear blue on Thursday 20th to recognise the work happening across the country in Anti-bullying week...



For more information about Anti-bullying please look at the following websites...







For advice about being safe online please look at...









Anti-bullying week (17th-21st November 2014)

This week the children have been talking about bullying in their classes.


Please have a look at the Year Three class pages for a copy of the assembly on bullying 'who wants to be a millionaire'.


During the week we have been helping the children to understand the importance of making bullying UNACCEPTABLE and reinforcing the schools’ anti-bullying policy.


We have been talking to the children about supporting each other as a team to prevent bullying and to help children to consider the consequences of bullying. 


The children have created their own ‘bully-proof shields’ which will protect the class and make sure we can stop bullying happening.  The shields will be displayed as a reminder to us all why we need to ‘band together’ to make bullying unacceptable.


Mrs Blanch, Mrs Poole and Mrs Albrow have worked with Year two- six children on reinforcing strategies to deal with any sort of bullying.  The same messages have been shared with children across the school.  They have discussed the importance of reporting something straight away so that it can be dealt with as soon as possible.  They talked about adults they can talk to in school, but also that ANY adult in the school will help.  The younger children talked about using the language: 'Stop I don't like it'.  The feedback from the children was very positive – they know who they can turn to, they know how to support each other and they know that bullying is unacceptable.



Bully-proof shields

Bully-proof shields 1
Bully-proof shields 2
Bully-proof shields 3
Bully-proof shields 4
Bully-proof shields 5
Bully-proof shields 6
Bully-proof shields 7